KKB Fan Fiction – God’s will (Episode 4)

Kkb fanfiction God’s will episode 4

The episode starts with mehra’s kohli’s and Khanna’s reach the mumbai airport  . Everyone is happy and ranbir is serious as always.

Then purab receives a call and goes to receive the call. He goes to attend the call. Then he suddenly strikes with a lady.  I am so sorry…. says purab andcwas interrupted when he saw that the lady was none other than his lady love.

Both of them shared an eye lock with teary eyes.

Both of them were about to speak something when pragya came there and hugged disha.

“Where were you” exclaimed pragya while breaking the hug. Disha wipes her tears while trying to control her feelings and smiled at pragya.

Acha… , leave all that , come meet with our whole family says pragya while dragging disha towards the family. Disha meets the whole family with teary eyes while children were still thinking that who was she!

Aryan was observing purab ,who was continuously staring at disha.

After some time disha says now I need to leave now di.

So soon disha. We met after these many years and you are leaving like this. Said pragya making a sad face.

We’ll meet soon di..said disha and leaves after biding goodbye to the family.

Purab looked with teary eyes at disha and hides his tears from aryan who was still looking at him.

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