KKB…..Journey of Souls…. Episode 31

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Episode starts with Pragya reading the book and abhi getting into wardrobe, thou pragya was reading the book but her all attention was towards abhi, she was keeping on waiting about what abhi is doing in wardrobe soon she listened to some unusual voices, like something fell down, she was about to ask what happend, but she stopped as she didn’t wanted to talk to abhi, erasing all her thoughts about abhi she diverted her attention towards the book, soon abhi was back with some stoles, he joined them in a way to form a long chain of stole, he took a chair and started to encircle the chain of stoles around the fan, pragya nodded her head in disbelief, she kept her book a-side , went to wardrobe and closed the door, seeing this abhi said: How rude! Is she girlfriend or wife? Com’on abhi today your soul shall leave you before pragya becomes soul-less….

Abhi started to tighten the chain, and formed it in a way as he is going to place his neck into chain, he was seriously going to place his neck into the chain of stole while pragya came back in night suit with the pajama and Top, she looked at abhi and hurriedly came to him: What are you trying to do?
Abhi: I thought death is better than bearing your ignorance…… I am dyinggggg…. Ba…byeeee….

Pragya patted her head , she looked up and saw fan coming down over abhi, abhi kept looking at pragya, she also stood at chair(at edge as full chair was occupied by abhi) she took abhi’s neck out of the stole and pushed abhi in such way that if he fell , he would fall over bed, meanwhile as she pushed abhi, abhi held her hand and both of them fell over bed causing fan to fall down at floor, it made a loud noice but abhi and pragya were lost into eachother, pragya had tears in her eyes, abhi wiped them (still in laying position, pragya was over abhi) pragya soon got up from bed, and wiped her tears and without facing abhi she said: Are you mad? Everytime you do these insane things!
Abhi was about to answer but at same time Alka rushed into their room
Alka: Is everything fine, I just heard a loud noice.
Pragya guestured her to look at floor

Alka nodded her head in disbelief; Always like this, Abhi again you were doing your emotional drama?
Pragya: again?
Alka: Yes again?
Abhi sighed alka to keep quiet
Alka: Why should I keep quiet? Pragya, whenever he commits any mistake and if any person is angry over him he always tries this method, because of him infinite times we have bought new fans..
Abhi remained silent as he knew Volcano(pragya) can burst at any time, pragya was about to shout at abhi but stopped as thought that Abhi is doing this to gain her attention, so she concluded to remain silent meanwhile she got a call so she took her phone from side table
Pragya: Dishu’s call at this time?

Alka: Its 11 00 pm still , attend it
Pragya attended call: Haan , hello dishu
Dishu was sobbing so pragya felt restless
Pragya: What happend dishu? Why are you crying?
Dishu; pragya, sam bhai….
Pragya; What Sam bhai?
Alka felt tensed and asked pragya; What happend to Sam?
Pragya sighed her to keep quiet and she continued to talk to Disha: What happend to Sma bhai?
Disha; He… I was just coming down from my room and saw him unconsious, aunty uncle nanu and nani are not at home, please come soon.
Pragya: we are coming, till then sprinkle some water over him or rub his hands
Disha: I tried.
Pragya: Call doctor !
Disha ended the call.
Alka: What happend to sam? Is everything fine?
Pragya; Sam bhai is in unconsious state, we need to go there soon.
Alka became tensed to depth: you are telling it in so calm way? Abhi come we have to go..

They left
Screen shifts to Sharma Mansion….
Saanvri , suket preet and aadedh entered sharma mansion, they saw sam laying at sofa and disha rubbing his hand
Saanvri hurriedly came: Where is doctor?
Alka’s voice came; he is here,
Everyone turned
Suket: Doctor please check him
Pragya came to sanvri to pacify her

Doctor: Please take a side so that I can check him….
Doctor went and started checking Sam… meanwhile tears were flowing from alka’s eyes, pragya was pacifying sanvri and abhi was pacifying suket, meanwhile doctor said; Mr Sharma, there’s nothing to worry about, I guess he got immense happiness that’s why he fell unconsious
Abhi: What? Immense happines also affects brain?
Doctor: No Mr Abhi, Sam already met with accident today, thou accident was not so dangerous but right now immense happiness or sadness could affect his brain , I have given him injection so wait for 5 mins and please no stress should be given to him, and most importantly keep electronic devices away from him.
Suket; Okay Thanks doctor
Doctor: These are some medicines , buy them and give him 1 by 1 each day!
Sanvri: Thank you doctor

