What kind of love is this? (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Hi it’s me again with Kabir’s birthday. Well actually this has just the beginning of the birthday so bear with me ok? Alright let’s start.

Previously on “what kind of love is this”

They thought others were sleeping but they were wrong. Three girls were watching them from a window. That was Riya, Madhu & Bala.

“Riya now you have lost Dr. Kabir. Your plan to make him hate Sanchi backfired. Now they got even more close” said Madhu.

“Haa Riya even Dr. Kabir called her using only her first name. He doesn’t call you like that. That means he is closer to her. I won’t be surprised if she start to call him just Kabir” said Bala.

Today we start from there


Kabir carried Sanchi to her room door and they both bid each other good night. Sanchi went inside. Isha & Pragya were still awake.

“Lo maharaani aagai” said Pragya

“Sanchi why are you so late? Kabir sir and you came before us. What happened?” Isha asked.

“Tumari hottie took me for dinner ???” Sanchi said blushing.

“??? KYAAA…..? Kyuuu? My hottie cheated on me with my best friend ??? I hate you hottie. Now I don’t have any reason to live ???” Isha dramatically fainted.
All of them burst in to laughter.

“Lekin yaar why did uss khadoos took you to dinner?” Isha asked again.

She explained to them why and said “Kabir isn’t that bad. He just try to act like he doesn’t care but he’s really caring and nice ???”

Isha elbowed Pragya and both said “Kabir?” together.

“He asked me to call him that” Sanchi said with a it’s no big deal expression and went to sleep.

“Abae ooo I’ll tell you something. One day we’ll get to call him not Kabir sir, but Kabir jiju” said Pragya to Isha and both went to sleep.

Well now few days have passed and all the interns had another exam. Now they’re waiting for Kabir to come and announce the results.

“Yaar I really pray to god miss Golgappa, you’ll get the highest marks and not me” said Veer.

“Kyu Veer don’t you want to be Dr. Kabir’s assistant?” Sanchi asked while laughing.

“Tumhara dimaag karab ho gai hai kya? If I become his assistant, uss khadoos will make my life hell.” said Veer.

Suddenly all went silent. “Why are you all suddenly so silent? Oh no!! Oh shit!! Please don’t tell me he’s behind me” Veer panicked.

“You are absolutely correct Veer” Kabir replied from behind.

“Sanchi meri jaan!! Why did you do this to me? You knew he’s here when you asked me that question right?” Veer started to whine.

Sanchi just laughed in return.

“Alright guys settle down. Let’s see your results. I’m happy to see all of you have scored good marks but as you know the one who scored highest marks will be my assistant and the one who got second highest will be the head intern” while Kabir was explaining Riya was beaming on her seat thinking she will be his assistant.

“Ok now our head intern will be just as last time Dr. Veer Malhothra and the one who scored highest marks and earned the position being my assistant is Dr. Sanchi Mishra” Kabir announced.

Just as Riya was about to stand up she froze hearing Sanchi’s name. Both Veer and Sanchi went to the front.

“Looks like god listened to your prayers Veer” Kabir said while wishing him.

“You’re absolutely correct sir” Veer said copying Kabir’s previous statement ???.

Kabir asked Sanchi to come to his office and told her ” from today your desk will be that” pointing a desk ” you can arrange it as you like but tell your friends not to come here to gossip with you”

“Thank you sir it’s nice. And don’t worry my friends won’t come here to gossip coz they are “Doctors”, you know the people who treat other’s sicknesses ???” Sanchi said teasingly.

“Very funny hmph ?” said Kabir and went to his desk.

As Sanchi was laughing her phone started to ring. Caller ID says its Kusum, Kabir’s maa so she answered quickly.

“Namast-” she was cut off by Kusum.

“Beta listen to me carefully I want your help with something. Will you help me?”

“Haa zaruur kyu nahi?” -Sanchi

“Ok first tell me are you near Kabir?” -Kusum

“Haa-” Sanchi said eyeing Kabir discreetly.

“Then go to some place where he can’t hear you” -Kusum

“Ok. Sir I have to get some files of a patient, I’ll be right back” Sanchi fled from the room quickly.

**ajanak iss ko kya hua** Kabir wondered.

“Ok Aunty ji I came out” -Sanchi.

“Good now find your two friends Isha & Pragya, Veer and Garv” -Kusum

She found all of them and went to cafeteria. In the cafeteria there wasn’t anyone so she put the phone on speaker mode.

