What kind of love is this? (Chapter 8)

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Chapter 8

Alright guy I came with the new chapter. I know it’s late but please don’t be angry ok ???? (puppy dog eyes)

First of all Happy Independence Day and Krishna Janmashtami to all my indian friends!!

I know I told you guys that I’ll add a birthday chapter but it’ll come next. It’ll be our Kabir’s b’day!! This will have some kanchi moments.

Please I request all the readers to comment and give me your ideas silent readers too. Your ideas inspire me.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions you gave me, for the fans who wanted Sanchi’s b’day I’ll do that maybe in the future? so now let’s go to the story.

Previously on “what kind of love is this?”

Kabir rushed to the store room and tried to open the door but it was locked. So he broke the door. He stopped dead on his tracks when he saw the state she was in. She was unconscious with a bleeding wound on her leg.

Today starts from there.


“SANCHI!!!!” Kabir ran to her. “Sanchi wake up!! Sanchi!” Kabir was trying to make Sanchi conscious.

Everyone gathered around the store room door watching the scene unfolding before them. They were so surprised to see their khadoos doctor panic this much. Most importantly they were shocked to hear him calling someone just by their name (means he called Sanchi not “Dr. Sanchi” ???)

Slowly Sanchi opened her eyes. “Sir? Oh I’m so sorry sir, i got stuck here. How was the operation? Is the patient ok?” Sanchi asked question after question.

“Sshh Sanchi calm down! Operation went fine, no need to worry. Now let’s get you outta here ok?” Kabir calmed Sanchi.

She nodded weakly. Kabir slowly and very gently lifted her like holding some fragile piece of art and went to the ward. Sanchi’s arms were wrapped around his neck while she was admiring his kindness in her mind. By the time they reach the ward, all people were loking confused seeing Kabir’s kindness and many photos ??? were clicked of this rare sight.

Kabir gently placed Sanchi on a bed and attended to her wound. “I’ll drop you to the hostal Sanchi, but you’ll have to use a wheelchair coz your wound will get worsened if you walk and put pressure” said Kabir.

“??? What???? a WHEELCHAIR????? Nooooo!!!! I am not gonna use a wheelchair” screamed Sanchi dramatically.

Then Kabir got annoyed and said “Chup karr jaansi ki raani, you have to use one. How else would you go wherever you want when you can’t walk? And I’m not giving you any leave”.

Pragya, Isha, Veer, Riya and few other nurses who were in the ward were watching this exchange with amused expressions. Riya was angry.

“??? Khadoos Hitler Kapoor” Sanchi murmured bitterly.

“Did you said something?” Kabir asked glaring at her.

“Lag gai lanka!! Now uss hitler won’t let her live” said Isha to others.

“Yes Dr. Kabir, I called you “Khadoos Hitler Kapoor” got a problem with that? ???” Sanchi said bravely.

“Abae yaar kasam se can’t this girl keep her mouth shut?” said Veer.

“Abae ooo tum nalayak ki baap stop stealing my words” said Pragya.

“Guys stop it let’s just see what kind of a death our beloved Sanchi will get” said Isha.

To everyone’s surprise Kabir asked with a gentle expression ??? “is this is your way of thanking someone who just treat you?”

“Hey!! You can’t blame me. First you were forcing me to use a wheelchair and then you called me a “jaansi ki raani”. You can call me names and I should stay quiet?” Replied Sanchi.

“Hmm ??? So you’re not gonna use the wheelchair then?” Kabir asked her for the last time.

“Mae nae kahadiya na I’m not gonna use it so why are you asking the same question again and again like a broken tape recorder?” Sanchi replied annoyed.

“Alright then don’t use it” said Kabir and lifted her again in his arms.

“Hey!! What are you doing??? Put me down!!” Sanchi started to complain.

“Chup!! Ek dham chup!!” Kabir carried Sanchi bridle style and made her sit in his car.

On the other hand our gang still couldn’t come out of the shock.
“Yaar seriously, I never thought Dr. Kabir would let it go if someone called him khadoos or hitler” said Isha.

