Kismat mein tha, tabhi toh yun mil gaye – Ishkara OS

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She got down from the train, this was her first step into this big town and into this new life she had chosen.

Ishana (to herself): This is your new life Ishu, you must make most of this chance you have got.

She didn’t know where she was going, what she would do or what would happen in her life. But when she had boarded the train, she had made up her mind that no matter what happened, she would not look back and work hard to achieve what she had dreamt for herself.
She picked up her bag and started walking towards the exit, how much different Mumbai was from Dehra Dun, it was over crowded and noisy completely opposite from calm and beautiful Dehra Dun.
She was walking lost in the tall skyscrapers of Mumbai, that she didn’t notice someone was coming from the opposite side, she bumped into him, before she could fall, he held her hand and they looked at each other, their eyes met.

(“Akhia de kol,
Reh jaane de,
Kehna hai jo,
Keh jaane de,
Tere khayalon mein bite yeh raatein,
Dil mera mange yehi dua,
Tu samne ho aur karu main baatein,
Lamha rahe yun thehra hua,
Pehle toh kabhi yun,
Mujhko na aisa kuch hua,
Deewangi lehron ko jaise,
Sahil mila,
O… Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga,
Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga….” Plays in BG)

They realized that they were standing in the middle of the road. He made her stand properly, and she freed her hand.

Ishana: I am sorry, I didn’t see you.
Man: It’s okay, even I was in a hurry. (He noticed that something was wrong with her) Are you fine? You look worried.
Ishana: I am fine and thank you.

She picked up her bag and walked away. He turned around and looked at her retreating figure. He walked ahead. She turned back and looked at him going away.

Ishana: Where will I go? I have come so far but what now.

She didn’t know where to go in this new city. She decided to sit in the park nearby till she could think of anything.
Hours had passed, Ishana didn’t know what to do, it was getting darker and she was feeling scared. She was thinking when she felt someone coming towards her, she didn’t turn around but she could feel the person getting closer, she then felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned around and was about to hit the person, when he stopped her and she looked at those magical eyes again, she remembered he was the same person she had bumped into this morning,

Ishana: You, what are you doing here? Are you following me? Dare you come near me, you don’t know what I can do?
Man: Relax, how much do you talk? Firstly, I am not following you, I saw you sitting here alone, that’s why I came. You should go home, it’s not safe to stay here now.
Ishana: I’ll go home. You go to your home.
Man: I’ll go but you also should leave.

He kept looking at her,

Ishana: Why are you staring at me?
Man: I am waiting for you to go. So, that I can also leave.
Ishana: You can leave. No need to wait for me.
Man: As you say.

Saying so he left. Ishana wanted to stop him but didn’t do anything.

Ishana: Now where will I go?

She sat back on the bench with her face covered with her hands.

Voice: I can help you.

She looked up and saw him again, standing in front of her.

Ishana: I am…
Man: Please don’t say I am fine. I know you are not fine.

Ishana looked at him in surprise, how did he know.

Ishana: I am new here. I don’t know anyone nor do I have any place to go to.
Man: You can stay at my house.
Ishana: Your house? How can I…. I don’t know you.
Man: Oh sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. (He extended his hand) I am Omkara, you can call me Om.
Ishana (shook his hand): Ishana, I am Ishana.
Omkara: See, it’s unsafe for you here. Trust me. Let’s go.

He extended his hand towards her, Ishana looked at his hand and then at him, he smiled at her, her heart said that he was genuinely helping her, she placed her hand in his hand.
They walked towards his car. They sat in and Om started driving.

In the car,

Omkara: So Ishana, where have you come from?
Ishana: Dehra Dun, I used to stay there.
Omkara: Dehra Dun, that’s nice. It’s such a beautiful place.
Ishana: It is.
Omkara: I know we have just met today and I shouldn’t ask you about your personal life. But still, can I know about your parents? Why did you come to an unknown city alone?

Ishana looked at him, a tear escaped her eyes, but she quickly wiped it away, Om noticed this but didn’t say anything,

Ishana: I don’t want to talk about it. You are helping me and I am thankful for that, but please don’t ask me anything.
Omkara: I am sorry, I didn’t intent to hurt you.
Ishana: It’s okay.

