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Episode 21
Hellos. Thanks soo much for all who comments I love you guys and appreciate the love.
Yesterday Rajesh Bhai said I write less emotion and romance and truth is I read through and realized he was right, I concentrated too much on the drama and story build up and continuity and I forgot the core root of KKB, the love between Abhi and Pragya, Rabul and the rest!! So today is not love episode, but a set for love episodes to come. hence forth I will try to show as emotion as possible, not daily because you know story has to flow and events have to unfold but..love will be at the fore front not drama and punishing evil….don’t get me wrong, they will all still be there…please bear with me today only …sooo

Episode starts with Bulbul moving in hospitals to hospital looking ofcourse looking for Aaliya as she was the one Raj texted. She is frustrated and pisced as hell but she knows she has to do it. She learned from Raj that Aaliya had tried to change her ways and now Raj had just sent her a text saying it was urgent and critical to find Aaliya because she is related to Burning station and Pragya’s sanity. She is confused for sure but she had no time for questions.
She also remembers asking Purab for his car and him remembering all her lying signals, she smiles a little and gets more Purab, memories, the first time he told her I love you, their engagement, their wedding, when he promised he would do anything to save her, their happy and sad moments. She seem happy and the moment is bitter sweet.
She snaps out of it and thinks Bulbul find the witch. She drives for some time and ends up at a hospital. She goes to counter and repeats same process, asks the nurse if they have a patient by the names Aaliya Mehra, they say no. she asks if she can check their emergency and fire patient she says ok.

Bulbul runs into the hospital and moves ward to ward but nothing, on one quick hurried trip, she turns a corner and runs int Suresh who is also in a hurry rounding the corner. She steps away and actually looks Suresh in the face, says a quick sorry sir and leaves, Suresh just says ok sorry miss and also leaves. She inspects the last rooms and leaves from hospital, she calls Raj and says nothing. Raj sasys ok.
On Raj and Pragya’s side they have also not found Aaliya, they have moved all Hospitals in the area and have not seen her. Raj says maybe she escaped but Pragya sayas why, when she arrested her self. And I know her she was serious and she didn’t lie to me, she didn’t escape.

Aaliya in hospital is in and out of conciousnes, she took in too much smoke and got pneumonia, Suresh gets her into the most expensive and Private ward in the hospital and puts the best doctors on her. Old hag Dadi is treated with good care as Aaliya insisted.
Su; ok old lady listen to me, Aaliya over there is a bad person, but she risked her life to save yours. Soo if I let you out you are going to drink nd her good did and risk to her life was in vain, now I don’t care what you say but old as you are, ou are going to Rehab, as soon as you are fine, clear?
Old had Dadi just looks at him with bleary eyes and Suresh good on his word sends Old hag Dadi to Rehab!
One month Later:
Purab is fine now, and no harm and he is back to his old self, Radhika, Raj and Pragya are still loking for Aaliya. Abhi is very tense and worried that after all he has put Pragya through she doesn’t want to marry him anymore as engagement ended long ago but she keeps putting off the wedding.
He consoles himself that he is married to her already but he thinks I want a wedding I can remember. He is trying sooo hard to gain his memory but nothing. Just the normal usual flashes, he even thought of trying hypnotism but nothing. He is frustrated.

Pragya keeps putting the wedding of as she believes she is responsible for Aaliya’s disappearance and cannot marry Aabhi on a lie. Raj keeps telling her to grow up and realize Aaliya is a grown woman that can take care of herself. But Pragya being Pragya never listens. Dadi and Dasi are getting more confused why Pragya will put off marring Abhi and they ask but because of her tension, she never tell them anything and just walks away in shame, on their part it is interpreted wrongly, and are now becoming slowly cold toward Pragya.
One morning Abhi wakes up in a mood, a very very! sour mood!! Worse of all Pragya is not in the room. He screams and throws things around this causes Dadi and Dasi to come upstairs…
Dd: Beta what is it?
A: were is Pragya, did she even come home last night or is she with her new lover?
Ds: Abhii what are you saying?
A: don’t pretend am the only one thinking this, we all know I wasn’t good enough to her, what if she found someone who treats her better!
Dd: Beta you are now just drawing conclusions, Yes she was off and awfully cold, to all of us but not this, she can never do that!
A: people change Dadi!
Dd; says nothing to this as truth be told, people change and Pragya had changed
Raj Mitali however has hear d the conversation and thinks this Pragya is going to ruin her marriage and as a woman who has gone through it I can’t let it happen, I need to know what is going on but before that she will hear from me today…she leave from there and heads out…
In MM Abhi sis still ranting and Raging with anger, with every word he says he gets more angry and speaks louder and louder and with more conviction….

