KKB…..Journey of Souls…. Episode 30

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Sam: Okay I will try myself
Alka: Better
Preet: oh ho because of you, I losed my One life in candy crush saga
Aadesh: I losed 2 lives!
Disha: I will send you lives, nani nanu!
Preet: so what are you waiting for , dishu come with us
Aadesh held disha’s hand and with preet , he went to his room.
Saanvri: I also have loads of word so I am also leaving.
Saanvri left while alka looked at sam
Sam: just stop staring me like that.
Alka: Okay fine I am leaving too!
Alka turned while sam stood up… he realised that he has no more pain in his leg so with utmost happiness he was about to call alka but stopped and sat back at couch
Sam intentionally: Oh, ah….ouch… Its paining
Alka felt concerned, she came back to Sam
Alka: let me help you.
Sam smiled and alka gave him support, they were walking towards sam’s room, sam got lost in alka while alka was struggling while helping him, her head was down so she realised that sam is walking at his own.
Alka: It means he is acting…

Finally they reached at sam’s room, alka made sam sit at bed, sam was still not in his senses, alka waved her hand.
Sam smiled
Alka: He is smiling? What’s wrong with him? At first he was acting now he is smiling, Is he mad or he pretends so?
Sam came back to his senses: You called me mad?
Alka: No, i guess your listening power is weak
Sam: may be my listening power is weak but not understanding power.
Alka: Fine, now I am going
Sam: So soon?
Alka: it is already 6 pm, I have to leave
Sam: oh yeah, bye!
Alka was about to step outside of room but she stopped.
Sam guestured: What?
Alka: You are poor in acting skills my boy!
Saying this alka left
Sam: What? What did she meant? Sam realised and patted his head: Yes, Exactly poor!

Time passed, it was 7 15 pm, abhi was taking pragya to somewhere
Pragya: I said I don’t want to come with you then why did you
Abhi: oh ho pragya so many questions in just 2 minutes, see we have reached.
Pragya: In garden?
Abhi: Look around
Pragya looked around: What?
Abhi: at your left side stupid!
Pragya looked at her left side, she turned to look at it more clearly, The pieces of glass were fixed in the ground, and at a table a steel rod , a steel chain and some hot steel sheets were present.
Pragya: What is this?
Abhi: This is my punishment

Pragya: These steel rods, these hot sheets of steel and these broken i mean pieces of glass?
Abhi: I know its not enough pragya.
Pragya; What enough? Are you mad? What are you going to do with them.
Abhi: I will walk over these glasses, and would place these hot sheets over my body
Pragya: And would beat yourself with these steel chains
Abhi: So smart.
Pragya: Okay do it.
Abhi: Okay fine.
Pragya folded her arms in anger, while abhi was about to step at the pieces of glass
Pragya: Are you sure that if you will be in pain my pain will ease down?
Abhi: No but….
Pragya: Seeing you in pain will always increase my pain, why don’t you understand it?
Abhi held pragya by shoulders: Then what should I do to seek your forgiveness? I know its hard for you to forgive me but please….

Pragya in rage: What do you think? No tell me what do you think about me? A puppet , A servant, A maid? Just tell me! First you came and said Pragya I love you, then you said Pragya you have affair with ravi and now you are saying pragya forgive me, Is it easy? Is it? May be it is easy but not for me! That day I was going to tell you about my feelings but before I could tell my feelings, What you did? You burried them in the coffin of your doubts! I always asked you to trust me, but You broke that trust, you were even going to call me Charac…… For any girl that word you know is so cheap , that word just kills the girl before her actual death,
Abhi was in tears
Pragya: I don’t want your sorry, your forgiveness or your ways to cheer me up, May be this doubt would kill me thousands of time before my death, Okay I forgave you for what you did but Mister Abhi I won’t be able to love you again.
Abhi: Prag…..
Pragya: No abhi, its over everything is over! Before I could tell my feelings you sealed my heart, now my heartbeats are being supressed due to your doubts, I would have left you previous day itself but I didn’t because I promised you that I won’t ever leave you but I guess if you can not trust me why should I follow up with my words with my promise, I think if Trust is no more promise has nothing in it, So I should leave you alone in your life so that you could Enjoy your life …