They talked for some time till they reached outside a big mansion. They got down, Ishana was mesmerized seeing the beautiful mansion.

Ishana: This is your house. It’s so beautiful, I have never seen anything like this before.

She was looking at the house with so much appreciation, Om was looking at her, he was smiling at her antics as she was busy admiring the house.

Omkara: This house is more beautiful when you go in. So, shall we?

Ishana nodded. Om showed her the way.
They both entered. Om’s family was surprised to see him with a girl. They both entered together. They were looking at him with eagerness.

Lady: Om, who is she?

Omkara: Mom, she is Ishana, my friend and Ishana, this is my family.

Om introduced Ishana to his family members one by one.

Omkara: Ishana, she is my Dadi, my mom-dad, choti maa-chote papa, my brothers Shivaay-Rudra and my Bhabhi Anika.

She greeted everyone and took blessings from all elders. They were impressed by her manners.

Anika: Ishana, you are Om’s friend, so please consider this as your home and don’t hesitate.

Ishana smiled as she felt better after a long time.

Pinky: Anika, take Ishana to her room. Ishana, you freshen up. We’ll have dinner together.

Ishana nodded and followed Anika.

Guest room,

Anika: This is your room. You freshen up and come down. I’ll get dinner ready.
Ishana: Thank you so much.
Anika: No need to say thanks.

Anika smiled at her and left.

Ishana: They are so nice. They didn’t ask me anything and allowed me to stay here in their house. I hope that I soon find some place for me, I can’t depend on them completely.

Living room,

Shivaay: Om, who is she? She isn’t your friend, because if she was, we would have known.
Omkara: Shivaay…. (he tells everybody about Ishana)
Shivaay: Om, how can you get any stranger to our home like this? What if she is not what you think she is? Maybe she is here to take advantage of us.
Anika: Shivaay, what are you saying? She was in a problem and Om helped her. You think too much.
Jhanvi: Anika is right. Shivaay, you are thinking too much.
Pinky: She looks like a nice girl. I don’t think she has any intentions against us.
Rudra: She is coming down, let’s stop this discussion.
Dadi: Ishana, come, sit here.

Ishana quietly sat down besides Om,

Pinky: Ishana, where have you come from?
Ishana: Aunty, wo….
Omkara (interrupts): She is from Dehra Dun, Choti maa.

Ishana and others look surprised at him. They smile while ishana just stared at him.

Rudra: Ishana didi, why did you come to Mumbai? You also want to become an actor?
Ishana: Rudra, wo….
Omkara (again interrupts): Nothing like that, she came here for work.

They all look at him in utter surprise. Everyone except for Ishana starts laughing, Om looks at them confused.

Omkara: Why are you all laughing like this?
Anika: Dekh rahe hai, that you know so much about her that you are not letting her speak only.

Om then realized what he was doing,

Omkara: Nothing like that Bhabhi, I was just….
Shivaay: It’s okay Om, we all understood.

Om and Ishana get up together, all look at them surprised,

Dadi: What happened to you both?

Om-Ishana (together): Dadi, I must make a call, I’ll come.

The family starts laughing and they look at each other shocked.

Pinky: Go, go, make your calls.

They both run away from there while the family enjoys their situation.

Jhanvi: I think there is some connection between them.
Pinky: Destiny made them meet each other, there is something.
Shivaay: You all are thinking too much. They just met each other today, and what is this destiny and all.
Anika: You leave it Shivaay, you won’t understand. Two people don’t meet just like that. There is something special in these two.

At night,

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting near the window,

Ishana: Mumma-Papa must have known by now that I ran away. What would they be thinking about me? I should have talked to them once. Would they understand my decision, will they understand why their daughter ran away from her own marriage? Will they ever forgive me? Will I ever meet them again?

Tears start flowing from her eyes. She wipes her tears and decides to have a walk outside, as she wasn’t used to staying in such big house, she thought it was better she was out for some time.
She was walking in the corridor when she saw a door open, she looked inside and saw a beautiful painting, she entered and saw many more paintings, she was mesmerized seeing such beautiful paintings.
She then walked towards a painting, it had two eyes painted, she touched those eyes,

Ishana: These eyes are so beautiful yet they feel empty, they have so much of longing and sadness in them.

