KKB… Changed Destiny: Episode 29

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Hey guys! So… again it’s been a month since I posted this. Really sorry guys… will try to be regular. Let’s get to the episode soon. See you guys at the end.

O, yeah! Link for previous episode: https://www.tellyupdates.com/kkb-changed-destiny-episode-28/


Abhi heard someone heavily banging the door.

He opened it and gets shocked… or rather AFRAID. A few days old memory came rushing to him.

Yeah, it was just a few days back, correctly to say, it was something that happened 2 days before the concert. Ranveer, Pragya’s so called brother, had cornered him and threatened him to death. His wife Ishani… god! Ranveer itself is better! He still remembers that clearly, as if it happened just now.

Ranveer had rushed in furiously while Ishani followed him trying desperately to control him.

Abhi backed himself and finally stopped, as the table behind wouldn’t let him any further. He gulped.

Ranveer started shouting. “Listen, Mr. How many times should I tell you to stay away from my sister? Don’t you understand? How much ever I insult you, you come back and roam behind her as if you are her pet dog. And my Arvind is also getting disturbed thinking about you. I don’t see why he cares for you. I get irritated just at the sight of you. You irk me like anything. So don’t ever dare to come closer to my sister. I am warning you. If I see you roaming behind her… wait, if I get to know that you even think about her… that will be the last day of your life. Remember… I am not simply warning you. Remember what happened in the jubilee event? I hope you don’t want to get kicked by me again. Stay in your limits”.

Well, from the very beginning Ranveer had been a persisting disturbance for him. And now, he even is ready to become his death! Abhi sighed as he thought of how badly his brother-in-law — OK, not brother-in-law anymore — hates him.

After giving a last stare, Ranveer walked out. He still didn’t stop glowering at him.

Ishani who looked as if she would do anything to please the frightened Mr. Abhi, had stayed back. She saw Abhi sweating profusely. And so, picked up the water glass nearby and gave it to him.

“Thanks”. After Abhi placed it back, little recovered from the shock, Ishani immediately took the open pen beside and pointed it to Abhi’s neck! Abhi was petrified… shocked out of wits!

“I am not like Ranveer. He will warn first. But there is no such thing from my side. I am telling you, if you disturb my friend, you are dead” Ishani threw the pen back and left the place.

Abhi came back to his sense. Did they keep some camera here? How am I gonna escape from these guys? Abhi thought as they came in… Four big gym boys, almost double of Abhi’s size, entered the room. I am sure this must be that Ranveer’s work!

Abhi walked back in fear.

“Who are you? What do you want? I seriously meant no harm to Pragya… after all she is my…” Abhi’s words were not continuous… he stammered. He couldn’t even finish what he started stuttering.

They cut him off. “You are Abhishek Mehra?  Am I right?” one of them asked. His voice was thick… it was hell frightening.
But Abhi had to answer… “Hmm…” he nodded slightly. Anyone very well could read his thoughts… Why is my name Abhishek Mehra?!

Abhi asked the question himself while the four men tied his hands and legs. Abhi started screaming but no sound came! ‘I wish this is a dream’ he said and tried to pinch himself.

“Aww…” he yelled, while four pairs of eyes watched him wondering.

Abhi saw around and he was still standing near the door while the other four men were opposite to him.

Ah! Dream! Abhi let out a HUGE sigh of relief. But then he was feeling stupid of himself. A worst day dreamer I have become… he scolded himself on why he was dreaming on such a sunny morning… For god sake, this isn’t even some hazy winter day. Wake up Abhi! You can’t dream all the time. You should be the dream boy… not the dreaming boy, he told himself. After feeling satisfied on advising himself, Abhi finally asked the men, with the most pleasant smile he could manage to put up… *He seriously didn’t want to upset these people* “How can I help you?”

“By coming with us” one man told and stepped forward, like he was going to explain something.

Abhi fell unconscious! *It seemed to him that the guy was going to grab his hand!*


He opened his eyes. He was sitting in a chair. He could hear someone laughing so hard. He got up and saw around.

It was… Pragya!

“Why are you laughing? You know what… 4 people came to kidnap me…this much big (showing with his hands) and this bulky…hmm heavy weight guys… I should exercise more” he said pressing his well built arms.

“How did they look like, Abhi?” Pragya asked controlling her laughter.

“Naan dhaan sonnen la… perusa… (I told right… big…)”

Before he could complete Pragya said, “Ivanga laa Paru (is it them)” and moved away.

The same guys! Abhi closed his eyes a moment. Again Pragya burst into laughter.

“They are my guards… I only asked them to call you” Pragya said and waived them off. They too left.

Abhi was shocked. He had embarrassed himself very badly. What would they think about me? That I am a scaredy-cat! He got irked as he realised it was all because of Pragya… “Why did you frighten me?” he barked.

