Neil Khanna:The most handsome hunk of Stuyvesant High School New York,is currently studying in class 10th.Has a witty nature ,aspires to become a singer,is a playboy,flirts with almost every girl.

Avni Ayesha:(Avni’s past is same but Dayawanti ,Ketan And Diksha were arrested by police and Hetal committed a sucide So Avni lives with ,Reha and Neela,and Ali .Aman is dead,he was not able to survive for much days after being born)The most beautiful girl at Stuyvesant high school New York,but she hates the feeling love but Has some feelings for”someone “.Is a student of class 10.Aspires to become a writer.


Vidhyut R:Avni’s friend,study’s in class 10 at Stuyvesant high school New York.


Juhi:Avni’s best friend.Study’s in class 10 at Stuyvesant high school New York.

Reha:Avni’s cousin .Study’s in class 10 at Stuyvesant high school New York.

Ali :Reha’s boyfriend and Avni’s childhood friend .Studys in class 10 at Stuyvesant high school New York.

Mitali:Neil’s friend.Study’s in class 10 at Stuyvesant high school New York.

Aakash Singhania:Mitali ‘s boyfriend and Neil’s cousin.Studys’s in class 10 at Stuyvesant high school New York.


DD/Dev Deshmukh:Neil’s bestie.And Mitali’s brother.Study’s in class 10 at Stuyvesant high New York.

Sunehri:DD ‘s Girlfriend and Avni’s friend,Study’s in class 10 at Stuyvesant high school New York.

Neela Pareikh:Avni’s stepmother And a business tycoon.Is currently in New York.

Harleen Khanna:Neil’s paternal grandmother.Is currently in New York.

Prakash Khanna:Neil’s father and a business tycoon.Is currently in New York.

Shweta Khanna:Neil’s Mother.Is currently in New York.


From childhood Avni wanted a happy family but soon she realised she will never get one ,at the age when children don’t even know the meaning of illegitimate,she was tagged with the title “The illegitimate daughter of Ashish Mehta and Ayesha Haider”

She saw her father getting married to another woman in front of her eyes the woman whom she thought to be her bestie and indeed Neela Pareikh was her bestie ,her mentor and her stepmother who was going to love Avni more than anything else in the whole world,Then came the major shockes of her life ,she saw her birth mother dying in front of her eyes,she saw her newborn brother dying in front of her eyes ,and then her father got her arrested thinking that she was the murderer of her mother ,and then Dayawanti Mehta her grandmother shot her father as he got to know the truth and then she shot her but hopefully Neela Pareikh saved her and helped her get justice,though she even got justice according to the laws but these incidents left her broken,so much broken that she started thinking that’s love makes people weak it destroys them but she didn’t knew that the role of love was far more than over in her life ,she didn’t knew that 2 Prince Charmings will enter her life the first one would break her again and the second one would first mend her and then love her more than his life ,so let’s see what happens next.

Hey guys I hope you all liked the intro and the prologue,I already posted the introduction yesterday but I wanted to add some characters and make some changes so I’m posting it again with the prologue and yeah tell me in the comments section wether you all liked the introduction and the prologue .And ya I know that the pics don’t match with the ages of the characters and Avni,Neil,Vidhyut,Juhi,Mitali,Aakash,DD,Sunehri Ali and Reha are 15 years old and the year is 2006.And have a great evening and take care.Bye.


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    Oops I didn’t upload DD’s pic,he’s jahan Arora,the one who was in the serial

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    Its ok ma’am
    Happy to hear that you are starting with a new avneil ff
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