Voice: First time someone has understood my paintings with so much depth.

Ishana turned around and saw Om standing near the door,

Ishana: I am sorry, I didn’t know it was your room, I didn’t intent to disturb you.
Omkara: Relax, it’s okay.
Ishana: You are a good artist and your paintings potray emotions beautifully.
Omkara: Thank you. But how did you know that these eyes have sadness and longing? No one usually understands my paintings unless I tell them.
Ishana: I don’t know, I just felt it (A tear escapes from her eyes, she quickly wipes it) I should leave, it’s late, you must sleep.

Ishana is about to go but Om holds her hand, she looks at him surprised, he also looks at her, they are lost in each other’s eyes,

(“Baadlon mein ghul naa jaye
Hain jo nagme thehre thehre
Do dilo mein jazb kar le
Saare jazbe gehre gehre
Kal kya pata mile Na mile
Nazdeekiyan O Saathiya
Kal kya pata mile Na mile
Nazdeekiyan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya…….” Plays in BG)

Ishana moves her gaze away, Om realizes what he did and leaves Ishana’s hand,

Omkara: I am sorry, I didn’t mean to…
Ishana: It’s okay.

She leaves.

Omkara (thinking): What was I doing? Why did I hold her hand like that? Why didn’t I want her to go?

On the other side,

Ishana (thinking): Why did he stop me? Why didn’t he let me go? Why was I looking at him like that? Shut up Ishu…. Don’t think so much…. Remember why you came here…. You should find a job and a place for you…. You cannot depend on them forever.

Days passed, Ishana had found a job in Oberoi office with Shivaay and Om’s help, she was adjusting to her new life. Om and Ishana had become good friends with time and the Oberois including Shivaay were growing fond of her. In a short time, she had become a part of their family.

In the market,

Ishana and Anika had come for shopping, Anika was busy buying something, Ishana was helping her, as Anika was busy, Ishana was looking around when she saw someone and her expressions changed to fear and shock, she couldn’t believe her eyes,

Ishana: Anika, I think we should go.
Anika: Ishana but I need to buy few more things…

Before Anika could say anything, Ishana held her hand and took her away. Anika was shocked by Ishana’s behaviour, she didn’t understand why Ishana was behaving like this.

Oberoi Mansion,

Ishana and Anika reach. Ishana was still afraid and shocked, the man’s face was replaying in her mind,

Anika: Ishana…

Before Anika could say anything Ishana walked away to her room. Om saw her and called her but Ishana didn’t listen, she just walked away.

Omkara: Bhabhi, what happened to her?
Anika: I don’t know Om, we were at the market, suddenly she said that we should go back, I tried asking her but she didn’t say anything and brought me back. She was afraid and shocked as if she saw something. I am worried for her.
Omkara: I’ll talk to her, Bhabhi, you don’t worry.

Om walked to Ishana’s room, the door was open, he entered and saw Ishana crying sitting near the bed, he was shocked and immediately went to her,

Omkara: Ishana, what happened?

Ishana hugged Om tightly and started crying badly. Om didn’t know what to say, he just caressed her back.

(“O Saathiya……….” Plays in BG)

After some time Ishana stopped crying and moved away from Om, she wiped her tears, got up and looked away from Om,

Ishana: Sorry I didn’t mean to…
Omkara: What happened Ishana, why were you crying like that?
Ishana: Nothing, I was just missing my family.
Omkara: You think I’ll believe this excuse.
Ishana: It’s your wish, believe it or not.

Ishana is about to go but Om holds her hand and pulls her back, he then pins her to the wall, Ishana looks at him shocked by his behaviour, she looks at his eyes, something was different today,

Ishana: Om, leave me, let me go.
Omkara: No I won’t go, not today. I gave you enough time and space, but now it’s enough. You need to tell me everything, why you came here away from your family, why you came from the market like this and why were you crying like this?
Ishana: I don’t want to talk about anything.
Omkara: No… You must tell me…. I need to know (His voice was firm, he demanded her to answer his questions)
Ishana: Why, why should I tell you? Who are you, and why do you care? It’s my life and my problems, I’ll handle it. You don’t have to worry about them. I know you have helped me a lot and I am thankful for that but don’t try to become a part of my life.