A: you know what, I don’t care if she want another guy, I don’t care if she leaves me I am Rock satr I can move on anyway, I have a lot of girls coming after me, I can’t fail to replace her, middle class and all is easy to replace!!
Dd; beta stop saying that, that is our bahu you can’t disrespect her,
A;(shouting) bahu, what bahu when she doesn’t even want the wedding in the first place!! A bahu Dadi, loves her husband and his family and sacrifices, she is just being cold. She doesn’t love me anymore, I see love in her eyes, but its not for me, she doesn’t touch me, talk to me, avoids me, for a month Dadi a month. I have had it and if she doesn’t love me anymore, I will unlove her too!! Look dadi if you want you can marry her but I don’t want to marry her, I will not marry her! Actually let her marry Raj, she is always with him nowadays, he can have two wives, Mitali and Pragya! Or better yet, find who ever man it is she always keeps going out to see and turn him into your son and marry them then she will be your Bahu. As for me as far as am concerned Pragya and I are done. Get that? DONE!! PRAGYA ARORA GO TO HELL!!
As he is saying this, he had moved closer to dadis and because he was seething with too much rage, dadis had backtracked to corridor and he was standing in door way now. When he finishes his rant, he turns to head into room and in the turn his eyes lock with Pragya!!

She has heard every single thing and has hot tears running down her eyes. Abhi says Pragya? And takes step in her direction, but she takes step back and shakes head noo. She is holding her heart as she feels its breaking and shattering into tiny little pieces. Abhi keeps moving in her direction and calling Pragya please, she keeps saying no, no, no but the words are not even coming out of her mouth. Her hands are shaking, she is actually shaking all over. She is in soo much pain.

Abhi keeps walking slowly to her and he manages to reach her, he extends his hand and is about to touch her whe she screams NOOOOOOO!! Nad runs away from there. She runs doen the stairs and is about to reach the door when she falls down. Abahi runs to her but she stands up and runs out of the house just in time.
Akash run to Abhi and holds his shoulder, he stops him from goin=g to her and Abhi just stands there looking out the door. Then he too begins to shake and run his hands in his hair. Akash just holds his shoulder and looks at him, Abhi shakes, then looks at his shaking fingers and makes a fist to hide them and puts it on his side, he looks at Akash and begins to mouth in a low voice, almost no voice at all “what have I done? what have I done? what have I done? What have I doooneee?” the last one comes out on a wail and he breaks down, he falls on Akash’s shoulder and cries soo hard, Dadi and Dasi who have come down the stairs sit in the chair slowly and have tears too. Dadi thinks Bhagwaanji, what is it that you wrote in the fate of Abhi and Pragya, why do they know little happiness and then suffer pain, why is it that there is something always fighting their joining. Why Lord Why?”

Abhi steps away from Akash and slowly and dejectedly walks up the stairs, he oes to his room, closes the door slowly and leans on it, he slids with his back along the door until he sits down, he burries his head in his hands and bowls his eyes out. He falls and lays on the floor and he cries there slowly.
Pragya on running out of the house, runs straight into Mitali who had just come back from looking for her! Mitali thinks shit, what now and holds Pragya right before she falls down, Rachna who was with Akash and had also run out after Pragya meets Mitali holding a crying Pragya and gets a car quickly she tells Mitali to get in and Rachna drives to Arora house.
When they reach Rachna climbs out but Mitali says noo, and goes out instead, she goes into house and five minutes later comes out dragging Bulbul, she tells Bulbul get in now and she does only to find a bowling Pragya…Rachna thinks Radhika but ignores and sets off and Mitali gives directions.

They reach and Mitali jumps out, opens door and BB a now not crying but still very sad Pragya. Inside house..
M; (absentmindedly) welcome this is Raj and my house, like get away
R: when did you get it, you guys were not on good terms
M; Raj got it three months ago, he showed it to me last week
R; congs! We have one too, thought to keep it a secret you know, secret get away!
P: (in that voice that normally comes before someone begins to cry) we have one tooooo!! (then she cries) sorry but her being Pragya and her ka nose, she looks funny)
M; ok missy that’s it, you need some tough love, I don’t know what Abhi said and I don’t think it is cool but you to a certain point deserve it.

R&B; What Mitali Bhabi that is not nice.
M: there is the reason I am the Bhabi, why god made me your Bhabi, I have a loud mouth that never suts up and I can speak the plain truth and get away with it as I am your Bhabi. (she turns to Pragya looks her over and holds her houlder and tenderly leads her to a couch to sit the rest follow) so here is the thing, Pragya you have ignore Abhi for so long, I don’t know what is going on but he broke, Abhi is a child, hell all men are!! they need love, need to feel it, and what ever he did he was just acting out.
P: tells them all what he said cryingly and with anger!
B & R: ok that is bad!! Abhi is dense.
P: (while pointing fingers at B& R) don’t call him dense, you have no right! Only I have that right! (then in crying voice) Abhi is denseeee…
B&R: both burst in laughter then hide the laughter behind their hands, Mitali looks at them smolderingly then smiles too aside smile.

