Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishnu says that we will not talk about selling this property, ashish says thanks papa for telling me that this house is yours, this house is more important to you then your son, mansi says we thought this house as our own but you cleared it, ashish says for a stranger you fought with your son, you made me stranger, mansi says if you want then we can pay rent in this house, ashish says I think that’s we should leave from this house, prabha says stop you all, what has happened to you all.
aashi is still thinking that vishesh is sitting behind her on scooty, she is talking to him, sahil is on his bike, he finds aashi and thinks why she is talking alone, he stops her, aashi thinks that sahil will be angry to see vishesh with me, sahil says why are you talking alone with yourself? aashi looks back and says where id he go? oh I dropped him somewhere but where? sahil ask what? aashi says I had some thing with me which I have dropped, she starts driving, sahil follows her but aashi goes through wrong way while sahil is stopped by a traffic policeman, he thinks aashi I wont leave.
aashi thinks I dropped him, whenever I meet him, either he gets beaten up or some problem is created, today I dropped him, maybe he got injured? I will gift him insurance plan, aashi keep talking to herself, she says visesh was telling me to drive slowly but I didn’t listen to him, now I have to find him in whole Jabalpur, she thinks vishesh told me that he wants to go to mandir.
aashi comes to madir, vishesh is there only, aashi comes to him and ask where did slip, vishesh says I didn’t slip but stood up to take your bracelet but you left me, aashi says thanks, this is my favorite one, she ask him to sit behin, he sits, they go to vihnu’s house.

Scene 2
aashi and vishesh comes to Vishnu’s house, they come out, aashi says I have brought your paying guest, she says your house is very good, you have a good garden, when tomato will grow in your garden then I will come to take it, she ask about vishesh’s room, Vishnu says sorry, we cant give room to him, aashi is shocked while vishesh is hurt, he leaves from there, aashi sadly looks at him then she disappointingly looks at Vishnu, Vishnu says sorry, aashi says its ok sadly, Vishnu and prabha goes in house, aashi thinks that uncle knew everything about vishesh and he had no problem with it,there is some other reason behind his no, I should find out. she listens to Vishnu and prabha’s talk, Vishnu says that we cant do anything, we have to with our son, we cant choose an outsider even if we wish to, I wish god would give us choice of choosing our children, like we had the authority to choose who should be our child, aashi recalls how she wished that children could choose their parents with their own wish, prabha consoles Vishnu. ashi thinks that what I think that only I have this emotional pain, see others heart, you will find much more pain, she sees vishesh going and tries to stop him.

Scene 3
sahil comes home and is angry, sahil says because of aashi, I got challenged and there was society girl too and my respect went down, he ask where is aashi? kannu says you also don’t know? sahil says no, he says when aashi will get boy friend then she will not spend time with us and will share her things with instead of me, he thinks that the boy friend has entered in her life?
aashi stops vishesh, he says stop it, I agreed with you and went to uncle’s house, you wanted me to move on but this world keep reminding me of it, I was fine near garbage, you know what, till the time you have come in my house, everything is going wrong so just leave me, aashi is hurt but says that you have much ego, you can get gold medal if there was ego competition in Olympics, she says I cant give you more attention now, they both start going in opposite direction, aashi then thinks that what she is doing in anger, will she not help vishesh in anger, she runs behind vishesh.
sahil is happy to get room in aashi’s house, he says its good that aashi painted it, thank god she did not paint in pink color like her room, he says now I will set this room in my style, bantu ask what style? that cosmetics style, sahil says no in artist style, he ask bantu and kannu to help him, they start decorating his room with filmstars posters.

Scene 4
aashi comes infront of vishesh, vishesh says did you forget that you are angry with me, aashi says I don’t remember stupid things, I wont leave you till you don’t find any house, if you are stubborn then I am Einstein in stubbornness, vishesh says people used to listen Einstein as he was genius not stubborn, aashi says so you also become genius and come with me to my house, vishesh says I wont go anywhere, aashi says and I wont leave you till you don’t come with me, they share an eyelock.
jhabru aunty ask bantu did aashi return home? he says no, aunty says this girl keep roaming around, she says today I will tell her clearly that world is not good and don’t roam like this.
aashi is following vishesh everywhere, he is frustrated, aashi get sahil’s call and takes it, he ask where are you? aashi thinks if I tell him truth then he will get angry, she says I am following one handsome guy, she says I will talk to you later and ends call, sahil thinks its good if a good guy comes in aashi’s life.

Scene 5
aashi is folwwing vishesh, vishesh starts running from her but aashi doesn’t leave him, vishesh buys corn to eat but ask him to give, he gives it to her and leaves.
Vishnu is in thoughts, prabha sees it and comes to him, she says are you still angry? Vishnu says I am angry with fate, prabha says we cant do much, we cant deny to son, Vishnu says we always gave priority to son and this was our mistake, he says we could give room to vishesh, prabha says I was too hurt to say no to aashi who never say no to anyone but you don’t worry aashi si with vishesh and till she is with him, everything good will happen to vishesh, aashi wont leave her friend ever.

PRECAP- Sahil has fully decorated hi room, he is happy and waiting fro aashi. aashi comes home and says vishesh this is your room(sahil’s room), sahil is shocked to find vishesh and angrily looks at aashi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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