In Mehra mansion

Pragya is lighting diya in temple. She does Aarthi to God. Everyone comes there. She gives aarthi to everyone but Pallavi doesn’t take it.Though Vikram insists Pallavi doesn’t take. Pragya goes and says to everyone “as today is Ranbhir’s birthday I decided to keep a small pooja at home.” Vikram and Beeji smiles whereas Pallavi fumes.  Pragya continues ”Ranbhir will not celebrate if we arrange a birthday party. So I decided to arrange a pooja for his wellbeing only if u permit Vikramji.” Vikram says “”permission? There is no need of any permission I know u love Ranbhir as much u love Rhea. So whatever u do u will do for his good.” Beeji says “he may not attend a party but he will definitely attend a pooja that too if it is arranged by his chieftess.” Pallavi claps and interrupts “u are doing everthing to keep my son away from me, Pragyaji” Everyone gets shocked. Vikram tries to stop her. But Pallavi continues “because of your daughter my son decided to leave me. But I tried my level best to keep him with me. I thought after your daughter’s death he will forget Prachi and he will listen to me. But he drifted away from me permanently.”  Pragya gets tears in her eyes. Everyone tries to stop Pallavi. But she continues “ what happened to u Vikram? Our son doesn’t drift away only from me he got away from u too.” Vikram bends his head. Pallavi continues “from u too beeji, everyone including his chief whom he loved more than his parents just for that Prachi.” Abhi asks Pallavi to stop it. But she doesn’t.” Except from this Pragya. From 1 year he is talking only with u and who have manipulated him  very well that he doesn’t speak to any of his family members.” Pragya starts crying silently. Rhea observs it and asks Pallavi to stop it. Pallavi asks  Rhea “what happend to u? Don’t forget, Ranbhir didn’t marry because of her and her daughter.” Rhea feels bad. And says “but aunty Ranbhir didn’t say that he would marry someone else right? Probably he is not for wedding.” Pallavi gets silent and moves towards Pragya. Everyone gets tensed. Pallavi says “ u were executing my right on my son since one year but I want him to marry the girl of my choice and that is Rhea.” Rhea smiles weirdly. Pallavi continues “promise me,that my son’s wedding will happen with Rhea.” Everyone gets shocked. Vikram tries to stop but Pragya promises saying “Ranbhir’s wedding will happen only with my daughter.”

In Mumbai

Sunny turns and meets his friend. His friend asks “what are u doing here? ” Sunny replies “I have come here to drop Abhigya.” Prachi goes to her place.  Someone comes from behind and speaks  “so u will not meet your friend.” Sunny turns and sees Prachi’s boss. Sunny says “Ishaan..”. They hug. Sunny says “I have come here to drop Abhigya. ” Ishaan replies “yeah everyday u will come to drop your sister but u will not meet me.” Sunny receives a call and says “I  have to leave there is an important meeting and leaves from there.” Ishaan asks Prachi to arrange for meeting.

In Delhi

Kiara reaches Delhi. She checks into a hotel. She thinks “I have enough money for now but if I don’t work then it will become very difficult for me. I have to search for job at first” and gets ready to go out. She is walking on the road side. She sees a man singing a song. Aryan is also at the same place. Aryan and Kiara stop there and listen to his song. Everyone are giving money to him. But suddenly the singer starts coughing and is unable to sing. People start leaving. Kiara feels bad and goes in between people and starts singing. Aryan gets impressed by her voice. Everyone appreciate her voice. Kiara feels happy as it was her first time to sing in public and she got a good response. She collects the money and give it to him. Aryan remembers Abhi saying that they need a female lead singer for an upcoming concert. He thinks “her voice is amazing. She has classical and western fusion. I will ask her if she is interested.” Aryan sees her leaving and follows her to stop her.

In Mehra mansion

Pragya is crying in her room holding Prachi’s pic. Pragya says “I thought u will not do anything wrong. I thought u are smart. But you resulted to be a fool.why?why did u leave everyone. Why didn’t u tell me about your problems? If u would have told me we would have solved them together and u would have been here today.” She remembers past.

Pragya recalls (one year back, on accident night)

Abhi gives police complaint on phone. Ranbhir is driving rashly. Abhi observs that before he could stop him. Ranbhir meets with an accident. Pragya and Abhi gets shocked. They admit him in hospital. They inform Kohlis who has reached home now. They gets shocked and Vikram comes to hospital. Abhi gets a police call regarding Prachi. Abhi and Pragya leave from hospital. They reach police station. Police informs them the cab that Prachi and Shahana were travelling met with an accident and got blasted. Abhi and Pragya gets petrified. Abhi holds police collar and says “u are lying, u didn’t search for my daughter properly.” Police shows them the cctv footage at traffic signal where Prachi and Shahana are there in a cab and police inform them that the same cab met with an accident and your daughter’s booking was last booking for that car and it was booked for railway station. They also inform that they couldn’t get the corpses as the blast was so intense. Pragya faints.

  1. Riyasharma

    Interesting. Update soon.

  2. Jasminerahul

    it’s sad n irritating that ranbir’s mom is blaming pragya.surprising that kaira sang n Aryan heard it.now he will tell abhi about her n she will join her father as the singer.cool.kiara got her dad’s talent

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