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Taneja mansion

Raghav: Kunal! Did you got any mail form Sarna’s

Kunal: No Dad! We are waiting for the mail. Our teams will enquire regarding the deal within a day or two.

Raghav: Take care beta. And twinkle! What about your job plans?

Twinkle: Papa! I have given my resume to some textile companies, just waiting for the interview call.

Leela: Don’t get tensed. You will get success.

Sarna mansion

Usha: Kunj beta! Alisha wants to meet her friends. Drop her and pick her up on your way.

Alisha (whispering to usha): Thank you, aunty

Usha gives thumbs-up to Alisha.

Kunj: Ji ma! Alisha gets ready. I let’s leave in half an hour.

Alisha: OK.

Kunj and Alisha left from sarna mansion.

At the afternoon, twinkle, chinki, and ankit went to their regular adda. There Alisha came with her friends. Twinkle took the order and coming to her table. Due to Alisha’s mistake coffee got spilled on Alisha’s dress:

Alisha: What the hell is this. Can’t you see?

Twinkle: I am sorry.

Alisha: What is this, you know how is my dress is? You middle-class people, never change.

Chinki interrupts: Oh hello! Mind your tongue ok. It’s not her mistake. Even though she is apologizing.

Twinkle: Chinki! Leave it yaar. I am sorry by her side.

Twinkle: Chinki, please..

Chinki:  Are twinkle, it’s not your mistake, why are you bearing her.

Twinkle: Its ok chinki! If we apologize, it’s not like that we are inferior to them. It’s just not to elongate the matter and cut off. Let’s leave.

While the drama is going on, Kunj enters the café

Kunj: Hey Alisha! What’s happening?

Alisha: See Kunj! This middle-class girl spoiled my dress.

Kunj: who is this girl. Just not to elongate the discussion, she just cut it off. Wow, this type of girl will keep the family together.

Alisha: Shit my plans got ruined. Let’s go home Kunj.

Kunj: hmm. Come

On the way, Alisha was speaking like a chatterbox, but Kunj is lost somewhere (thinking about the girl)

Kunj: What a girl, who is she..?

Alisha: Kunj what you are thinking?

Kunj: Nothing.

After coming home, Alisha came to Usha and spoke about the thing that happened in the café. Usha and Alisha badmouthed twinkle and chinki.

Bebe: Leave it. Just think of the event as a bad dream and leave the matter.

Usha and Alisha: Hmmm

Kunj was thinking about twinkle and didn’t sleep well that night.

In twinkles room, twinkle speaking with chinki over the phone:

Chinki: You are over kind-hearted twinkle. Why did you leave her like that? You should have told her about your background.

Twinkle: it’s not like that Chinki. If she speaks about one’s class and status, it’s not like that we should also do the same. Then what is the difference between her and me? Ha, but one thing, I can bear anything for my family util one questions my character. Status and class do not matter to me. The thing that matters to me is my family, close friends, and most importantly my character.

Chinki: oho! No one can change you. Ok. Good night.

Twinkle: Good night.

There Kunj slept thinking about twinkle…

So, Kunj got me mesmerized with twinkles behavior, but he doesn’t know her name. Twinkle didn’t even notice Kunj…

don’t know when these two love birds will meet and how the love blossoms between them.

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