Om looked at her shocked, they looked at each other,

(“Baadlon mein ghul naa jaye
Hain jo nagme thehre thehre
Do dilo mein jazb kar le
Saare jazbe gehre gehre
Kal kya pata mile Na mile
Nazdeekiyan O Saathiya
Kal kya pata mile Na mile
Nazdeekiyan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya…….” Plays in BG)

But Om was not going to let it go today, he left her and locked the door from inside, Ishana looked on surprised,

Ishana: What are you doing?
Omkara: You won’t leave this room until and unless you tell me everything, I mean it.
Ishana: You cannot do this.
Omkara: I can do much more.
Ishana: I am going.

Ishana goes towards the door, before she could open it, Om pulls her back and pulls her closer to him,

Omkara: Tell me Ishana.

Ishana could see it in his eyes, he wasn’t going to let it go,
Ishana freed herself and pushed him away,

Ishana: What do you want to know? Tell me, what do you want to know? (Om was shocked by her sudden outburst) You want to know why I came to an unknown city, why I didn’t have a place to go to…. Then listen…. I came here because I ran away from my wedding…. (Om looked at her shocked) …. I left everything and ran away…. I didn’t want to marry the man my parents had chosen for me…. I didn’t want to get married…. I wanted to do something in life…. I wanted to become someone…. I couldn’t live in four walls trapped being someone’s wife…. Someone who didn’t care about me or my dreams… someone who didn’t care for my feelings…. I tried many times to tell mumma-papa…. Tell them that I wasn’t happy but they never understood…. They thought all I needed was a husband who could buy me anything with his money…. I had no other option then to run away…. Away from everything…. To a place, they would never find me…. (She wipes her tears) And today…. I saw him… I saw the man I was going to marry…. If he found me… he would take me back…. Back to life that would be no less than hell…. He would not spare me… he would punish me…. And even my mumma-papa would not say anything…. They’ll let their daughter suffer because they’ll think it was her mistake…. She should have married that monster whom they thought was a perfect master to tame their daughter…. I don’t want to go there…. If I go, they’ll kill me…. They won’t think twice before shooting me…. I don’t want to…. (she sits down crying)

Om was shocked after hearing Ishana, he couldn’t react, he thought about how much she had suffered and what she was going through, he slowly walked to her and sat in front of her, he lifted her face and looked at her painful eyes, he hugged her tightly and she hugged him back,

Omkara: Nothing will happen to you, I won’t let anything happen to you. Till I am there, nothing and no one from your past can come near you.

Ishana looked at him surprised. He wiped her tears and made her drink water.

Omkara: You should rest. I’ll come after sometime.

Ishana nodded and Om left.

Om’s room,

Om had called everybody.

Shivaay: What happened Om? Why have you called us here?
Jhanvi: Om, you look worried, what is the matter?
Anika: It is about Ishana, right?
Omkara: Yes Bhabhi.
Pinky: Ishana, what about her?

Anika tells everybody about the market incident.

Rudra: Why did Ishana Di react like that?
Omkara: I’ll tell you…. (He tells them everything)
Jhanvi: I cannot believe this. She suffered so much.
Pinky: Bechari bachchi, how much she had to face.
Anika: How can her parents be like this?

Shivaay looked at Om, who was thinking about something,

Shivaay: Om, what are you thinking about?
Omkara: I am going to take Ishana back to Dehra Dun (All are shocked hearing this) She cannot keep running like this, she must face her past if she wants to have a peaceful future. She cannot live with the fear of her past coming to her.
Shivaay: Om, are you mad? This will only make things worse. She is with us, she doesn’t have to think about her past chasing her. We’ll keep her safe.
Omkara: No Shivaay, we cannot keep her safe like this. She has fight her problems.
Anika: But Om, it’s not safe for her to go back, what if that man does anything to her?
Omkara: Nothing will happen to her, I won’t let anything happen to her.
Shivaay: I’ll also come with you.
Rudra: Me too.
Omkara: No, you both cannot come there. I’ll handle everything.
Shivaay: If you want to go, you’ll have to take us with you or no one is going anywhere.
Omkara: Okay.
Pinky: I know my sons will make everything fine.
Jhanvi: Go and make everything fine.
Shivaay: I’ll make arrangements for us to go, we’ll leave tomorrow.
Omkara: I’ll inform Ishana.