“I just wanted to talk to you” Pragya said with puppy eyes. Who knew you would faint? She laughed to herself.

Abhi did not notice it. He was busy adoring Pragya’s puppy face. And then something struck in his mind. Smiling to himself, he turned his face away. He was going to tease her for some time! How long has it been since I have seen your puppy face? I am not losing this chance! And so, he made a face and turned is head even away.

Pragya, who saw this, was offended. She looked at him with a shocked O-face. Abhi purposely crossed his arms and turned his back to her. Pragya was done with it. He had touched that little ego in her. Attitude, eh? I have tons of it! What did you think I will do? Ask you sorry? After all, it was you who got frightened like a baby! I am not convincing you. Go to hell! She frowned to herself. It was some ten minutes and both stood facing opposite directions. Pragya couldn’t take it anymore and so she turned to Abhi.

Abhi, who was waiting for the slightest movement from her side, was relieved. Thank goodness you yourself turned! If else, I should have carried on this false charade, until who know how long! How could I not talk to you? He smiled. But then he remained still as he wanted Pragya to convince him. Little did he know that he would be the one doing the convincing thing!

“Hey!” she screamed. Abhi ignored. Pragya frowned. “What? You don’t want to talk to me? Then get out!” and she showed him the door as she yelled. She really has lost all her patience!

Abhi was taken aback when he heard her scream. He never thought Pragya would yell back. If it was Fuggi… she would have asked him sorry until he is convinced or she would make him smile with her silly antics. ‘She has definitely changed!’ he mumbled.

“Sorry… sorry…” Abhi told and found the reverse happening. “Then come” Pragya told and moved out.

Abhi stood numb a moment… but then ran out. I don’t want to get her on her nerves! He cried to himself…


Abhi and Pragya were in a coffee shop. It has been an hour since they came there and still they weren’t finished with that single mug of coffee each had! They were busy chatting. Abhi had finally managed to convince Pragya with her all time favourite balloons and flowers. So, Pragya was no longer angry on him. She let go off it and was talking to him happily.

It was an awesome time for both of them. As they were strangers they shared each other’s likes and dislikes. Though Abhi knew everything of Pragya, he acted as if he knew nothing and it was fun listening to everything that Pragya told. As of Pragya, she was having the best time in her life. She got someone with whom she can babble with, endlessly! Arvind was her all time companion… but before she could tell a thing, Arvind would find it…coz, he knew everything of her! So, being with a stranger, gave her a new feel… but being with Abhi meant even more.

When they found the waiter staring them from one corner of his eyes, they realised it was done and so left the place paying the bill.

While in the car, “You know what Abhi? I cancelled all my meetings today… also an appointment!” Pragya said licking her kulfi.

Abhi, who was driving the car, stopped it finally. “Why?” he asked her.

“I don’t know. I felt like I want to talk to you” Pragya said still concentrating on her ice-dessert.

“Hmm… then Ok…we will do this. Every day, 2’o clock… we will meet. One place a day! What say?” Abhi raised his eye brows.

“Ok… but you will have to pick me… without anyone’s notice. Arvind will not let me alone, anywhere” Pragya told.

“You are not alone” Abhi frowned.

“I am not telling him that I am meeting you… you idiot. Then, all four will be with us” Pragya made a sad face.

“What for that” Abhi asked not realising.

Pragya gave a stern look and only then Abhi’s bulb glowed.

“APDINNA…” Abhi dragged while Pragya didn’t know what to answer. She looked everywhere but him. Abhi smiled. Pragya, who never really faced situations like this, was shying very badly. She herself didn’t know what she was wishing for. Meeting Abhi alone? What are you talking Pragya? Why are you behaving very weirdly? She asked herself.

This side Abhi was very happy… so, Pragya wants to meet him alone! But why? OH come on Abhi… she wants to know you better. She just thinks you as her friend. Don’t jump into conclusions. Just enjoy the moment as it comes. His mind instructed him and so Abhi sat still smiling like an idiot as he saw Pragya’s bemused expressions. Pragya couldn’t bear it anymore. She let go of her confusions and decided to go with the flow — the way her heart was leading her. “Stop it Abhi. Are you ok with it or not?” she raised her question.

“Done… Done” Abhi smiled.


So…I am stopping it here. Well, you all know that my laptop wasn’t working. That’s why couldn’t post anything all these days… am sorry again. Will try to be regular from now on…

And, I know this was a stupid episode… it’s juz that I’m unable to work anything out right now. I am so desperately waiting for my results. That’s why how much ever I rummage my brain… I am unable to get some sensible thing!

Anyways, will try a better one next time… and please bear errors, if any…

Thanks for the comments and likes in the previous episode. Thanks reshma sis and saranya akka…

Don’t forget to hit the button in this episode too. Do comment. Any kind of comment is welcome…but do comment…

Bub bye… take care. See you all soon.

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