What kind of love is this? (Chapter 19)

Chapter 19

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Previously on “what kind of love is this”

“Ahhmmm…… Kabir? Kabir wake up!! Seriously? Normally this guy wake with a small noise but today?” said Dev.

“Dev mera bhai, this is what happen to people when they fell in love” Veer said with a philosophic expression.

Kabir slowly woke and saw everyone. He whisperd to Sanchi, “hey Sanchi, wake up”

“Five more minutes Kabir”

“We don’t have five minutes, we have company” said Kabir. She slowly opened her eyes and greeted him “tell your company to go away, good morning!”.

“Ahhmmm…… We’re here too you know! Yaar Kabir couldn’t you find some other place other than the morgue to do romance?” All burst in to laughter.

Today we start from there.


“We got stuck here idiot” Kabir snapped at Dev. Hearing others’ voices Sanchi started to wriggle on Kabir’s lap. “Hey what are you doing? Stop wriggling!”

“I’m trying to get up” Sanchi said impatiently. He held her tightly to him.

“Why?” came our intelligent Dr. Kabir’s dumb reply.

“Do you want me to stay like this forever?” Sanchi asked in a sarcastic ??? way.

Kabir thought for a while ??? “you won’t hear me complaining” he said with a smirk ???.

“Hey we’re still here!! You forgot us and start being lovey dovey again” Veer said with a pout ???.

“Arre yeh kya kia tum ne Sanchi?? Oh ho why did I live to see this day!!” Pragya started to be dramatically cry shaking her head.

“Dostho chord de na un dono!” Dev scolded Pragya & Veer. “Love makes you forget where you are……!! Who’s around you……!!” He too started to tease them. “and the only thing in theirs’ mind is…” he looked at Isha.

“…..is the person they love” Isha completed the sentence for him.

Both Sanchi and Kabir blushed ??? and looked away.

“Ok doctors…!!! All of you should stop now” said ms. Fernandez.

“MS. FERNANDEZ!!! ???” Both Sanchi and Kabir exclaimed together and got up quickly.

“Yeah I’m here too. You two were so busy with each other to notice me” -ms. Fernandez

Both looked at her uncomfortably. She got the idea and said “don’t worry, I don’t go gossiping around, about anyone’s personal life” in an reassuring tone. While leaving she looked at others and she pointed to her phone. All shared a mischievous look while Kabir & Sanchi were puzzled.

Meanwhile Riya saw the gang hurry to the morgue and followed them to know why coz they were being suspicious since yesterday. She was hiding behind wall and waiting for them to come out.

All came out of the morgue. Our beloved couple came last. Kabir’s left arm was wrapped around Sanchi’s waist. Riya was confused seeing that. **hey what’s happening here? Why they seem to be- no wait my plan worked perfectly** she said in her mind.

“Alright you guys go back to your duties” Kabir said in his usual authoritative voice.

All turned at him and Veer said “achcha……! Ok guys let’s go!”

“C’mon Sanchi, tum bhi chalo hamari saath” said Isha.

Pragya looked at her and said “abae ooo nautanki… She’ll come let’s go” while trying to drag her.

“Lekin yaar we all can go together na, why should we leave her?” Isha said in a confused manner.

Pragya face palmed. Just then Dev came and placed his arm around Isha’s shoulders. “Isha darling, don’t be such a tube light and try to understand. They’re a newly made up couple and-”

“Oh!!! I get it sorry Dr. Kabir. C’mon Dev we should go” she dragged Dev and other two followed laughing ???.

As soon as they went, Kabir pinned Sanchi to the wall. “Kabiiiiir! ???What are you doing? What if someone see?” she exclaimed.

“So? Do I have to take permission from others to be romantic with my girl?” He questioned with an ??? annoyed expression.

“Oh my god!! I can’t believe you turned from ‘Khadoos Hitler Kapoor’ ??? to ‘Sweet Romance Kapoor’ ??? ” Sanchi said disbelievingly.

“Hey I’m always romantic! It’s just I don’t go being romantic with the whole hospital” he said.

“If you dare being romantic with anyone else Kabir, main tumhe aise haalath karunga that you’ll wish for death!! ???” Sanchi threatened him murderously.

“Ha ha ha ??? Don’t worry sweetheart it won’t happen, main sirf tumara hi ho” with that Kabir leaned closer to her. He was about to kiss her lips but she turned her face last second, making the kiss land on her cheek.

Kabir was surprised and taking advantage of that she freed herself and ran saying, “I’m going for my duties”.

