Kismat Konnection.. Piansh FF (Inrto) by Sana

Elwww evryone..em sana n i am going to write a ff on our favourite show nazar..i used to write ff for my fav couple kanchi but from now i will write for nazar..i hope u will like it..lets start the intro

Ansh rathod (malelead):young,handsome respinsible bussinessman..he is just like coconut..hard from outside n soft from inside..he does not like people who run from their work n responsibilities

piya verma(female lead):cute,simple,bubbly girl who lives her life to the fullest..enjoy every moment of life..

vadeshree rathod:mother of ansh..simple n decent women..luvs her son a lot

shekher rathod:father of ansh..owner of rathod bussiness..proud of his son

avinash rathod:uncle of ansh

chaitali rathod:aunt of aunt..treat ansh like her own daughters

saavi rathod:daughter of avinash and chaitali..simple n lovable girl

neha rathod:elder daughter of avinash and chaitali..lvs her family a lot n helps ansh in bussiness

mohana verma:mother of piya..middle class women who raised her daughter n son alone

rishi verma:elder brother of piya n son of mohana..he lvs piya more than anything n can do anything for her sister’s happiness

nishant sharma:professor n father of piya n kajal

divya sharma:mother of piya n kajal

kajal sharma:cute n innocent girl..sister of piya

ruby mishra:modern n hot girl who luvs in ansh’s office

so here was the intro..i know u people might be confused that how mohana n divya both can be mother of let me tell u..when piya was 5 years old n kajal was 3 years old..sharma family went through an accident in which piya fell from a cliff..they thought that piya is dead but mohana saved her n treated her like her own daughter..piya is unaware from this truth n rishi also…so how was this..will post the first part after 14 as my exams will end on 14..if u people want any change in story or do not want me to write this..than tell me..till than tata..take care



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  1. Ooshi

    Happy that U r writing ff on our Piansh
    Nice start keep it up

  2. All the best for the exams.

    Can’t wait to read the story.

  3. Loved 2 see ff of piansh just want that saavi and kajal should interchange their place saavi should come in place of kajal rest r good exellent intro

  4. exchange the place of kajal with saavi rest is good exellent

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