The doctor left.
Alka wiped her tears and was about to step towards sam but stopped seeing everyone there,
Sanvri: Alka abhi, we are so sorry that ….
Abhi: Don”t be sorry aunty, Sam is my brother too…..
Alka: You are making us stranger by saying that
Preet; Stop these filmy dialouges and see sam us in consious state.
Sanvri went to him and asked: How are you feeling?

Pragya: mom, you should scold him.. everytime he is unconsious
Suket: Pragyaaaa
Sam laughed: I am getting attention na so she is jealous.
Pragya: Oh please.
Preet: Sam I will bring you juice.
Aadesh : I will help her.
Sam: Oh ho..
Aadesh laughed and left with Preet
Disha: I am also feeling sleepy, because of you sam bhai I cried
Sam: Oh mg princess
Disha smiled and left.
Abhi: We should also leave.
Alka: Yes We should.
Sam realised Alka’s voice , he was sitting at couch so he turned back and saw alka there.
Sam: You?

Alka: What you?
Sam: Nothing.
Pragya : Mom dad Can I stay here? Please Please Please
Suket; If abhi has no problem.
Abhi: Why would I have problem?
Sanvri: I have problem
Pragya: What?
Sanvri: Abhi would also stay here
Abhi: No aunty, mom dad are waitig for us so I can’t.
Sanvri: I will talk to your mom dad, its already going to be 12, its not safe to travel back to your home, and alka you should also stay with us..
Alka: but…
Sam: Good idea.

Suket; stay here, I will talk to Raj.
Abhi: Okay then, how can I reject your orders.
All of them smiled while pragya felt good, sam wanted to talk to alka but everyone was there so he remained silent.
Pragya went near alka and whishpered to her: How rude, How bad.. He proposed you and you even didn’t told me.
Alka was hell shocked instead of saying No she asked; How you came to know?
Pragya smiled and whisperd: Your eyes also express more than your words do.
Alka: please don’t tell this to anyone
Pragya: Why? I would!

Alka: pragya please….
Sanvri: What you both are whispering to eachother?
Pragya; Ma, Sam bhai and alka di…….
Alka held pragya”s hand tightly
Pragya: are best friends

Alka took deep breathe.
Sanvri: I know pragya! By the way its late already go and sleep….
Pragya: Abhi come…
Abhi nodded.
Pragya was going upstairs , she turned and winked at alka….
Alka widely opend her mouth, meanwhile Sanvri said: Alka , you will sleep with disha alka nodded her head in response, sanvri and suket left.
Alka sat at couch with sam…
Sam: where are you lost?

Alka: Sunshine knows everything?
Sam: what everything?
Alka: about our proposal!
Sam : What?

Sam nods his head in disbelief…: She is always like this, she comes to know about everything before we tell her, you know even we were never able to surprise her at her birthday because always she knew that we are planning surprise for her.
Alka: extra-ordinary!
Sam laughed….
Sanvri who was looking at them from first floor smiled: How cute they look together… Should I talk to Alka’s parents? I will try for tomorrow……..

Time passed , everyone slept in their respective rooms, it was 7 am, pragya turned her direction while sleeping, she opend lil bit of her eyes but found abhi no where, she went in sitting position and rubbed her eyes, she went to check in washroom but abhi was not there too: Where he went?
Eradicating all her thoughts she went to fresh up herself…..
Screen shifted towards Hall (Sharma mansion)
Everyone(except pragya) was in hall,sitting at dinning table , they were having breakfast, while suket looked at door of hall, he dropped his spoon and got up, seeing him all of them felt weird and they also looked at door, suket went there and found Ravi….

Suket: What are you doing here?
Ravi: Papa….
Suket; Don’t call me papa, understood. Tell me why are you here?
A voice comes: I brought him here….
Suket rolls his eyes towards the direction from where voice came, he was shocked to see abhi there.
Abhi: Yes, I brought him here.
Sanvri: Do you have any idea whom you brought?
Aadesh: Sanvri, suket? What’s wrong? After so many years Ravi is back from London and you are asking such questions.

