Kkb episode 58 (Love of Life)


Recap – Ishaan, Prachi and Ranbir leave for Shimla..

In Shimla
After reaching their destination successfully, Pranbir and Ishaan were now set out for their hotel. They took a taxi and were enjoying their journey. They were amazed to see the picturesque scene in front of them, it was something new for them as they had never seen such things before in their lives. The snow-covered mountain peaks, the lush green fields, the various colored flowers which were fluttering and dancing in the wind, the sound of the river stream flowing between the deep valleys and the waterfalls were fascinating and the only word that came out of their mouth was “WOW”. By living in Delhi and Mumbai they had never seen this side of the world which was full of natural beauty, even a little thing which was common for the people living over there was something very new for them and they were amazed.

While Pranbir were enjoying the journey, Ishaan for the first time after Rhea left him was having a smile on his face which was truly true and why not after all this was the place where he was going to meet his ladylove after three long years and now he was fully determined to find her and take her back with him, he would just keep her in his embrace forever so that she could never leave him again in his life. Just as a cool breeze she came and went, she actually brought out the real Ishaan who was hidden inside him, she made him realise the true meaning of love and life and now when she left him his condition was not less than a lifeless living being who was alive but didn’t have the life, who had his heart but the heartbeat was missing.

While gazing at the mountains something comes to his mind.

“Bhaiya stop the car.” says Ishaan and the driver quickly stops it while Pranbir look at each other with a confused look

“What happened Ishaan?” asked Pranbir in a unison

“I was thinking to discover this place after all it’s so beautiful and we won’t be coming here again and again and was thinking to buy some gifts.” says Ishaan with a smile

“Gifts.. Not bad, preparing to impress her.” says Ranbir while passing a teasing smile to Ishaan which made him blush while Prachi punches Ranbir with her elbow

“Nice idea, enjoy.” says Prachi

“Yes Ishaan enjoy and all the best.” says Ranbir while Ishaan gets out of the car and looks all around and starts walking happily on the pathways.

Here Pranbir were in the car.

“He was looking happy.” says Prachi

“Yes, didn’t you see the way he was smiling in the whole journey.” says Ranbir

“I just hope, before he gets to know about the truth we find Rhea.” prays Prachi while joining her hands and closing her eyes

“And I just hope that Ishaan doesn’t return early.” says Ranbir to which Prachi looks at him with her eyes wide opened

“Flirt” says Prachi

As soon as Prachi finishes saying this word, Ranbir quickly kisses her cheek while shocking Prachi

“What did you justo do?” asked Prachi

“What Prachi, is it important to say publicly?” asked Ranbir while blushing hard   and reminding Prachi about the presence of the driver in the car

“Is it important to say publicly?” says Prachi while mimicking Ranbir

“When you did this then you were not at all concerned about the public sitting over here.” says Prachi

“Okay if you want I can speak it..” says Ranbir intentionally while Prachi looks at him

“No need.. Ranbir.. No need.” says Prachi while stammering

“Now I will speak it definitely.” says Ranbir intentionally

“I… I.. ki… “

“Ranbir we reached the resort” says Prachi quickly and loudly so as to stop Ranbir from speaking any further, she quickly gets out of the car and starts taking out their luggage from the back of the car
while Ranbir smiles at her and gets out of the car. He looks at the board in which the name of the resort was written in bold and italics and stretches his hand in the air.

While in some other place
Pihu was walking on the road with her one hand in the hand of Aayushi and the other in the hand of her mother, Rhea who joined them after meeting the orphanage children. The trio were
strolling on the roads of Shimla. They were enjoying the view, when suddenly Aayushi’s phone rings and she takes a leave from them. Now Rhea and Pihu were alone, Pihu looks at her mother and acts to be angry with her and with a pout on her face starts looking in some other direction in order to show Rhea that she was angry. Rhea looks at her and tries to talk to her but she shows full attitude and ignores her and continues walking while holding Rhea’s hand.

Rhea finally stops as she sees an ice cream shop and picks Pihu in her arms and takes her near the shop. She makes her sit on the chair and looks at her.

“Do you want to have an ice cream?” asked Rhea to which Pihu nods in affirmation. And after this Rhea oders two ice cream for both of them. They both have the ice cream and in this while Pihu didn’t utter even a single word and kept on having her ice cream quietly. After finishing her bowl she makes her way out from there while Rhea follows her. Rhea looks at her and buys a two ballons for her places them in her hand.

“I think you don’t love me anymore.” says Pihu finally while she seemed to be lost in deep thinking

Rhea looks at her and says “Pihu bachaa I love you, I love you more than anyone or anything on this whole world.”