“Ok bachcho next 23rd is my gollu’s b’day. I want to give him a surprise party. For that I need all of your help. What do you say?” -Kusum

Now let’s fast forward to the b’day.
In the morning when Kabir went to his office Sanchi was no where to be seen.

“Hmm? Where’s Sanchi? Ever since she start working as my assistant she always come before me. Aaj ajanak kya hua?”he said to himself and asked ms Fernandez.

“Dr. Kabir, Sanchi came early morning to keep some files and went. She, Dr. Isha, Dr. Pragya,Dr. Garv and Dr. Veer took leave today” said ms Fernandez.

“Thank you ms Fernandez” thanked Kabir. Kabir was thinking **something’s fishy. Why would all the trouble makers take leave today? ??? hmm? What’s that on my desk?**.

He saw a black box wrapped with a beautiful red ribbon on his desk. He took it and saw a note attached to it. It says “Happy Birthday!!” on one side and on the other side it says “Guess Who?”. Seeing this brought a smile ??? to his face and said “Sanchi, ye pagal ladki” to himself.

Then he unwrapped the box and opened to see another note inside it saying “it’s not much, but hope you’ll like it”. There was a beautiful watch. It was a charm silver watch, not an expensive one but it made him happy. He immediately removed the watch he was wearing and wore the new one.

Around 6.00 pm he went home.

……….at Kabir’s house……….

Kabir entered the house calling “maa”. Sanchi, Isha,Pragya & Garv who were making some preparations froze hearing his voice.

“What the???? what are you people doing in my house?” he questioned.

Then Veer came screaming “Kabir sir’s car’s here but he’s nowhere to be seen” he froze when he saw Kabir inside.

“Really Veer? You were supposed to tell us before he come inside not after” scolded Sanchi.

“Now would you tell me what are you guys doing here?” asked Kabir again. Then all wished him happy birthday.

“So this was your idea Veer!” Kabir asked while pulling Veer’e ear ???.

“Ow ow ow bhai, yeh miss Golgappa ki idea. let go of my ear!!” screamed Veer.

“Veeeeerrrrrr!!!! No no not mine. It was Aunty ka idea” saying Sanchi ran and hid behind Kusum.

“Haa gollu it’s my idea, so you can’t blame them” said Kusum.

“Maa aap bhi na???, what’s the need for this?” asked Kabir.

“Why not? You always work on your b’day. So today we’re celebrating” said Kusum.

Then they heard door bell ring. “Ab kuan?” asked Kabir but everyone was clueless and Kusum went to open the door.

“Pranam Aunty ji” they heard from the door.

“Gareebon ki super model?” Veer, Garv, Isha & Pragya all exclaimed together.

“Why’s she here? Who invited her?” asked Isha.

“Hey don’t look at me, you know I don’t get along with her well. So it wasn’t me. Veer did you invited her?” asked Sanchi.

“Are you mad Sanchi?” Veer replied back.

Kusum came to the hall with Riya. When she saw Kabir, she said “Happy Birthday Dr. Kabir” and hugged him.

Seeing this Sanchi suddenly felt a jolt in her heart. ??? **hey what’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like pulling Riya’s hair and throw her out? Ok there’s something defineatly wrong with me” even though Sanchi said in her mind she had a bitter expression.

Kabir stood there like a statue and said “thank you” and removed Riya from him.

“Oh what are you guys doing here?” Riya asked looking at Sanchi pointedly.

“Meri pyaaariii bahen Riya, we’re here to celebrate mera aur TUMARA, bade bhayiya ki birthday” said Veer emphasizing the word tumara.

The gang couldn’t contain their laughter ???.

While Sanchi went inside to bring the cake another guest had arrived. He’s Kabir’s best friend since high school, came from USA the day before. From tomorrow he’ll be working at SDCH too.


Ok that’s all for today. Thank you for suggesting a secret party Moonligh25, I changed it a bit coz Kabir doesn’t seem to be a party guy. So it’s more like a family gathering. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll make Sanchi a little jealous but it’s still the beginning so not much. Thank you very much for suggesting that to me Richa1496 and Niyaa. Ofcourse Niyaa yours and neera’s idea to make Kabir jealous by a friend of Sanchi, will be on the future.

Here I added Dev Khurana character coz I felt like Kabir too need a friend who he can share all his thoughts. Other doctors in the hospital are older than him so that’s why.

Again I invite all of you to comment and say whatever you like. I’ll try to update soon but what can I do? Students are the busiest people ??? so don’t be angry. Until next time ???

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