What kind of love is this? (Chapter 14)

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Chapter 14

Hi everyone!!! I know I’m late for updating AGAIN!! and I’m soooo sorry for that ???. Thank you so much for commenting readers you’re my motivation.

Special thanks to Riya ??? for wishing me Ganesh Chathurti even though I had know idea about the festival I searched about it and got to know ???. As usual I request all my readers, even silent readers to comment and tell ne what you think. Ooookkk!! Now let’s go to the story ???.

Previously on “what kind of love is this”

After having lunch with Kunal, in the evening Sanchi came to Kabir’s and her office to give him some files.

Knock-knock “come in Sanchi” came a reply.

**How on earth did he know it’s me?** Sanchi wondered but went in. She found the whole cabin drowned in darkness. Only a little moonlight ??? came through the window and she was able to see Kabir sitting on his chair.

“Kabir? Are you alright? Why is it so dark in here? Wait let me switch on the lights ??? ” said Sanchi.

“No! Don’t on the lights. I want to stay like this” replied Kabir.


“Hmm? Ok” Sanchi went closer to his desk and looked at him. “Kabir, what’s wrong? Is Aunty alright?” she asked softly.

“Yeah she’s good. Why?” replied Kabir.

“You look so disturbed. You don’t have any serious cases these days, so I thought you’re worried about Aunty” said Sanchi.

“No I’m thinking about someone else. Someone who I want to be my family” Kabir said nonchalantly.

“Someone who you want to be your family? Like a girlfriend?” Sanchi asked while laughing ???.

“What do you mean ‘A Girlfriend’? Do you think I have lots of girlfriends around?” he shot back ???.

“Hahahhaaa ok ok calm down. Don’t be so angry. I was just joking. Now if you want, you can share your problem with me and I might be able to help you” Sanchi said trying to calm him.

“You think so? Ok then listen” Kabir started so say, eyeing Sanchi’s reactions carefully. She was arranging the files on his desk while listening. “There’s this girl I like, she’s so pretty, innocent, kind and caring. She’s an amazing doctor too. I used to scold her a lot but I don’t know when did I start to fall for her”.

He could see her happy and cheerful face turned dark. She was frowning ??? too.

“But I don’t know what she feels for me. Whenever I see her with some other boys I get so jealous that it’s so hard to control myself” he continued to say while standing up and going closer to her. She started to step back but there was nowhere to go as she was trapped between Kabir and the desk.

Kabir placed both his on top if the table keeping Sanchi in between and leaned closer towards her.

“Do you know what happened today?” he asked.

“What?” came a soft reply from her.

“Today some guy came with flowers for her. She seemed to know him very well. She even KISSED him on his cheek, right in front of me!! How dare she?” he kept talking in a low voice.

“That guy could be her cousin, who she haven’t seen in long time or maybe a college friend” Sanchi too said in a low voice.

“Hmm…!!! ??? I didn’t think of that. Telling my problem to you really helped” Kabir said thoughtfully.

“So which one is that guy? A cousin or a friend?” He whispered in her ear.

“Both” came Sanchi’s reply.

“How do you know that? Do you know who that stupid and brainless girl that can’t understand that I love her?” Kabir asked with a smile.

“N-n-no, no I don’t know! How am I supposed to know who she is?” Sanchi started to blabber.

“Really? Then how do you know that’s both?” he asked with raised eyebrows.

“I-I-I just guessed. That’s all” she said looking away.

Kabir turned her face to him with one hand and kept holding her chin.

“Do you want to know who that girl is?” asked Kabir. She looked at him and they were lost in each other’s eyes.

“Arre ooo Kabira why are you in dark?” someone opened the door yelling and switched on the lights. Both Sanchi and Kabir came to their senses.

“Oh sorry guys bad timing” said Dev.

They blushed ??? and moved away. “Shut up Dev” Kabir snapped to make the awkwardness go.

Sanchi quickly turned to go. As she was going she turned back. Dev didn’t saw her and said to Kabir “so Kabir beta, is she my bhabi now?” Hearing this Kabir and Sanchi’s eyes locked. Sanchi blushed ??? again and went.

Dev was teasing Kabir. “Shut up you moron. First you ruined the moment and on top of that you’re teasing me” scolded Kabir ???.

……….at hostel……….

Sanchi came to her room hurriedly. Pragya & Isha were already there.

“Abae ooo tumko kya hua? You just came running like a serial killer’s coming after you” said Pragya.

“If it’s a serial killer, then I’ll gladly face him than this situation” said Sanchi breathlessly.

“What happened Sanchi? What situation are you talking about?” asked Isha calmly.

Sanchi start to narrate everything that happened earlier.