Aadesh goes and hugs ravi: Ravi…How are you? I missed you
Ravi started to cry badly: I missed you too
Abhi: Dadu? What are you saying? When was Ravi in london?
Aadesh broke hug : Abhi? All these years Ravi was in london , suket and sanvri told me….
Abhi: Ma , Papa? You lied to Dadu.
Aadesh: What? Abhi what are you saying? And ravi why are you crying? Will somebody explain to me what’s happeing here?
Pragya came there: I will explain it to you dadu.

Sam: Pragya you promised
Pragya yelled: Enough Sam bhai, Enough!
Aadesh: pragya what’s wrong?
Pragya: dadu, remember years before you left for Duabi for 1 month.
Aadesh: Yes….
Pragya: In those days we got to know that Ravi bhai is HS (Homos*xual).
Aadesh was shocked.

Pragya: after we came to know about this, ma and papa ended their relation with Ravi, even Sam bhai too ended but I didn’t, Why should I? Ravi is my brother , only because he is HS I can not forget that he is my brother so i didn’t ended and I do not regret over my decision, when Papa and maa asked Ravi to get out of the house I stood by Ravi’s side , I tried to contact you but maa and papa asked me to seal my lips and not to tell anything to you…
And papa ma lied to you that Ravi has gone london for higher studies
Aadesh in rage looks at Suket and saanvri
Pragya: Dadu they trio asked me not to tell you I agreed but on condition that mon dad will pay all expenses of Ravi. I always tried to make papa and ma understand that because of society you can not regect your own blood but No their thinking always stopped them from accepting Ravi as their son.

Finally ravi said: Stop it di please, and abhi I asked you not to bring me here but you did, they won’t ever change their thinking and now you made dadu hate me too…
Ravi was about to continue but stopped as soon as he listened to the voice of Slap, pragya abhi including all of them were shocked because this time Suket got blow at his cheek..
Sanvri: papa
Aadesh Yelled: Don’t call me that! Shame on you , Shame on you suket, Shame on you!
Suket: pa…..
Aadesh: For society you rejected your own son because he is HS, just tell me what was his mistake in being this?
Sam: dadu..

Aadesh: Stop it sam, I thought you are intelligent but because of Society, you also rejected your brother?
Ravi in crying tone: Dadu please don’t scold them, what they did was right… Who accepts HS person in their life?
Aadesh: I accept HS person, pragya accept them, abhi accepts them and many more like us in society also accept Homos*xual person.
Sam was in tears , he went and hugged Ravi tightly: I am sorry, I am sorry Ravi, because of society I rejected you, I am sorry please forgive me. .
Ravi without wasting a minute , hugged sam tightly: I love you bhai, I missed you….
Sam: I missed you, I am sorry……..
Aadesh: Suket till this day I was proud that I adopted you, but today I feel like regreting over my decision of adopting you, it was my life’s greatest mistake to adopt you….
These words killed Suket.

Preet: Aadesh don’t talk like this
Alka: Yes dadu..
Pragya: Papa commited a mistake but don’t say him like this
Aadesh left from there, suket and sanvri were feeling guilty over what they did they both left as they needed some time….
Alka to normalise situation said: Let me meet Ravi, pragya you never told me about Ravi! He is so cute….
Ravi smiled and wipes his tears, alka hugs him: So will you be my friend?
Ravi laughed: Yes….

Sam again hugged Ravi: I am sorry, I am sorry…..
Ravi broke down into tears and hugged sam tightlyyy meanwhile pragya smiled looking at this, she then looked at abhi who was having tears in his eyes and was smiling….
Pragya: The thing that I wasn’t able to do these many years, he did it just in one day, Am I being stubborn for not forgiving him?

The screen freezed at pragya who is looking at abhi with a smile…

Pre recap: Everyone comes to know about Sam and Alka……..Pragya Finally forgives abhi…………

Thank you all, i replied to all comments at previous episode, and Sugan here is your reply: Thank you

Thank you so much Souls because of your support I have 1st time wrote 30 epi’s of ff , Thank you so much…..
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