In Mumbai

Shahana gets freshened up. The bell rings. Shahana opens the door. She sees Prachi. Shahana says “u?” Prachi says “yes.” Shahana asks “so soon? U said u will work overtime today.” Prachi says “it was half day today.” Shahana says “I thought u would love to work whole day today.” Prachi says “even I thought the same. But I couldn’t.” Shahana says “u wanted to work too much because u wanted to forget Ranbhir’s b‘day right?” Prachi gets angry and asks Shahana to shut up. But Shahana continues “if u ask me to shut up truth will never change right. The truth is that even today u love Ranbhir and u always try to convert that love with hatred. And in this month u stopped watching calendar to not to know Ranbhir’s b’day but see u remembered it that’s the reason u wanted to work too much today so that u won’t think of him.” Prachi gets tears in her eyes. Shahana comes and holds her  and says “Prachi if u want to move on u should not cover your love with hatred u should just let it go.” Prachi hugs Shahana and cries “how can I forget? How can I ? Ranbhir is my first love.”

In Mehra mansion

Pragya is getting tensed about Rhea and crying for Prachi. Meera sees her and goes to her. Meera says “I understand your pain. But Pragyaji u are a very strong lady. How can u fall so weak?”Meera takes Prachi’s pic and continues “I always admired Prachi’s braveness which she has got from u. I wanted Rhea also to be brave like her.” Pragya says “Prachi was not brave that’s why she ran away instead of facing her problems. I thought I made my daughter strong but no she was not strong enough to face any problems in her life.”and she starts crying. Meera consoles her and says “yes, so u should make Rhea strong to face any problems in her life for that u should become strong.” Aliya hears them and thinks “till now I was able to do whatever I want though Pragya was here because she has fallen weak and her whole concentration was only on Rhea but if she gets strong then everything will get messed up. No Pragya I will not let u become strong again.”

In Mumbai

Shahana is in her office. Shahana remembers how Prachi was crying. Shahana thinks “shall I call to Kohli mansion and wish Ranbhir and tell everything. Prachi doesn’t know the truth but I know the truth of their breakup right. But …”While thinking like that she calls to Kohli mansion. Aryan who is searching for Purab in his house comes to Kohlis to see whether Purab is over there. He sees the phone ringing and picks it up and says hello. Shahana hearing Aryan’s voice after so many months gets emotional. He continues to say hello.. Shahan cuts the call. Aryan says ” weird people they call but they don’t speak.” Shahana gets teary eyed and rememebers her incidents with Aryan. A little smile appears on her face and says “I miss u Aryan.” Aryan starts getting hiccups. Dida comes there saying who called? She sees Aryan getting hiccups and gives him water. But his hiccups doesn’t stop. Dida asks him “who called?” Aryan replies “I don’t know. None spoke.” Dida seriously asks “tell me the truth? With which girl were u speaking? What chakkar is going on?” Aryan gets confused and asks “what?” Dida replies “these kind of prank calls come only when the youngsters of family fall in love.” Aryan says “there is nothing like that.” Dida starts laughing and says “see your hiccups stopped.” Aryan doesn’t understand. Dida says “when hiccups doesn’t stop with water then they can be stopped by saying or doing something shocking.” Aryan remembers Shahana.

In Past

In college

Aryan starts getting hickups. He drinks water but they didn’t stop. Shahana gets irritated with the sound of hiccups and asks him to drink water. Though he drinks water his hiccups doesn’t stop. So she plays a prank on him. She asks “why did u kiss that Dimpy other day Aryan?” Aryan gets shocked and says “what?Kiss? Whom? Dimpy?” Shahana continues “don’t behave so innocently. I saw u smiling at her on Ranbhir’s b’day.” Aryan says “in Hoshiarpur is smiling equal to kiss?” Shahana says “no. But u smiled at her so I thought u like her so I just said.” I smile at all girls in college so do u think…. I will kiss each…? Shahana starts smiling. Aryan asks “for what are u smiling now?” Shahana says “your hiccups stopped.” Aryan raises his eyebrow in question. Shahana says “when hiccups doesn’t stop with water then they can be stopped by saying or doing something shocking. So I played this prank on u.” Aryan says very funny and runs to catch her.

In present

Shahana starts getting hiccups as Aryan remembers her.

In  past

Aryan catches Shahana but this time Shahana gets hiccups. Though she drinks water her hiccups doesn’t end. He remembers her words and tries many tricks but doesn’t work as she knows that he is doing it deliberately. He impulsively kisses her on cheek. She gets surprised and her hiccups stop. Both of them starts blushing and doesn’t look at each other. Aryan gets confused as to why did he do that but he feels good. Shahana asks him “what did u do?” Aryan shyly says “haven’t u said we should either say something shocking or do something shocking to stop hiccups.” Both of them smile without noticing each other.

In present

Both Aryan and Shahana rememeber each other and both of them starting hiccups. Dida laughs and says “looks like my grand daughter is thinking about u too much. Ofcourse she loves u very much.”

  1. Samaila

    Can u make Rhea expose Aliya’s wrongdoing?

    1. Spch

      Samaila, Aliya will definitely be exposed.

  2. Amazing…❤️❤️❤️ Waiting for nxt update
    Post it soon please a small request

    1. Spch

      I will try to post soon

  3. Jasminerahul

    Why does Prachi try to hate Ranbir?I wish shahana had spoken to aryan.aryan getting hiccups bcz of shahana was cute.fb scenes of arhana getting hiccups was cute.kiss was so sweet n romantic.

    1. Spch

      Bcoz Prachi still thinks Ranbhir has cheated on her.

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