In Delhi

Shahana goes to her manager and speaks to him.

“ How could u say that to him?” Shahana asks her manager

“ Try to understand Shahana . I was helpless” replies her manager.

“ So what do u mean by this, sir? Should I meet him?” asks Shahana fiercely.

“ Shahana….”

“ No. sir. I will not meet anyone. I will rather resign than revealing myself to anyone. ”

“ No, no Shahana that is not required. U are our valuable asset. If we lose u then….”

“ I am not an asset, sir” roars Shahana.

“ I am sorry, calm down… I have figured it out. U don’t need to reveal yourself to anyone.”

Shahana lets a confused look on her face.

“ yes Shahana, from now u can do this program from your house.”

Shahana gets surprised and asks “really?”

“yes Shahana. We will call if there is any necessity. In this way no one will know your true identity and u don’t have to resign the job.  Is it okay for u?” asks manager with tense.

Shahana nods quietly and leaves from there.

In Srinivasans house

Shashank gives a deadly fierce disgusting look at Aryan and says “ CONGRATULATIONS”.

Aryan replies thanks.

Shashank mutters “ so its u”. Aryan looks perplexed.

And then Shashank glares at Mishti and  presses her ear ring in his  hand which results in bleeding. But nobody observes him except Mr.Srinivasan who was already disheartened by Paalavi’s reply. But he also doesn’t look at his hand.

He thinks “ why do I have a feeling that Mishti and Shashank share some relationship which nobody knows?”

Shashank remembers past

Shashank comes back to his room and thinks about Mishti’s proposal and thinks “ why am I feeling bad now? I rejected bcoz that was my decision. No girl can love anyone truly. But Mishti….. no,no Mishti is also a girl.”

He lays  on his bed and closes his eyes. He remembers his moments with Mishti. He suddenly opens his eyes.

“ Did I really fall for her?”

He gets thinking.

His friend Gowtham comes there.

He asks Shashank “ what’s bothering u?”

Shashank tells everything.

Gowtham says “ r u feeling bad that u have hurt Mishti?”

Shashank nods.

Gowtham gives a little smile and says “ that’s because u love her. As u lost trust in love, u are unable to accept the truth. But u even know the truth that u love Mishti.”

Shashank replies “ nothing like that”

Gowtham says “ u really love her and I have known it since a long time…”

Shashank asks “ what?”

Gowtham replies “ yes bro, I have always felt that there was something more than friendship in between u both but I was afraid that if I tell u the truth u will break your friendship with her.”

Gowtham lays his hands on Shashank’ s shoulders and continues “ due to your first breakup u completely changed yourself but after Mishti’ s entry in your life the real Shashank returned. Mishti brought u back. Just because a girl has cheated on u, u can’t spoil your life and Mishti is not like your first girl friend. Trust me, Mishti is perfect for u.”

Listening to Gowtham, Shashank understands that he really loves Mishti. He hugs Gowtham and goes to Mishti.

Mishti is crying very badly and still in the same place.

She gets a call from  Pallavi and picks the call.

Pallavi informs her about her’s and Aryan’s alliance. Mishti gets shocked.

Mishti thinks to say about Shashank but remembers his reply.

Tears start flowing from her eyes.

Just then Shashank reaches there. He was behind her so Mishti couldn’t see  him. He decides to speak to her but as she was speaking on phone he decides not to disturb her and stands there quitely.

Mishti remembers Shashank’s reply and feels that she will not receive any love from Shashank and replies with pain to Pallavi

“ I agree..”

Shashank doesn’t understand anything.

Mishti continues “ I agree for mine and Aryan’s alliance.”

  1. Kifu

    Please make pranbir meet soon..

  2. Heyy you are streching it too much now like the writers of kkb and not showing the pranbir scenes at all
    Its request plzz show some of their scenes otherwise it will become boring like now it had become with the current track

    1. Spch

      Sorry to disappoint u Elisa. I just wanted to show Mishti and Shashank’s love story so I showed it. My story doesn’t focus only on Praanbhir. It focuses on all the pairs so it takes time for Praanbhir to meet.
      But they will meet soon.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Good that srinivasan noticed that there is something between shashank n mishti.shashank should not misunderstand mishti as he only rejected her.sad that though he realised his love n wanted to talk to mishti she agreed to marry aryan n he over heard it.

  4. Prajkta

    Nice chapter…. Feeling sad for both Mishti and Shashank…. Eagerly waiting for Pranbir to meet….

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