He leaves.

Anika: He loves her a lot.
Shivaay: I know, he may not say it but we all know.
Pinky: God, make everything fine and keep our children happy.

They all leave.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting on the bed, Om comes in and she looks at him,

Omkara: Get your bag ready, we are going to Dehra Dun.
Ishana (shocked): What, are you out of your mind? I told you how dangerous it is to go there and you want to go there?
Omkara: Don’t worry, you are not alone. I am with you. You cannot keep running from your past like this, you must face it, you need to fight it otherwise it’ll always haunt you.
Ishana: Om…
Omkara: Do you trust me?
Ishana: I do.
Omkara: Then don’t think much and get ready, we are leaving tomorrow.

Ishana nodded and Om left.

Ishana: Why are you doing this Om? Why are you making things hard for me? The more I try to be away from you, the more you come near me? This is dangerous, why are you willing to risk your life for me? I cannot let anything happen to you. I cannot, this is my problem and I’ll deal with it.

Somewhere in Dehra Dun,

A house is shown, there was a small garden in front of the house, a man is seen sitting reading the newspaper and a lady is seen sitting beside him,

Voice: Mumma-papa…

The man and lady looked up and are shocked to see Ishana,
(Ishana’s parents Sudhir and Sumitra Verma)

Sudhir: Sumitra, tell her to leave. I don’t want to see her face.

Ishana had tears in her eyes,

Ishana: Papa, I am sorry, please forgive me.
Sumitra: Why have you come here? You have ashamed us a lot, now don’t make us do things we don’t want to do. Leave.

They both are about to go in but Ishana holds their hands,

Ishana: I am sorry, mumma-papa, please forgive me, I’ll bear any punishment you give me. I promise I won’t ever do anything like this.
Voice: They won’t give you any punishment, I’ll punish you.

Ishana turns around and sees the man, the same man she had seen in the market, her fiancé, whom she had left and had run away from, he had anger and hatred clearly reflecting in his eyes, Ishana gulped down her fear and looked at the monster, who could do anything to her, he would kill her with his tortures and make her suffer like hell,

Sudhir: Naman, beta, you here.

Naman: Haa, papa, I thought to check upon you guys. I didn’t know I would get such a pleasant surprise.

He starts walking towards Ishana, she clenched her dupatta tightly and was ready to face her worst nightmare, he held her hand firmly, and moved his finger over her face, she wanted to run away, away from his touch but she stayed there, she let him touch her, she felt disgusted but kept quiet, he then slapped her hard, Ishana fell to the ground, her parents were shocked but stayed back, blood came from her mouth, tears were flowing from her eyes, she kept quiet, he then held her by her hair, she felt pain, terrible pain but didn’t utter a word, he dragged her to the centre of the garden and pushed her.

Ishana was about to fall when two arms held her, she was surprised and looked up, she was shocked to see Om, his eyes showed how much it hurt him to see her like this, tears were flowing from her eyes, he made her stand properly,

Naman: Acha, so he is the one, for him, you left me and ran away. Dekha, papa, look at your daughter’s great deeds. I won’t spare her (he walked towards Ishana and was about to hit her but Om held his hand) How dare you?

Omkara pushed Naman away,

Omkara: Dare you come near Ishana, I won’t leave you. If anyone tries to hurt her, I won’t leave that person.