“But no mom, it isn’t like that, I have seen whenever you are with them you don’t love me nor you look at me.” complains Pihu to Rhea

“Okay, if it is like that we can do one thing.” suggests Rhea

“What? ” asks Pihu out of curiosity

Rhea takes a ballon from Pihu and kisses it this printing her lipstick mark on the ballon and returns it to Pihu and then takes another ballon and does the same thing while Pihu looks at her with her eyebrow raised.

“Now I have stored all my love in these two ballons and now it will be always with you, is it fine now?” asked Rhea with a smile

“But isn’t it too much? I mean I am such a small child how will I keep so much love with me? ” asked Pihu on seeing the size of the big ballons and also out of innocence to which Rhea chuckles

“Then you can share it.” suggests Rhea

“But with whom?” posed Pihu the next question

“Someone you feel needs it.” says Rhea while thinking deeply to which Rhea smiles.

And at this moment Rhea phone rings and she picks it and hits her head slightly, as she gets to know that she forgot her bag inside and had to clear the bill. She was about to take Pihu with her when she stops her saying that “I need to find someone who needs your love.” which made Rhea chuckle.

Before leaving Rhea asks a nearby shopkeeper to take care of Pihu and even takes a promise from Pihu to not go anywhere to which Pihu of promises her back happily. And then Rhea leaves from there hurriedly. Pihu was sitting on the chair and then she steps down the chair, the shopkeeper asks her to sit back to which she replies something making him to shut his mouth. Pihu starts walking by the side of the road in the
front of the shop while holding the ballons in the air.And this was when she bumps into someone and it turns to be Ishaan.

Ishaan looks at the little girl standing in front of him and with a smile on his face bents down ruffling her hair. Pihu looks at him with her twinkling eyes and with a hope asks him something.

“Are you searching for love?” asked Pihu with a smile to which Ishaan gives a smile

“How do you know it?” asked Ishaan

“I am super intelligent.” says Pihu while flipping her hair in the air proudly as if she achieved something very big

“Okay… So tell me where is my love?” asked Ishaan with a smile

“With me.” says Pihu while surprising Ishaan

“What? ” asked Ishaan

“This is your part of love, I already have too much.” says Pihu while handling a ballon to Ishaan

“Ballon?” asked Ishaan

“My mom has given all her love to me in these two ballons which is too much for me, so she asked me to share it and that’s why I gave it to you because you are searching for love.” says Pihu with a smile while Ishaan chuckles

“But don’t you ever try to throw it away, it’s really precious and I trust you, that’s why I am giving it to you.” says Pihu to which Ishaan promises her and hugs her

As soon as Pihu hugs her, he feels different he was feeling really special with her. He keeps her in his embrace for few seconds and then breaks the hug, caresses her face and kisses her forehead.

“You are handsome.” said Pihu while complimenting Ishaan

“Thanks sweetheart.” said Ishaan with a smile

“Can I call you Mr. Handsome?” asked Pihu with a cute pout to which Ishaan smiles and nods in affirmation after which Pihu hugs him immediately

“You are single?” asked Ishaan while finding no one standing by the side little girl

“So do you want me to have a boyfriend at this age?” asked Pihu while raising her eyebrow to which Ishaan let out a chuckle

“No.. No little girl, I am asking about your mother, where is she?” asked Ishaan

“So you want my mom to be your girlfriend?” asked Pihu intentionally and trying to control her laughter, Ishaan was left speechless at this moment , he didn’t know what to answer to the little girl

“Chill, I am joking.” says Pihu while laughing and after this Ishaan also laughs at her antics

“My mom has gone to clear the bill.” says Pihu

“Okay, what’s her name?” asked Ishaan with a smile

“What’s your name?” asked Pihu

“My name is Ishaan.” answers he with a smile

“And my name is Pihu.” says Pihu with a smile

“But I asked your mom’s name” says Ishaan

“So I am right, you want my mom to be your girlfriend well I don’t have any problem.” says Pihu

“You are joking right.” says Ishaan while chuckling

“No, I am serious.” says Pihu with a serious countenance which makes Ishaan stop laughing

She looks at Ishaan again with a smile.

