Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi looks at vishesh sleeping on ground, aashi says I am sorry, whenever I meet you, something wrong happens, sorry I fell on you, vishesh says its ok, vishesh sleeps on floor again, aashi thinks that I should not think aout him but then thinks that I know him, how can I not think about him, she goes to him and says you can atay at my home, take your things and come with me, vishesh looks at her, she says don’t look at me like this, my house have good room, vishesh says its been 7 days only that i have come out of jail, people doesn’t give me house for rent, don’t you think that people will gossip in your colony if i stay at your house? what you think that I feel happy to be here, I feel content leaving near garbage, aashi says no one will say anything to you, stay at my home, I live alone at my house, vishesh is shocked and says thanks for telling, I will now never come to your house, you are mad, aashi says listen to me once, vishesh shouts, leave from here right now, aashi goes from there, aashi comes out of shop and thinks that there will be some way out, she sees prabha and Vishnu on paint shop, they are talking with someone that we have room for rent and its vacant now so we thought to renovate it before giving it to someone, aashi comes to them, they greet her, she tells Vishnu that my friend doesn’t have any place to live, he is sleeping on floor, can you give your room to him, I can take him to my house but I live alone and we will be awkward, prabah says its the same guy who was in jail, aashi says I have no proof that he is innocent but my heart says that he is very nice person, Vishnu says I don’t know about him but if a wrong person is trusted even he can become good, aashi says this means you will allow him as paying guest in your house, Vishnu nods in yes, aashi gets happy.

Scene 2
aashi comes to vishesh in tailor’s shop and says I have solved the matter of room, you will live in someone else house and you have to pay the rent, the uncle who was with me in police station, you will live there, I will drop you there, vishesh says are you deaf? I don’t wanna go anywhere, nobody will give me room, please go from here, I don’t wanna prove anything, It hurts me, please leave, aashi says your parents must be alone after you went out, your sister’s relation broke because of you, your parents think you are wrong as people proved you wrong and this happened because you are silent to their allegations, we are hero our life, if people call you villain then you don’t become villain, we have very good life a human, don’t waste your life, live happily, vishesh looks at her, aashi says I have simple rule, if you see world with good sight glasses then world will be beautiful, the one who are giving you room knows everything about you but they also good seeing glasses so giving you room, you haven’t done anything wrong but your family is divided into pieces, compose yourself and then compose your family, living in Vishnu uncle’s house is the 1st step towards proving yourself right, vishesh thinks, he says thanks to aashi. aashi says that we were in same school for many years but we were not friends, so we should become friends now, she extends her hand. vishesh looks at her, vishesh says I am not friend material, stay away from me, aashi gets sad and says you are such a boring person a cute girl is asking friendship and you are saying no, vishesh goes from there.

Scene 3
aashi and vishesh come out of shop, aashi ask him to sit behind her on sccoty, she will drop him, vishesh doesn’t sit, she says oh you have male ego, wont sit behind a girl, ok you run the sccoty while I sit behind you, vishesh is looking at people around and doesn’t sit, he goes from there.
Vishnu and prabha comes back home, they find their son and daughter in law at house, they say we forgot keys and you were not picking call, son finds paint in hands of Vishnu and says its good you brought it, paint the room for rent, mansi’s(daughter in law) friend wanna take that room, Vishnu tries to say something but son leaves.
vishesh is trying to get auto but fails, aashi says of you played auto auto then sit on my scooty, I will drop you, she says I will call you moun vrat( silent faST) vishesh doesn’t sit and starts walking, aashi keep stop him by stopping scooty infron of him, vishesh finally sits on her scooty, they goes to Vishnu’s house.
Vishnu tells his son that they have promised someone to give him room for rent, mansi says my uncle will give us more money, Vishnu says its not about money, we have promised room to the guy and is in desperate need for it, we are just helping him out, son says cut it out, please say no to the guy, son leaves. prabha says to Vishnu that say no to aashi for room before she comes here with vishesh, call her.
aashi says to vishesh that you should be thankful to me, vishesh says please concentrate on driving, aashi’s phone rings, she ask vishesh to pick it up and put it on her ear, vishesh does. its Vishnu’s call, aashi who is on way to their house only, Vishnu says sorry, aashi we cant give room to your friend, don’t come here, aashi could not listen to what Vishnu was saying because of heavy traffic on road and says we are coming to your house only and cancels the phone. Vishnu says they are coming here, prabha says we couldn’t do work of aashi.

SCene 4
sahil calls aashi, vishesh ask what to do? aashi says let it ring, don’t pick it up.
mansi says to her husband(ashish) that you should talk to your father about selling this house, tour colony rates are high, it will give us good money, I think we should sell this house and get the apartment on your name, ashish says I am thinking same, I will talk to father(Vishnu).
aashi is on the way to Vishnu’s house, the road is blocked, vishesh finds aashi’s bracelet on road and gets down to get it, aashi runs the bike and goes from there oblivious that vishesh is left behind.
vihnu talks to ashish and says that I have promised the girl, she is very good, please let me give the room to her, ashish says why don’t you understand thing in one time only, now I wont give room to anyone, we will sell this house and buy the apartment, Vishnu says talk with respect and I will not sell this house, ashish says this house is very big and we will have to renovate it soon and you don’t have money to do so, so I will have to do it, its better to sell this house, Vishnu says don’t forget that this house is mine and I will decide when to sell it and whom should be given room here, now don’t talk more, ashish angrily looks at father.

PRECAP- aashi comes to vishnu’ place and says I have brought your paying guest( vishesh), tell me where is vishesh’s room, Vishnu says I wont be able to give room to him, vishesh gets disappointed, aashi sadly looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. A nice cute serial story… like it

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