Ishana looked at him with tears.
Om punched Naman hard, he fell to the ground, Naman was angrier, he punched Om, who moved back, they were having an intense fight. Ishana was getting worried, she knew how dangerous Naman could get if he got angry, she prayed to God to keep Om safe. They stopped fighting when they heard a bullet fired, all looked in the direction of the sound.
A man, a little older to Naman was standing with a gun, from his physical similarity, one could say that he was Naman’s elder brother, Naman smiled seeing him while Ishana and her parents were afraid, and Om looked on.
The man walked towards them,

Naman: Vikram Bhaiya, it’s good you came, now these two will get their punishment.

Vikram looked at Om,

Vikram: So, you are the one who took away my brother’s would be wife. You did a grave mistake, and you’ll pay for it.

He points the gun at Om, Ishana is shocked, Vikram is about to pull the trigger but Ishana shouts,

Ishana: No…. Please don’t do this…. (She falls at Vikram’s feet, Naman is happy while Om is shocked) Please don’t kill him…. Please don’t…. I didn’t run away with him…. He has nothing to do with this…. Please let him go…. I’ll marry your brother…. I promise I won’t repeat my mistake….

Om is shocked hearing this, while Vikram and Naman smirk,

Naman: Now you understood, never do anything against us, this time I forgive you but next time I won’t.
Omkara: Ishana, what are you saying? You cannot marry him, I won’t let that happen.
Ishana: Why, who are you to decide whom should I marry? I’ll marry Naman, and that’s final. You go away from here.
Omkara: Ishana, are you out of your mind? You know how much you’ll suffer because of this decision, I am not going to let you do anything like this.
Vikram: Shut up you, she saved your life, say thanks and get out of here, otherwise your family won’t see you again.

Omkara doesn’t pay attention to his threats, and looks at Ishana,

Ishana: I think you did not hear what he said, get out of here while you still can.
Omkara: I will go, I will go but not without you.

All of them look at him, Ishana is shocked, Om holds Ishana’s hand, Naman and Vikram are furious, he takes her outside, others follow him, Ishana looks at him, he takes her to a small temple outside the house, they look on, he lifts the sindoor from the temple, and before anyone could stop him, Om fills the sindoor in Ishana’s hairline, Ishana and her parents are shocked, while Naman and Vikram are enraged.
Ishana’s eyes fill with tears, she touches her hairline, she sees the sindoor, and looks at Om,

(“O Saathiya….” Plays in BG)

Naman: How dare you?

Before Naman could walk ahead, someone holds him, he looks at the man, he is none other than Rudra, Shivaay also comes there and holds Vikram, Ishana’s parents look at them surprised,

Shivaay: Your game is over now, now Shivaay Singh Oberoi will make his moves.

He punches Vikram while Rudra hits Naman. Others look at their fight. Shivaay and Rudra beat Naman and Vikram and tie them with ropes.
The police also come there.

Shivaay: Inspector, arrest them and take good care of them.
Inspector: Don’t worry Sir, we’ll give them our best treatment.

The police take Naman and Vikram away.

Shivaay: Om, are you okay?
Omkara: Don’t worry Shivaay, I am fine.
Sudhir: Ishana…. (He folds his hand and falls in front of her) I know whatever I did, it is not worth your forgiveness, but still forgive me beta. As your father, I should have saved you from all this but instead I became the reason for your suffering (he starts crying)
Ishana: Papa, please don’t say like this, please.

She hugs her parents.
The Oberoi brothers smile looking at them.

Sudhir (walks towards Om): Thank you so much beta, you saved my daughter’s life.
Omkara: Uncle, please don’t say like that. I did what was correct.

Om looks at Ishana, he walks to her,

Omkara: I am sorry Ishana, I know what I did is wrong, I shouldn’t have done this. But I couldn’t see you destroy your life. I had told you, till I am there, I won’t let anything happen to you, then why did you come here alone. Didn’t you trust me?
Ishana: I trust you more than myself Om. But I didn’t want you to suffer because of me.
Omkara: And you thought I would not suffer if you left me. Ishana…. I love you and I cannot live without you.

Ishana looks at him surprised,
Ishana: Om…. I love you too.

They hug each other. All of them are happy seeing them.

Destiny, it plays an important role in our lives. Destiny brought Om and Ishana together and destiny made their love complete. You never know, when and how, you will get encountered with love. Destiny has her own plans for you.

Keep reading and smiling!!!

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