Episode 7;

Scene 1:Avni,Meher And Zoya’s flat.

Meher:Neil is in Mumbai from so many years ,so why are you saying that.

Avni:Di,Neil is my new patient,his first appointment is tomorrow,and he’s suffering from depression.


Avni:I can tell Zoya Di ,to handle his case.

Meher:You know what I found out ,Neil,Aditya and….A…..A…Ab….Abeer are cousins.


Meher:And Zoya Di knows that ,so he would never do it. Avni,see he will never come to know that you remember everything.

Avni:But…….I can’t be strong.

Meher:You’re already strong.

Avni:Di … will I face him .

Meher:Like I will face Abeer.(When Meher said this Avni saw a tinge of emotions in her eyes but as she ended the sentence there was a tinge of coldness in her voice.)

Avni:What Do you mean….

Meher:I am going to be the CEO of the Channel for which he sings and I’m gonna take my revenge from him,I HATE HIM.

Avni:Di you Love him more than you hate him.

Meher:No….I Don’t Love Him ….I don’t ,she said this and fell to her knees.

Avni:(Keep’s her hands on Meher’s shoulder)Di,Admit it that you still love her,being in love is the best feeling.

Meher stands and hugs her.

Meher:Avni,you know what,you should, Ok leave it.

Zoya:Without me…..

Avni pulled Zoya towards her and they shared a group hug.

Avni:Zoya Di ,it’s so hot,why are you wearing a full shirt?

Meher:Di did you again……

Zoya:No….it’s Not what you both are thinking now let’s sleep bye .

Scene 2:Music and Love(The channel for which Abeer sings).

Abeer is seen singing a song.

Abeer:Neend Udi Thi Meri Raaton Ki

Neend Udi Thi Meri Raaton Ki

Jo Door Tu Gayi

Jo Door Tu Gayi…

Sapne Tere Aaye Na Kahin

Raatein Jalaye Na Kahin

Sapne Tere Aaye Na Kahin

Raatein Chalaye Na Kahin

Dil Dhadak Tha Hai Seene Mein

Dil Dhadak Tha Mere Seene Mein

Tadpe Tere Liye

Tadpe Tere Liye….

Jeena Kiya Hai Mushkil

Kehta Hai Tu Hi Manzil

Jeena Kiya Hai Mushkil

Kehta Hai Tu Hi Manzil

Jitna Bhi Samjho Na Chahe Dil Tujhe

Phir Bhi Na Maane Ae Badtameez Dil

Jitna Samjho Na Chahe Dil Tujhe

Phir Bhi Na Maane Ae Badtameez Dil

Ae Badtameez Dil..Ae Badtameez Dil

Suddenly a man enters the room.

Man:Abeer let me introduce you to,Miss Meher Purohit,the new CEO of our channel.

Abeer sees Meher entering ,he blinks to make sure he’s not hallucinating.


Man:You both know each other…..

Meher:Innhe kaun nahi janta….

Abeer extends his hand towards her ,and she takes it and smashes it,And then goes towards her cabin.

Scene 3:Avni’s clinic.

(Avni is Psychologist cum psychiatrist )

Neil enters her cabin and gets shocked…..

Avni:You might be Neil Khanna,come sit,So are you familiar with the term Limerence .

Neil:Ah ya …….it’s the state of mind related to romantic attractions.

Avni:Ya So ,tell me something about the girl you loved .

Neil:She was my best friend,and I fell head over heels for her.

Avni:Ok so …..She met with an accident and suffered from Amnesia.


Avni:Ok so listen…..our session is over …..and I want you to do something on radio….you are a part time RJ right….and I have heard that you sing quite well ,so sing at the radio station,and we will meet later …you should go.

After Neil leaves Avni closes the door and slides down it.

Avni:(sobs) I’m sorry.

Scene 4:Zoya’s cabin.

(She’s also a Psychologist cum psychiatrist)

She gets a call….

Man:Zoya it’s me Adi….a can we meet …

Zoya:Don’t you dare call me again,I Hate you.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    so as i expected avni remembers everything .surprised that she is a psychiatrist.shocking that Neil is her patient.sad that zoya refused to meet adi.why she hates him?why meher wants to avenge abeer?meher as his CEO is cool

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks for commenting ,And u will come to know the answers of ur questions soon

  2. Nice ff Shia.. happy to see an intriguing story…

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