KKB (A mysterious love story) (Part 11)

Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ guys I’m back! Before I start I’ll clear a few questions.

@Shesha485 Ranbir knows about Prachi’s disappearance.

@Radhakrishn To find out about where Prachi went, u’ll have to read the upcoming episodes

@Disha Shubham is the bodyguard that Aarohi hired for her family

@firtraysofsun To know wether Aarohi is dead, keep reading

All of u are going to get a jhatka at the end of this series. Let’s not waste anymore time.

Next day

Vasundhara Mansion was very quiet.

Deep: Anamika is with Netra

Tara: Don’t u think that there is no one named Anamika?

Deep: What do u mean

Tara: How is it that 2 years ago no one knew Anamika?

Deep: ur right
Parallel scene

Ranbir is thinking about Anamika

Ranbir(thinks): Is Prachi Anamika?(I know many of U have this question)

Shop owner: Bhaiya, if ur not going to buy anything, then don’t waste my time.

Ranbir turns to go, but stops

Ranbir(thinks): I’ve hurt maa with my behaviour.

Ranbir: I’ll take that locket

Ranbir buys the locket and goes from there

Mehra mansion, Sunny and Aryan’s room

Shahana, Sunny and Aryan are talking

Shahana: Everyone at college are asking me about Prachi. I’m running out of excuses, what should I tell them?

Aryan:Just tell them that she went back to Horshiarpur

Shahana: I already used that

Aryan: Then-

Sunny: Just tell them the truth

Shahana: what! Bhai how can I do that. They’ll start insulting Prachi.

Scene shifts, Abhigya’s room

Pragya is looking at Prachi’s childhood to now pictures. She cries

Pragya(crying): Y did u do this. Why did u leave us!

Abhi(tearing up): It was my mistake, I blamed her and now this happened

Pragya: It’s not ur fault. Love makes everyone blind. Log ishq mein marne ki liye teyar ho jate hai, to jab dhoka khate hai to zindagiki matlab hi kya hai. Me aj tak zinda hu kyunki ap ne mujhe dhoka nahi diya tha.

They look at Prachi’s picture.

Singhania House

Everyone comes to have lunch. Sonia(house help) serves the food. Anamika comes there.

Sonia: khana dey dia ha, Malkin.

Anamika: tik hai jao

Netra: Anamika, I think now onwards our plan starts

Anamika: ur right.

After lunch everyone goes to their respective rooms. Anamika goes to her room opens her drawer, takes out a ring 💍.

Anamika: I didn’t forget ur betrayal

Netra: Deep, ull have to put defeat in ur dictionary.

Deep: No one can go against me

Tara: It’s time to get ready for ur deathbed

Ranbir: I really hope my thought are true.

Episode ends on Anamika, Netra, Deep, Tara, and Ranbir’s faces.

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  1. Shesha485

    Loved the episode but still mysteries are left unsolved. So, Prachi’s location is known only to Arhana ans Sunny. I really wonder how Anamika Singhania is connected to Deep Raj Singh. If it is a supernatural FF, I would have assumed that Aaron’s soul is in Prachi’s body. 😂😂😂😂But here it is not possible🧐

  2. Samaila

    No they were only thinking about excuses to tell to the rest of the college, so that they won’t insult Prachi. Everything else will be said in future episodes. Bruh, this ain’t supernatural, so no soul 🤣😂😂

    1. Shesha485

      😂😂😂😂 Yeah, I know dude…

  3. It is very confusing and mystrious

    1. Samaila

      Try to keep ur brain for this and Immj 2. Or else Immj pagal thane😂🤣😅🤣

  4. Radhakrishn

    That means there was noone named Anamika two years ago?? Ranbir buying the locket for Pallavi was nice. But why will they insult Prachi?? Abigya scenes were emotional.

  5. Bro please write in English not Hindi bro

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