Warning : Do read the author’s note at the end of this page ?

This OS is purely based on ” KIDS IN THIS GENERATION”

Gleeming moon and twinkling  stars are the majestic things of night occasionally shooting star decorating the pitch black sky as fire cracker!!!

It was forest area covered with huge tress,shrubs, bushes and throwns. Trees were canopy of the forest hiding the moon and stars to peep in to them…

End of the forest has a beautiful valley drifting the mountain plain into two. Waters were flowing  down through the valley which was shining as mercury due to moon’s aura giving  pleasant view to the eyes!!

Trees were whistling, owl was howling along with crickets song. Same time frogs singing horrible songs signaling females they are ready for mating!!!

Among them we can see black outline of two figures!! Were one is resting its head on  another’s shoulder. May be both are enjoying the majestic night gaining energy of the forest!!!

“Sanskar!!!!! Its been hours let’s go. Kids would be waiting for us”, said swara holding sanskar’s arm protectively and another hand around his hip gripping him tight….

“Sweet heart!!! Did u forget,we have a  big boy in our house who would take care of every thing”, said sanskar planting a kiss on swara’s forehead and entangled their palms lovingly…

Sanskar why dont we have a wash???

Not  bad idea sweet heart!!with this sanskar scooped swara in his arms and moved into flowing water…

Sanskar its cold!! Im shivering!! Come lets go before we catch cold…

No way swara!! I’m not backing off. Lets enjoy this night away from the world where only we are present!!!

Swara’s lips were trembling due to cold and her dress glued to her body as skin!!

Sanskar hugged swara tighlty protecting her from cold and giving her warmness!!! He placed few kisses?? on her face making her shy!!!

Awwww swara ur making ur pati too hard!! stop blushing or else we will end up in hospital ??

Swara pushed him aside and walked few distance but due to small stones she fell down inside the water scaring sanskar!!

Next moment sanskar dived  deep inside  to save his life swara!!! He caught her but she was giggling!!! I know swimmimg pati dev swara said with wink…

Sanskar brought her face close to his” I know patni and kissed on her lips shocking swara” and he backed off giving her wink…

Swasan came out of water changed their clothes and drove off to their house……..

Midnight 1.00 am @ SwaSan house :

Swasan were sneeking silently into their room like thief but suddenly lights were turned on!!

Swasan closed their face with palms and showing their back to him avoiding further embarrasment!!!!

A kid of 7 yr old moved infront of them resting hands over his hips with frown on his face!!!

Helloooo hiii byee!!! For ur kind information !! ,” Romeo and Juliet is this the time to come  home??? For god sake stop acting as love struck puppies at this age!! Ur parents of two kids!!”,said mahanth..

Awww choooo sweet of u said swasan pulling his cheeks on either side and placing a kiss at same time winking at eo….

Mahanth pushed them aside,” stop buttering me!!”. He wished them good night and left to his room.

Swasan whisperwd great escape and left to their room…

SwaSan were feeling so happy and their heart was as light as feather..

They slept on the bed hugging eo tightly showing their love and not willing to separate!!!

Next day :

Swara was running here and there between kitchen, kids room and lastly to their room…

Mumma!!!! Where is my skirt asked  maha, 5 yr old daughter of swasan.

Sweety its on ur bed said swara from kitchen…

Mumma where is my inners screamed mahanth from his room and swara gave him reply…

Sweet heart where is my shirt?? Sanskar was shouting from his room..

shirt is on the table hubby said swara from kitchen packing lunch for them..

I’ m not able to find them sweet heart said sanskar!!!

Swara was scolding him under her breath!!! Cant even search a shirt huuh….

Kids room :

Maha – I know its dad’s plan to bring mumma into the room for morning romance ?

Mahanth – mahiiii from were are u learning this??? Dont talk like this!! Its bad!! 

Maha – bro Im living in this house  so from where will I learn this ??

Mahanth scratched his head sighing hmm…

Kids were moving to hall but they wanted to surprise their parents!!!

Swasan room :

Swara was buttoning his shirt and he was playing with swara’s hairs and trying to kiss her… Swara was trying hard to push him but he was strong..

Sanskar !!! Leave me, I have to arrange the table..