“This is Sanchi yaar, he won’t spare anyone else like that. Probably give a week of record room duty for insulting a senior ???” said Pragya.

“Yeah even I agree with you yaar. Miss Golgappa and Dr. Khadoos got really close because of the extra lesson times they had for past few weeks. So Dr. Kabir might have got used to her crazy antics hai na meri pyaaariii bahen Riya ?????” asked Veer grinning at her. Riya went away fuming in anger ???.

“I bet my life she has something to do with Sanchi getting stuck in the store room” Isha said thoughtfully.

(Ok now let’s see what’s happening with our beloved couple ???)

During the whole journey Sanchi and Kabir were silent. Sanchi was so embarrassed coz Kabir carried her all the way to the car and Kabir was silent coz he wanted Sanchi to start a conversation. Then the car came to a stop.

Sanchi was about to get down but what she saw was an unfamiliar sight. “This isn’t the hostal. It’s a restaurant. Why are we here sir?” Sanchi questioned Kabir.

“??? we came here to greet the queen of England. Honestly Sanchi stop asking dumb questions. People goes to restaurants to eat what else?” Kabir was getting irritated.

“But I’m not hungry, so why-” she started to say but he cut her off.

“Who said I wanted you to have dinner? We came here coz I’m hungry and I’m not going anywhere without eating” said Kabir.

“But sir you could’ve come here after dropping me right?” Said Sanchi.

“Yeah but then I’ll have to eat alone. I don’t like to eat alone so here we are. You should either get down on your own or I’ll carry you inside” said Kabir teasingly ???.

That made her get out of the car without a problem.

They ordered food and just as food came Sanchi started to eat. Kabir stopped eating and kept staring at her. “You know it’s very rude to stare at someone when eating” said Sanchi.

“I know but you must be very hungry. You didn’t eat anything since morning. Why didn’t you say anything at the hospital?” Asked Kabir.

“How did you-” she was cut off again by him. “You were stuck in the store room the whole day. So it’s obvious you didn’t had anything. What would eat anyway? Different types of meds?”

Sanchi was touched by his kindness. **so he brought me here coz I didn’t had anything to eat all day ???. Yeh hitler bhi na, very strange person. Everyday I get to see a new side of him” thought Sanchi.

“Stop grinning like a fool and finish your meal” said Kabir with full attitude.

“And your are back to being the khadoos when I thought you are kind” said Sanchi shaking her head.

“I’m kind but not a lot. So don’t get used to it” came his reply.

“Anyway thank u sir for helping me and bringing me here” Sanchi said.

“Kabir” – Kabir

“What?” -Sanchi

“You should call me Kabir” he said.

“Alright thank you Kabir sir” said Sanchi dramatically.

Hearing that Kabir burst out laughing. “Sanchi, what I meant was you can call me Kabir not sir or Kabir sir. Just Kabir, like a friend we’re not in the hospital now” he added the last part so she won’t think he’s crazy.

“Ok Kabir sir” she blushed.

“Again sir?” Kabir asked.

“Alright Kabir shall we go now” said Sanchi blushing madly ???.

They went out without knowing Kabir’s maa kusum and her friends were watching them. They came for dinner too.

“That was your son right kusum?” One lady asked.

“Was it his girlfriend?” Another lady asked.

“She’s the one I hope one day my bahu will be” replied Kusum.

Kabir and Sanchi reached the hostal. Kabir got out quickly and came to help Sanchi. He lifted her in his arms again.

“Kabir, I can walk what if someone see us? They’ll think wrong” whined Sanchi.

“It’s late they must be sleeping. Now keep quiet” he silenced her and took her inside.

They thought others were sleeping but they were wrong. Three girls were watching them from a window. That was Riya, Madhu & Bala.

“Riya now you have lost Dr. Kabir. Your plan to make him hate Sanchi backfired. Now they got even more close” said Madhu.

“Haa Riya even Dr. Kabir called her using only her first name. He doesn’t call you like that. That means he is closer to her. I won’t be surprised if she start to call him just Kabir” said Bala.


That’s for today and the next chapter will be Kabir’s BIRTHDAY!!! Wait for it and I’ll give you many many surprises ??? until then ?

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