“Meri pagal jaansi ki raani” he shook his head and went back to his work too.

Meanwhile Riya said, “I can’t believe my plan was ruined!! How did this happen?? MY Kabir that close to Sanchi? No this shouldn’t go any further. I have to do something big” to herself.

“Oh so I was right! It was you who sent that video to Dr. Kabir?” Veer said raising one eyebrow. He was passing by and saw Riya and thought to spy on her.

Riya tryed to speak but Veer cut her off.

“Riya why are you doing this? I know you love him but he doesn’t love you! He only loves Sanchi. You have to understand that. How long do you plan to do cheap things like this?” Veer questioned calmly.

“Until Kabir becomes mine!” she said stubbornly.

“No matter what you do we won’t let you separate them. That’s my promise to you!” Veer left.

Couple of days passed and Kabir’s and Sanchi’s love grow each passing day.

……….morning at SDCH……….

“I have to give you bad news doctors” Dr. Malhothra was addressing all the doctors and interns. “We have to cancel our trip to coorg due to the bad weather.

(If you’re wondering what will happen to the hospital if doctors went on a trip, don’t worry! They’re going as two groups. So that a one group of doctors can stay and look after the patients)

Everyone start protesting. Then Kabir gave his idea. “Sir everyone was looking forward to this break. If we can’t go coorg then why not shimla?”

“Brilliant idea Dr. Kabir” said Dr Awasthi.

All agreed to go shimla and all started to cheer. Suddenly Isha started to scream “you’re the best Kabir jij-” but was cut off coz Sanchi placed her hand over her mouth.

“Thank you Kabir sir, it was very thoughtful of you” said Sanchi and dragged her outside.

A small laugh escaped Kabir’s lips surprising other doctors. They were wondering what the hell happened to this scary khadoos!

……….(time skip) at shimla……….

All arrived from bus except Kabir. He couldn’t come with them coz there was an important surgery in the morning. So he’ll join them later.

They’re staying in a bungalow that belongs to the Malhothra family. All settled there and after lunch the gang (Isha, Pragya, Sanchi, Dev, Veer) were talking outside the garden. Others were relaxing everywhere.

“So when will that khadoos come” Dev asked Sanchi.

“He sent a message 5 mins ago that he’ll be here in 10 mins” she replied.

Just then a beautiful black car entered from the gate. Every eye turned towards the car. Sanchi’s face lit up.

“Yaar that guy never fails to make a dashing entry!” Dev said with a smirk.

Kabir got out of the car. Sanchi was about to go to him but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw another one get down from the car.

“GAREEBON KI SUPER MODEL ???!!!” All exclaimed at once.

**Riya? Why did he came with her? She said she won’t come for the trip coz she’s sick. Then why did Kabir came with her** Sanchi was yelling in her mind.

Kabir saw the happy smile on Sanchi’s face vanish as she saw Riya. He was about to go to her to explain, but Riya came near him and pretended to fall. He didn’t know that and helped her by holding her hand. Sanchi went inside angrily.

“Yeh toh uss churaili ka plan to make Sanchi & Kabir separate” -Veer

“Haa yaar nalayak tu ne bilkul sahi kaha” -Pragya

“Lekin we can’t let that happen na. We should be alert” -Isha

Meanwhile inside Kabir came running trying to stop Sanchi. “Sanchi! Sanchi listen to me!” She payed no heed to him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. “Hey sun na”

“Bol na” she said annoyed ???.

“After I finished the surgery, she came saying she’s well now and want to come here. Even Dr. Malhothra called me and asked me to take her with me” he explained.

“That doesn’t explain why you held her when she was going to fall” she said with a frown ???.

“What should I do then? let her fall?” He asked puzzled.

“Ofcourse! You should’ve let her fall! That’ll teach her a lesson!” She said angrily ???.

“So you’re angry because of that huh? I thought you always want to help people” Kabir said teasingly ???.

“So what do you want me to say? ‘Oh! Kabiiirrr! I’m sooooo happy you helped that Bechari Nari Riya’ is that’s what you want to hear?”
Sanchi asked mockingly ???.

Kabir laughed and leaned closer. “You know what? When you’re jealous, you look soooooo hot” he whispered in her ears huskily and kissed below her ear. She freed herself and ran away from embarrassment.


Ok ok guys I know you expected so much more than this. Please bear with this crappy chappy for now ??? I’ll try to write the next part better and update soon!! until then ???

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