Sweet heart were is my morning gift??

Gift should be given in early mrng so for now stock is over said swara smirking…

Sanskar pulled her close,” but i have bundle of gifts and he was about to kiss!!”

They heard bang bang sound!!!

Here comes dushman’s of my romance said sanskar with frown..

“They are kids not dushman”,swara was  complaining…

Before they could move apart dummm!! Door got open!!

Kids were shouting no…while placing their palms over their eyes!!!  Lock the door while romancing!!! U have minor kids in this house!!!

Swasan were speechless!!! Bcz  in this age  swasan they did not even know what is romance but this generation kids knew everything…..

Swasan made angry face” Talk according to ur age and chalooo get ready for school!!”..

Sanskar went for work and kids to school…

Evening :

Maha came with 5 envelope’s in her hand were swasan were talking something…

Papaaa!!! Maha squealed in happiness jumping on his lap and swara was smiling at her..

Yes princess!! What have u brought for ur papa???

Papa select one cover among those 5 envelope’s said maha with wink.

Swasan were confused but sanskar picked one!!

Maha opened that cover and threw other covers down…

Swasan at same time!! What are these covers beta???

Maha was bowing her head in shy and her toes were drawing patters on the floor!!

Swasan were bewildered by seeing her reaction!!!

Princess spill the bean!!

Maha gave a loop smile ” love letter papa!!”…..

Swasan shouted whatttttt!!!!!!!!

U heard it right said maha!!

Swasan were speechless!!! Bcz In this age swasan were crying for toys and chocos.. Here their daughter is talking about love ???

Sanskar started laughing loudly and swara glared at him…

Sanskar stopped his laugh on seeing swara’s face..

Sanskar teach her what’s good and bad said swara and left to see their naughty son..

Sanskar kissed maha’s cheeks and taught her what is good and bad finally convinced by saying those letters are nothing…

Maha understood her papa’s words and smiled widely “Here after i wont do like this papa and I will teach my friends too what is good!!” she kissed on his cheeks….

Night all had their dinner and slept peacefully…

Sunday :

Swasan maha and mahanth watched a movie later had their lunch and was resting over sofa..

But kidooo maha was missing….

Taddaaa….. Maha gave a scream astonishing swasan and mahanth!!

Maha was drapping swara’s duppatta as saree where her waist was clearly exposed including navel..

Shock shock ???

Mahanth left the place giving a loud laugh…

Princess who taught u to drape a saree??

Papa I’ m the new bride? How am i looking?? maha asked excitedly!!!

What swara shouted at top of her lungs!!!

Swasan shock mahaa rocks ?!!

Papa tell me na how am i looking the new bride ??

Sanskar was stammering and swara hold her arms asking her from were fron did u learn these habits!!

Mumma that didi!! she dressed like this only, she is new bride na!!

Swasan were scratching their head which didi and when did she meet them???

Papa and mumma why are u not speaking???

Maha twirled round holding the end of the pallu in air asking how am i looking!!!!

Swasan pulled her closer ,” ur looking gorgeous princess!! But which didi thought u this??”

Papa!!! Ur having poor memory maha was complaing and swara was thinking deeply which didi!!

Ok lemme tell u which didi!! maha told them and it it was shocking swasan…

Actually she was telling deepika padukone as didi and she was wearing saree in that movie which they watched at morning!!

( future parents and present parents be careful what u watch it will affect ur kids too??)

Swasan gulped they did not utter a word, they dressed maha properly and their day went off…

Few days later at evening :

Swasan were sitting in the hall discussing something!! But door bell caught their attention.

Swara got up to unlock them…

Sanskarrrrrrrrr!!!!! She shouted!!

Mahanth came holding a hand of 20 yr old girl who had  puffed face.

Sanskar called her in and questioned mahanth what happen and who is she??

Swara was asking that girl but she was sobbing badly…

Mahanth narrated,” papa i was coming from ashwin’s house and found this didu shouting and crying badly at a boy. That bhai is bad boy i think he was about to slap that didu but  i stopped him saying i have taken his pic in my mobile and i will board a complaint to police officer!! That bhai went off in fear..  And this didu was crying badly…

“U only told na we should respect girls and should not make them cry”. I was feeling bad for this didu and I brought her to our house said mahanth politely…

Swasan were happy seeing his maturity and well behaved nature… They kissed his cheek and he squealed I m not kid!!!