Abhi was in tears, in heavy voice; Pragya, okay don”t forgive me I will live, but don’t leave me I will die.. I already said you Death is not my punishment, just give me any punishment that satisfies your heart.
Pragya remained silent
Abhi: My sorry is not enough and the punishment I will get won’t be enough too yet I will bear it, Punish me as much as you want, kill me not with these rods or glass but with your words, I won’t complain , I won’t even say uff , I Promise and for the rest of my life I would regret on what i did but please don’t leave me, say something… Don’t kill me with your silence
Pragya sarcastically smiled: Okay I won”t leave you, for the rest of your life you have to live with me
Abhi hugged her tightly
Pragya: For the rest of your life you will have to live with this soul-less body.
Abhi slowly broke hug
Pragya: You will have to live with my silence.
Abhi: Pragya
Pragya: I already said in your coffin of doubts my feelings were burried by you, the day you will trust me fully would be the day You will live with pragya or else for the rest of life you will have to live with the Soul-less Pragya.
Abhi: Pragya listen
Pragya: You said me to kill you with the words but i won’t kill you in any way, Mr abhi… The condition is I won’t talk to you till the day I get belief that you trust me, If you will accept the condition i won’t leave you.
Abhi thinks for sometime.
Abhi: Accepted…. I will trust you more than myself and you will just be same pragya in just some days.
Pragya left from there… abhi felt helpless…..

Screen shifts:
Sam entered a bakery…..
A girl was talking with the person: Just make a heart shaped cake……..
Sam came in between and said: For me too, just make a heart shaped cake and write
Girl intrupts; And Write Its over, Happy Break up!
Sam: You should write I love you
Person gets confused: Should I write Happy break up or I love you?
Sam: Mister , listen you have to make two cakes , At one you should write I love you and at another whatever thr girl is saying
Girl in rage: Happy break-up
Sam thinks: She has gone mad.
Person: okay mam, okay sir
Sam; Any confusion?
Person: Happy Break up and I love you, 2 heart shaped cakes…. No sir
The girl leaves
Sam: Then deliver it to Sharma Mansion, let me write down address
Person: sorry sir we don’t deliver
Sam: What? I am asking you to deliver cake not any child,
Person: What sir?
Sam: no nothing, okay I will get it myself in half hour.
Person: Thank you sir.

Screen shifts:
Geeta: Alka, what is this? Why your dress is covered with blood, where did you get injury
Alka: Mom, Mom, Mom nothing happend actually Sam met with accident
Pragya who was passing by listened to that
Pragya: What? Is he fine? What happend to bhai?
Alka: So many questions, let me explain….
Pragya: ok
Alka explains everything
Geeta: nothing serious right!
Alka: no mom!
Pragya: Bhai is always like this, Irresponsible
Alka laughs, she gets a call.
Alka: see, we remembered Devil and Devil is calling,
Geeta leaves

Pragya: You love devil
Alka widely opend her eyes
Pragya; I can understand
Alka: its nothing like that…
Pragya: Love is in the air
Alka: Pearl
Pragya: scold me after talking to your devil , I am going .
Alka attends the call
Alka: what happend?
Sam: Alka, today weather is so nice right?
Alka: yes, so?
Sam: so let’s go for a coffee
Alka: Coffee date?
Sam: Kind of
Alka: I already said Everything was over sam
Sam: Alka listen, everything was over it is not over yet!
Alka: What are you saying?
Sam: Come please………….
Alka: fine.
Alka goes for the change, while abhi in his room thinks: so much anger she has over me.

