What kind of love is this? (Chapter 16)

Chapter 16

Hey guys it’s me again with a new chapter.first of all Ashnita, Premamohan, Richa, Riya, Moonlight, Anu, Divya, Anee, Palak and QVZRQE3M thank you for giving me your support through your comments always. And Tarasm, thank you dear for your idea. I’ll try to add that. Now let’s go to the story.

Previously on “what kind of love is this” we saw Kabir trying to get Sanchi to say that she loves him and some little romantic moments between them. Gang made Kabir sing and dance through blackmailing.

“Abae yaar kasam se how did you managed to make that khadoos sing?” -Pragya

“Ha ha ha that’s what you call talent sweetheart ?” Veer said with a wink.

“Tu aur teri talent!!” Dev came and whacked Veer’s head. “If I didn’t blackmail him, there’s no way we get him to do that”

“Dev!! You blackmailed him?? We’ll defineatly get record room duty at least for a month” Isha whined.

“Chillax babe, I blackmailed him in two ways. 1) he has to sing and dance or else I’ll tell all the embarrassing things happened to him to SANCHI 2) if he give us any punishment I’ll tell those to the whole SDCH. Simple” he said putting his arm around her shoulders.

Today start from there.


Next day when Kabir came to his cabin he saw a note on his desk.

“Do you want to know if that girl you love, loves you too? Well I found the answer. If you want to know then come to the garden near our hostel at 6.00 p.m.”

He couldn’t stop the smile ??? came to his face while reading it. “So now she decided to answer me” he said to himself opening a drawer and took out a small box. He opened it. There was a simple gold charm bracelet. He was planning to give it to Sanchi.

He was happy today and even others who talked with him noticed it. He kept looking at his watch wishing time to go faster.

……….time skips……….

Now it’s 5.30 p.m. Another half an hour to go. Kabir completed all his work and stood up to leave. A message came to his phone from an unknown number. It’s a video message. He opened it curiously.

**video starts**
Sanchi and Veer was standing in the parking lot. Veer said “thank you so much Sanchi, I love you so much!!” and hugged her. She too hugged him smiling.
**video ends**

Kabir fell to his chair. “Why? Why why why? Why did she do this to me? If she loves him why did she asked me to-” he was so angry he threw his phone at the wall (Shivaay Singh Oberoi style).

Meanwhile Sanchi came to their meeting place and waited for him. 6.15 and he didn’t come yet. 7.30 still no sign of him. 8.00 it’s getting dark so she decided to go back. She came back to hospital thinking that Kabir might have some important work and that’s why he didn’t come. She went to his office and knocked. No reply. So she opened the door and saw him in a deep thought.

“There you are!! I waited for you, you know!” she said but Kabir stayed like a statue.

“Seriously Kabir if you were busy and couldn’t come, then at least you could’ve send me a message na” said Sanchi angrily ??? but no answer came.

“Hey why are you giving me silent treatment? What did I do?” she asked again.

At that Kabir snapped. “What did you do? Why don’t you ask me what didn’t you do?”

“Kabir what’s wrong? Why are you angry?” Sanchi asked trying to calm him down.

He showed her the video and asked “I thought you loved me Sanchi! But how wrong I am? You don’t love me. You love Veer. It’s always Veer right?”

“Kabir you’re misunderstanding the situation. This isn’t what it seems like. I told you to come to the garden to tell you that I-” Sanchi was cutoff by him.

“To tell me what? You love me too? Were you planning to keep us both as your boyfriends? Amazing Sanchi that’s what you call talent” Kabir said with a sarcastic laugh.

Suddenly a loud slapping sound was heard. Kabir was surprised she slapped him but when he looked at her all he could see was tears in her eyes.

“How dare you? Is that’s how you think of me? This explains how far you know me. And you say that you love me huh? Honestly? ‘What kind of love is this?’ you don’t have any trust or faith in me. You just- (she gasps) you just believed this video. Didn’t even ask me about it and-”

She was crying uncontrollably. Because of that she faced difficulties in breathing. Yet continued to speak.

“When you don’t trust me why would I waste my time to give an explanation?”

Kabir tried to stop her coz she can’t breathe properly. But she stopped him.