“You know tomorrow I am going for summer camp.” says Pihu as she was hell excited to go there and wanted to share her happiness with someone

“Awesome, all the best.” says Ishaan

“You know my massi is coming with me, I will miss my mom and I know she will also miss me. My mom sometimes doesn’t love me as she loves them more so I get upset with her, they always tease me by kissing my mom so I don’t like them. I want to take my mom with me.” says Pihu while blabbering all this in a single breath while Ishaan was confused to hear this

“I think you should leave otherwise you will get crazy.” suggests Pihu after looking at Ishaan’s expression

“No  I will hear you out.” says Ishaan

“Do you love me? ” asked Pihu

“Yes I do, who won’t love a cute girl like you.” says Ishaan

“Okay then bye.” says Pihu while rushing inside the ice cream shop to find Rhea

While Ishaan looked at her and sighed while ruffling his hair, looks at the ballon and with a smile on his face starts walking, on the other hand
Pihu gets inside the ice cream shop where she finds Rhea standing near the bill counter and talking to a lady, she slightly hits her head and rushes towards her.

“Mom, let’s go.” says Pihu while tugging Rhea’s bag, Rhea looks at Pihu and takes a leave from the lady and gets out of the shop

“I am sorry baby, I was late. But where is your other ballon? ” asked Rhea while observing that the other ballon was missing

“I gave to someone.” says Pihu

“But to whom? ” asked Rhea

“To Mr. Handsome, he needed love so I gave him and you know what he said that he loves me.” says Pihu while recalling her encounter with Ishaan , Rhea chuckles at her statement and they both take a taxi and drive back to the house.

While in the hotel
Prachi and Ranbir were in their room, unpacking their luggage. After which Prachi goes to the balcony and looks at the view in front of her eyes, takes a deep breath and was staring at the blank sky when someone came and backhugged her and she knew who it was as except both of them no one was present there.

“Ranbir.. ” says Prachi

“Hmm.” says Ranbir while resting his head on her shoulder

“Will we find her? ” asked Prachi

“That is something which God only knows and we can just pray to him.” says Ranbir

“I am feeling that whatever we are doing is really bad for him.” says Prachi

“Yeah, I know it’s bad but it’s for his good only, don’t worry everything will be fine.” assures Ranbir to which Prachi smiles and hugs him

“Ishaan didn’t he return? ” asked Prachi

“No, must have found some girl.” says Ranbir while chuckling

“Everyone is not like you.” says Prachi

“I know that’s why I have you.” says Ranbir and kisses Prachi on her cheek to which Prachi gives him a slight slap on his face

“Besharm” says Prachi and was about to leave when Ranbir pulls her by the waist making her fall on his heard chest

“What are you doing Ranbir, sharm nhi aati.” says Prachi while trying to get out of his grip

“Right now you said me besharm and now asking me ki mujhe sharam nhi aati, Ms. Mehra besharmo ko sharm nhi aati.” says Ranbir while winking and was about to kiss her when her phone rings and she immediately rushes to pick it up, she looks at the caller ID, and picks it up, it was a video call and on the other side were the family members.

“Hello” says many voices in a unison from the other side to which Pranbir replied with a hey. They all were super excited to know about their trip, to which Prachi showed them the view outside and they all were fascinated on seeing it, they all have a conversation discussing about the things when finally Kiara asks about Ishaan as he wasn’t seen anywhere.

“Dii.. Actually he has gone som..” but before Prachi could complete her statement Ishaan enters there with a ballon in his hand and thus catching everyone’s attention, Ranbir looks at the ballon in his hand which had the lipstick mark

“Pakka.. Pakka girlfriend pta
ke aaya hai yeh, isse zyada shreef banda toh main hun, Prachi ke saath kush hun aur yeh Rhea ke naam pr ptani kitni ladkiyon ko pta baatha hoga.” thinks Ranbir while staring at Ishaan

Ishaan comes forward and was happy to see everyone and talks to everyone and then heads towards his room which was next to the kitchen. After Ishaan leaves, Prachi and Ranbir look at each other

“He was looking different today, wasn’t he?” asked Kiara from the other end

“Yes, he was looking happy.” said Prachi

“Just see, hero has started to change from the day one itself.” says Mishti

“We are trying to find Rhea and even hired a private investigator.” says Shashank to which Pranbir nods in affirmation

“May God keep him happy like that only.” prayed Meenakshi

“Okay then bye, you both also enjoy.” says Aryan while passing a teasing smile to Ranbir after which they ended the call.

Ranbir and Prachi sat on the bed and decided to go out for dinner they asked Ishaan but he denied as he didn’t want to distrub both of them and then Pranbir were getting ready for the dinner.

Precap – Pranbir moments… Ishaan to get to know the truth??

See guys I will add Abhigya scenes for sure but after some episodes, in these episodes I am going to focus on Ishaan Rhea meet.And sorry I am not able to reply to your comments but I do read them . I just hope you enjoyed reading and Happy Ramnavami 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

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