Swasan gave chuckle and the stranger girl laughed seeing his attics.. She wiped her tears and got courage seeing the kid how brave he is !!

She thanked swasan and hugged mahanth saying Thank u with bright face!!!!

But mahanth gave kisses on her cheeks  shocking her and swasan…

He said ” U dnt have right to kiss me!! But I can kiss u all!!”  he winked at his papa and he chuckled back at him and swara stood with O mouth along with stranger..

That girl left the place with smile and the day ends…

At school :

Cultural day :

Maha was doing a lead role in drama where in a scene,

A boy came from office and sat on the sofa calling, “sweetheart bring me a cup of coffee!!”

Maha replied ” I will bring candyman!!”

(Swasan would normally address eo as sweetheart and candyman but later they avoided it since their children were observing them kneely!! So in private they will call eo with nicknames!!)

Swasn did not  expect this and more over they were careful in words but still they heard it… Swasan were blushing hard how they have affected their childern unknowingly?


One day evening :

Sanskar was teaching maths for mahanth scolding him, Nowadays ur not studying well!!  should I complain to ur teacher!!!! See  what has she written?? Avoid spelling mistakes!! I should definitely meet ur teacher tommorrow!!!

“Mahanth the sum has clearly stated to be division and ur doing subtraction?? !! oh god is this what they are teaching in ur school?? I should meet ur maths teacher!! That’s final !! ”

Like this sanksar was complaining and mahanth heard it silently…

At last mahanth lost his temper,” Papa should i complain to mom?? That past hour ur were talking  only about my teacher and denied to teach me”

I will add bit too stating ” That u were appreciating my English teacher Ms. Julie’s  looks?”

Sanskar pulled mahanth’s ears saying naughty evil !!! but  ur english teacher seems to  look good!! he gave a wink ?

Mummmma mahanth shouted and sanskar closed his mouth tightly so swara could not hear it anymore…

Then both studied and dosed off….

Next day :

Evening @ park

Swasan and kids were playing.. Swasan were enjoying their day with their bundle of happiness but still tears rolled down their cheeks a slight of disappointment in their heart missing their parents when they saw a joint family enjoying the moment…

Mahanth and maha saw their parents sad face. They did not know the reason but they tried their level to make them happy… Kids wiped their tears, kissed their cheeks on their side and assured them everything will be alright….

Swasan were out of words!!! Seeing their wards care for them even though the doesn’t know the reason but they made them happy….

Swasan turned the moment into happy environment by tickling mahanth and maha… Kids did viceversa too…..

They took loads of selfies were kids were teaching them to pout, wink, cat face, cry face and happy face!!!

Kids  instructed swasan to stand opposite and orderd sanskar to hold swara’s waist and  wrap  her hands around his neck to swara!!!

Again kids gave them a shock.. Which kids orders their parents for these kinds of photo shoot.. But they did.. Haha ?? swasan were happy to have them as their kids and indeed kids to have them as  their parent….

Alas they  took a selfie keeping a pout face!!! Click ??

Mahanth shouted!! I should upload them in Fb ??

Swasan stood with O face ?

This was their family with adorable kids….

Sometimes their talks would surprise them…. sometimes  they would give heart attacks to swasan??


This os contains mostly truth and few imaginary things….

Note : Be careful !!! what u speak  and watch!! Bcz wards learn from u and the surroundings!!!

A/N : I will be giving prequel of this OS next week !!


Lastly I was writing a TS -” Asanskari S and Sanskari S” – do u want me to continue dat os??? Based on ur response i will do !!!

Thank u for reading !!!!

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    Ha ha thala romba anubavam paturukiyo!!! Yes u r right these generations kids are very sharp!!! Though i don’t have any experiences still i have seen around!!! What we speaks they grasp it well!!! Even if its bad words also!!! A small boy scolding his sister in bad words…. That words even i didn’t know…. He is scolding very casually like we say loosu,eruma…. Huh very very danger….?? then i am waiting for ur asanskari s and Sanskari s

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