“Haye….!! Mera hottie kitni romantic hai!!” said Isha.

“Abae ooo tu pagal bhootni!! Don’t call him your hottie. He’s now Sanchi’s hottie” both Pragya & Isha high fived.

“Stop it guys he’s my senior, I can’t think of him like that” said Sanchi.

“Sanchi if he doesn’t care you’re his junior then what’s the problem?” -Isha

“Haa keep this senior junior thing aside and tell us what do you feel about him?” -Pragya

“I don’t know” -Sanchi

“What do you mean you don’t know?” -Pragya

“First Veer, now iss sweet khadoos!! How do I know which one I love?” -Sanchi

“Tho yeh hai tumari problem” -Isha

“Think Sanchi, think how you feel for both of them and you’ll know. Only you can figure it out” -Pragya

Sanchi went to the bathroom to change and Isha & Pragya were still talking.

“Do you think she’ll be able to figure it Pragya?”

“Don’t know yaar, I really hope she would. First we couldn’t get that Veer didn’t love Sanchi. But I know Kabir sir is very serious about her”

When Sanchi came out her two besties were sleeping soundly. She tried to sleep too but couldn’t. Whenever she close her eyes she see Kabir’s face.

“Aarrgghh!!! What’s happening with me? Why do I keep thinking about him? This didn’t happen with Veer” she said to herself.

Then she went to the dressing table. Looking through her mirror image, she remembered all the moments she spent with him. How he took care of her when she found out Veer’s lies, how caring he was when she was locked in the store room, his birthday and rain dance incident. Those memories brought a bright smile to her face.

“Those memories are so sweet. So precious. I don’t want go loose them. Kabir, he’s so- wait am I really- is it possible that I’m- PRAGYA ISHA WAKE UP!! Hurry up and wake!!” Sanchi yelled and switched on the lights.

“Kyaa yaar sonae do na” both mumbled and slept.

“WAKE UP ISHA!! PRAGYA, JALDI” Sanchi started to scream again.

“WHAT??” said both angrily.

“I realized something!!” Sanchi replied excitedly.

“Couldn’t you wait till morning? It’s 3.00 a.m.” Pragya complained.

“Haa ab mere beauty sleep ko kya hua!!” Isha exclaimed.

“I LOVE KABIR!!” said Sanchi in one breath.

“KYAA…!!!” Both were wide awake now.

“Are you serious?” -Isha

“How sure are you?” -Pragya

“Haa guys I’m serious and 100% sure” Sanchi said smiling.

“YAY!!!!” both Isha and Pragya started jumping up and down cheering.

“We knew it!! we knew it!! now khadoos hitler Kapoor will be our jiju” said Pragya.

“Haye….!! I lost my hottie forever” Isha said in a fake sadness.

Sanchi glared at both of them. “Oh ho just look at her, she got angry coz you called her ‘your hottie’ don’t call him that ok” Pragya said while laughing ???.

Two friends teased Sanchi nonstop. She got annoyed and went to sleep. But this time she fell in to a nice deep slumber with a smile.

Couple of days pass and Sanchi still haven’t told Kabir anything. Kabir kept making small advances like before.


Ok that’s all for today. Hope you Gus like it. Now on the future chaps they’ll confess to each other their love. But it will be very difficult in our lady villain Riya is present. Let’s see what’ll happen in the future. Until then ???

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    no words coz im just feeling d emotion
    while kabir asking about kunal its amazing dear
    the way he confessed
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      Thank you so much Hema glad you liked it next one is already submitted ?

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      Thank you so much Riya glad you liked it and yeah Ria won’t let them get together that easily next one is submitted now ?

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    Ru u are just amazing.. I mean like the way u fit the confession with Kabir’s jealousy was awesome. The indirect confession surely was really well thought out and one of the best confessions I have read till now. Sorry for not being able to comment for so many days but the culprit is my school not studies. Again, I have become such a big fan of ur writing.. Thanks a lot for giving us the chance to read such a beautiful masterpiece. Now, for me Abhilasha is the queen of suspense, Trisha is the queen of OS and u are the queen of Confession. Yes, we got our third queen in Kaanchi ffs. Love ur writing like crazy!!!!! Can’t wait for the next one love u loads ❤?

    1. RuCh23

      Oh my god!!! Annie that’s such a huge compliment. I don’t think I deserve that much praise but thank you sooo sooo much ??? this comment is the best one I got ever since I started to write and it’s an honour to get such a compliment from one of my favourite authors ???. I’m so happy that you love my story and don’t worry I know how hectic school can be. I always miss your lovely comments but I understand. So when you have free time drop a comment. And again thank you so much for this sweet comment ??

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