Pragya enters and looks at abhi.
Pragya: Always lost! Wait Mister Abhi, I won’t forgive you so easily….
Abhi looks at pragya, who is having light smile at her face, pragya ignores him, while abhi in his voice sings; Gussa hai gussa buraa hai Lagti buree bhi hai tu Koi kahe na kahoon main Thodi ziddi bhi hai tu, ( There is anger, and it’s bad.. I sometimes feel you’re bad, too..
No one says but I say, You’re a little stubborn too..)
Pragya: What? I am stubborn? And you feel I look bad….
Abhi: No who said? This is my favorite song, and so I was singing it.
Pragya becomes irritated, she takes a book and starts to read it
Screen shifts to samka:
Alka: beautifully decorated! I loved the combination of red and white
Sam: and what a Coincidence , you are wearing red today
Alka: yes, but in this open area we would drink coffee? I guess it’s not for us, It’s for any couple.
Sam: Yes it is but today I have booked this place
Alka: And why ?
Sam: Just open this cake box placed at table: it would give you answer….
Alka: This box?
Sam: Yes….
Alka smiles and starts to open it, sam smiles looking at alka, as Alka opens the box, her smile fades away….
Alka: This …. is ….th…the…answer?
Sam smiles while looking at alka: The words I wanted to say you, but i couldn’t.
Alka got tears in her eyes, sam could notice the silence ,
Alka: Th….This?

Sam says Yes and looks at the cake, he too gets shocked.
Alka: Happy Breakup?
Sam: Al….
Alka wiped her tears; so these were the words you were trying to say me.
Sam: No alka, listen to me.
Alka: So let’s end everything here no itself
Sam: listen, Whatever it is written, it is wrong…
Alka: We have enough complications in our life,
Sam: Try to understand
Alka: I don’t want to increase your complications,
Sam: No Alka….
Alka: everything is over….Everything….
Sam: You are getting it wrong, listen to me.
Alka: Thanks for the surprise,

Alka turns to leave, sam forcibly held her hand and turns her back, he gave a sudden kiss to her at her lips, alka was taken back with this action.
Alka: Wh….
Sam: This was the only way to tell you that I love you, i don’t know how this Happy Breakup cake came here.
Alka who was still in shock: Ar…are you mad? You kissed me
Sam: That too at lips
Alka: I hate you
Sam in way of teasing her: Correct your sentence
Alka: I truly Hate you!
Sam hugged her tightly: I love you, Please give me last chance , I know I rejected you but for ronita i can’t never reject you, I have realised that I love you, and Love needs trust not the courage!
Alka broke hug, she was having tears in her eyes, sam wiped her tears, while she said: But why did you kissed me , you could have told this without kissing me too
Sam: you were not ready to listen what I was saying so I only found this way
Alka: You could have kissed me on cheeks
Sam: Okay let me do that now
Sam stepped towards her while she placed her hand at his mouth, sam smiled and hugged her.
Alka: I truly hate you
Sam; I love you!
Alka smiled
Screen freezed at them

Pre Recap: What are you trying to do? …. I thought death is better than bearing your ignorance…… I am dyinggggg…. Ba…byeeee….

Thank you souls for your kind comments. Would reply to all of you in comment section……

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      Yes she will talk with abhi but after sometime ☺☺ Thanks

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  5. Superbbbb diiii… I am dreadfully sorry for not commenting on the previous episodes.

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      It is fine, i understand many of you are busy ☺ Thank you


    superb reply by Pragya hats off to her thought totally satisfied with her lol Bhoola Bhai (Abhi) deserves this after all everytime why should a girl bear then Sam was totally lol and Alka uff fantabulously fantabulous

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  7. Abiya

    So cute dr I really love it

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    Eagerly waiting fr nxt part dear…

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      Thank you so much RP! I would post next update soon…….

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      Oh yes, i didn’t realised that it is 30th update. Thank you so much di …..

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    Hello my dear junior abhi… actually in these days you are coming with different angles dear.. I never thought that ravi is a transgender.. actually I feel from start that this Ravi may be her brother may be her father’s son in another relation.. but it’s not like this.. and the anger which abhi showed to pragya was totally unelectable.. I never thought that abhi will hurt pragya this much… and what pragya now doing is right.. and about alka and Sam.. it’s really nice.. but there is chance for ronita to play in between.. and disha.. I think disha too need a pair… but that pair may be someone.. related to alka.. it’s all my thinking… I just shared with you.. actually when I read each a episode I think about the next part as how you come up with that.. keep going.. and congrats for reaching 30th episode…

    1. Elsa12

      That’s really sweet of you dear that you assume that what will happen next, and your thinking is somewhat different and awesome, thanks for the ideas and you are always coming up with best epi’s too, I am loving your new ff which is totally different hence you are best writer.. Thank you…

  15. CuteVanshu

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