M: look Pragya, even when he has hurt you soo bad you still protect him, you love him and he loves you, so go to him, tell him you still want to marry him, or something and don’t take no for an answer. If I had left and given up on Raj, non of you would be sitting here right now. So ignore what he said he was throwing a child tantrum. You kno my children, when I ignore them they do the worst things on earth just so I can see them, one time, the boy cut off his sisters hair!!
P: what? When?
M: before you came, but that isn’t the point the point is men are children that just want attention all the time, so give it to him.

R: who knew the day would come, when I would hear sound advise from Mitali Bhabi…arey world must be ending.
M: smiles) Rachu when you make the biggest mistake of your life, and come out of it, you will tell me how you will be or act!
R; I have remember
B; me too I am still paying for mine
R: what are you talking about Radhika
M; (looks at Rachu and Bulbul and says) ooh btw Rachu meet Bulbul!
R: what??
B: oh Mitali Bhabi…what have you done?
R: what?
P; totally unphased like Mitali didn’t just drop a bomb!
M: (totally unphased) oh shut up the both of you, and stop the drama I was the biggest drama quessn remember, so nothing you do phases me a bit. Bulbul, you will feel better if you have Rachu and not pretend around Pragya anymore! And Rachu, you can’t be that dumb that you couldn’t tell it was bulbul. I have an excuse, I am actually dumb, so I couldn’t tell, you are not, so relax
B: (looking at Pragya) Di you seem to not care at all, you don’t belive Bhabi
P; (rolls eyes) oh come on Bulbul do you really think am stupid, I recognized you in the hospital the night of Purab’s accident, I am not a fool. And the way you light up when yu see Purab, the way you treat Ma and Beeji and Janki even your cooking is the same. I am not stupid!!
M; and btw Bulbul, take the Advise too, don’t push Purab just show him love, don’t over try just be you be Bulbul be yourself, he fell in love with you, the inner you and he will soon realize it without no one telling him who you really are!…screen freezes on Bulbul, little smile and Pragya’s thoughtful look. And Rachus’s big smile and Mitali’s motherly smile…

Precap: P; (wielding Abhi’s guitar at him) I swear Abhi you will marry me even if I have to drag you to the Altar myself!

I have not proof read as they are gon switch the internet off in office, bear with the mistakes please

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  1. Princesskrisha

    Awesome savita di

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks you PrincessKrisha dear…

  2. Saranya24

    So sad fr pragz nice dii love u muuaahh?????

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks dear..love you too!!

  3. B_Ani

    lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! i love thisssssssssss…………..awesome………
    waiting for the nxt…

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks dear. btw did you manage to read by the moon?

      1. B_Ani

        no di…i am on process!!! it will really take time. but i will see to it soon…coz just now i figured the sequence!!! once i complete reading everything i will surely tell u sweet didi. i am so excited as i can predict that ur story will always be awsm…so i will read it by tmrw.
        and di, i posted changed destiny…see naa…

  4. Fantabulous!!! Di …u r really rocking..today u really rocked it di…this ff n the other will soon become hit…I jus love ur ffs so much di…abhigya scenes were emotional ,prabul scenes were really good along with mitali and rachna…love u di…u r the best!!! Waiting fr the next epi…tc.. kp writing di..u r the best!! 😀 😀 😉 😉 ….

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks, i am glad you love the extras. i belive this soap is not all about Abhigya, yes they are the star couple, but all other xters are in there for a reason, they should be developed quite well, its called character development in literature. you know….but thanks soo much dear!

  5. Vaishali

    awesome dii it was amazing ohh god what a story dii the last conversation between the ladies was awesome some times the dialogues i couldnt understand in the sense it is just not related i think i cant say but i predicted on whom saying to whom that only dii but otherwise this was damn cool episode and abhi is proved in all ffs that he doesnt use his brain at the right time but i love hima lot dii i just love him to the core just mad in his love like i am to u and ur ff love u dii take care keep smiling…

    1. SavitaVidya

      oh honey i know, they were threatening to remove internet at work for repairs and i was already late on the posting so i just posted without proof reading. am sory dear…but thanks for reading

  6. Superb episode di mithali advising aroras seems funny yaar but loved it

    1. SavitaVidya

      hahaha i knooo hahahaha but its high time, she got some sense!!

  7. nice epi dear………. n also interesting 4 next 1 soon yaaaaaaaaaaa

    with love n kiss 4 u always dear……….

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks soo much dear…kissed and enyou the weekend

  8. Superb di?…

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      thanks Chotiii good night and kisses…today sleep early yar

  9. What an awesome epic diii!!!

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      thanks soo much choti

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