“No! Don’t come near me. You’ve hurt me enough. I can’t believe I lov- (she stopped herself and said) let me tell you something Dr. Kabir Kapoor. I regret meeting you!! Every moment, every memory!! I regret all of that” with that she went out of his office.

Her words had hurt him deeply. He’s confused that if he misunderstood. “No Kabir, don’t think like that. She loves only Veer. You should’ve learned it before” he tried to convince himself.

Unknown to both of them someone was watching all the commotion. I don’t need to tell you guys who that is right ??

“Thank god!! At last Kabir started to hate her. Now he’ll be mine” Riya said with an evil laugh ???.

Veer was outside the hospital and saw Sanchi. “Hey miss Golgappa, how did it go? Did you said that khadoos ko apni dil ki baath?” he asked and noticed her crying.

“Sanchi?? ??? what happened to you? Why are you crying? What did Dr. Kabir say?” he asked again.

“Sab kuch barbhath ho gaya Veer!!” Sanchi narrated the whole story while sobbing.

“Lekin Sanchi, that video was-” -Veer

“I know Veer but he decided to believe it” -Sanchi

“You stay here. I’ll talk to him and explain” -Veer

“No Veer!! You won’t do such a thing. Let him believe what he wants”

“Lekin Sanchi-” -Veer

Veer dropped her to the hostel.

……….next day morning at SDCH……….

Surprising the whole hospital, next day Kabir didn’t come to the hospital. Sanchi was worried but didn’t show it. After that day Kabir came back but both ignore each other. Sanchi became quiet and masked all her emotions. Few days past like that.

“Abae yaar kasam se!! How long Sanchi aur Dr. Kabir will stay like this?” -Pragya

“Patha nahi yaar! She’s getting emotionless day by day. Why won’t she just tell him?” -Veer

“Veer, on her side she’s right. We all expect the people we love to trust us. Trust is the base of a relationship. If there’s no trust, no relationship” -Isha

Both Veer & Pragya gasped. “Yaar, listen to her philosophical words!! This is the first time you said something useful” they teased her.

“You have to admit what she said was true” Dev came there. Isha blushed hearing him. “I know Kabir for years. He believes what he see. And that’s why he believed that video. Kuch tho karna padega”.

That evening after duty Sanchi had to give some files to Kabir but he’s nowhere to be seen.

“Ms. Fernandez, have you seen Dr. Kapoor?” she asked. She doesn’t call Kabir by his name anymore.

“No Dr. Sanchi, he went early today. So you’ll have to drop those files by his quarters coz they’re important” said Ms. Fernandez. When Sanchi turned around, ms. Fernandez gave a thumbs up to Dev.

So she decided to drop them by his apartment (quarters). When she knocked Dev opened the door.

“Arre Sanchi? Tum yaha?” he was talking loud on purpose.

“I came to drop these files” came her calm reply.

“Oh right. Where’s my manners c’mon in” -Dev

“No it’s alright. You just give these to him” -Sanchi

“Don’t worry he’s not here. Come in I’ll make you tea” -Dev

“Alright then. By the way why are you speaking so loudly?” -Sanchi

“Ahh don’t mind that. Uss pagal ladka Veer did something stupid and-” Dev tried to cover up.

They were having tea talking about random stuff. Suddenly Dev asked “why did you do that Sanchi?if you like Veer you could’ve told Kabir. He would understand”

“Dev even you think that’s true?” Sanchi asked bitterly.

“If we shouldn’t believe that then what should? You didn’t give any reason not to believe it” Dev said angrily.

Unknown to them a shadow came near the living room. That dark shadow was listening to their talk. When he saw tears well up in her eyes and fall freely, he was filled with sadness too. He wanted to go there and wipe away her tears but he restrained himself from doing so.

“You want to know what really happened that day right? I’ll tell you but you have to promise me not to tell him” Sanchi said with a weak voice.

“I promise to you I won’t tell him a word” he said and added in his mind **coz you’re telling him yourself**


Aaaand that’s all for today. I’m so sorry for not writing the epic love confession you all wanted. I wanted Riya to do something to separate them Kanchi have to come over it. In next chapter she’ll tell the truth about the video so don’t throw your slippers at me for making Kanchi apart. Hope you guys like the chap ??? if you have any ideas for the epic confession please tell me. Until then ???

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