KKB FF – The path destiny shows (Characters Sketch)

Hi friends sorry for the late update I was having exams so I can’t finish the characters sketch fully last time.

now you enjoy reading


Abhishek Prem Mehra and pragya daughter

Assuming as dead.

The Khanna’s

Purab khanna

Abhishek Prem Mehra friend

Sheesha husband

Aryan and sunny father.

Sheesha singh

Purab wife

Now independent business woman

Sunny and Aryan mother.


Purab and dheesha son

Kiara childhood friend.

Aryan khanna

Purab and dheesha son

Assumed as alia son

Ranbir friend.

The Sharma’s

Gowtham Sharma

Abhishek Prem Mehra friend and buisnessman and partner.

Swathi Sharma

Gowtham Sharma wife.

Sweet and kind person.

Rishi Sharma

Gowtham Sharma and Swathi Sharma son

Akash brother.

Akash Sharma

Gowtham Sharma and Swathi Sharma son

Rishi brother.

Kholia will remain the same friends mishti will also be a part in this.

I am not adding sid in this.


Pragya name sake daughter

Prachi best friend.

And a new character.


You will know about her.

I think you would have guessed then say in comment .

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  1. Yes dear Please post next episode🤗🤗

    1. Thankyou dear I will post have a happy day.

  2. SKD

    Hayye my favorite character is Rishi ❤ becoz I am a Parthian 😍😌👀🙈 and my love for him is endless ❤❤..

    1. Oh very nice sana I really didn’t know this one

  3. SKD

    Amazing😍😍…. Update soonest

    1. Sure I will update soon

  4. Where is prachi😭😭😡😡

    1. Sorry dear i will post Prachi photo later really sorry.actually I was writing in mid night so I didn’t got her photo problem in my mobile if I search everything will get destroyed so only sorry.i now only saw your comments.

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