Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
neelu di is leaving with her husband, aashi ask her husband to take care of neelu didi, all ask her to comeback soon, neelu leaves, all are sad, sahil addresses them that now i will get neelu di’s room, aashi ask why you want room in my house? he says whenever i fight with father, i will come here and my neck shape has changed because of sleeping on your sofa, aashi says ok, you take that room, sahil says yay, now i will rehearse for acting here, aashi is going market, she ask all what they want, aashi is leaving when chabru aunty come with her list of work, she sweetly talks with aashi, aashi says its old formula to sweetly talk with your enemy when you have work from them, i have used this too on sahil’s father but nothing happened, chabru says do my small work, this is list of my grocery please bring it on bike, how can i go in rain, aashi takes the list and says i cant bring homely things, chabru please bring it, aashi says sahil will bring it, chabru says yes my rajesh Khanna will bring it, sahil says i cant say no to chabru aunty but i have audition today, chabru says no problem, aashi will bring it, aashi says ok and takes the list, she goes to market.

Scene 2
prabah and Vishnu are shopping in grocery market, they buy things with low price, aashi comes there and but things, she sees prabha and Vishnu shopping, Vishnu tries to buy nuts packet but prabha says we cant buy it vijesh(their son) have given less money, aashi sees all this and gets sad. aashi continues her shopping, prabha finds aashi and says to Vishnu that its the same girl who helped us yesterday, aashi could not find chabru aunty’s maslas, prabha helps her, Vishnu says it seems you are your mother’s favorite child so she didn’t allowed you to work in kitchen, aashi gets sad, prabha says i will help you getting maslas, aashi says today you saved me from chabru aunty’s scolding, prabha says you saved us yesterday so we saved you today, i think we have connection from past life, prabha and Vishnu goes to counter, they find nuts packet in their items, they find note on it that its from the girl whom they helped with maslas, Vishnu says she is a great girl, they leave, aashi looks at them leaving.
aashi comes out of market and opens her bag to give money for parking, she finds man wallet in her bag, she finds vishesh’s pic on it, she recalls how she stroke with vishesh and his wallet came in her purse, she says how will she find vishesh in city, vishesh is sitting behind her only on street, aashi finds one number in his wallet and calls on it, she asy i have vishesh’s wallet but the layd ends the call listening to vishesh’s name, aashi thinks that all his money is with me, how will i find him, aashi is on road and is in tension how to finf him, vishesh is coming from behind., aashi leaves without seeing vishesh.

Scene 3
aashi is going back home, rain starts, aashi stands on bus stop, goon starts ever teasing her, aashi says do you want to go with me to police station, they say yes lets go to police station, aashi gets the idea and thanks goons for teasing her.
aashi comes to police station and says 8i need your help, there is one person vishesh, i want his address and number, police man says should i give you his kundli too, how can i give you his contact no. aashi says he was in this jail only so please call him and ask him to come here, police man says we are left for this only, he ask her to sit while he calls vishesh.
aashi is waiting, sahil calls her and ask her if she is coming to see his shooting for an ad, aashi says no, for what brand you are shooting? sahil 1st says no i wont tell you, ashi says if you don’t tell me then i will shout on phone, sahil says ok, sahil says my respect has gone down, i am doing a rocking ad, ashi ask him to tell, sahil says i am doing ad for dagang jharo(broom), he says my moral support is going down so please come here, ashi says for very person the moral support is himself and every big actor do these kinds of ads before becoming big actor, you are on right track, sahil says you are my best friend and ends call, ashi get tea from waiter.

Scene 4
aashi is in police station, Vishnu comes there and ask policeman to file an F.I.R, aash i comes to Vishnu and jokes whom did you beat that you have to come here, vishenu says nothing like that, actually there was 3 robberies in colony and watchman is missing so we think watchman ins involve in this so came here to file f.i.r, other colony member says policeman is not filinf f.i.r, aashi goes to policeman do you know who i am, he says no, ashi finds one big officer’s name on board and says i am daughter of that person, policeman says ok i will file an f.i.r, Vishnu thanks ashi, aasi says my way was different but we have to take work from them like this only, Vishnu thanks her for nuts too. aashi thinks that if sahil gets to know that i am here then he will beat me with broom only.

Scene 5
sahil does ad for broom. policeman says i have called vishesh, he will come soon, aashi says ok, Vishnu comes and thanks her, ashi says i am waiting for my friend, Vishnu finds policemen gossiping about ashi so he says that i will wait with you here, aashi thanks him, vishesh comes there, aahi looks at him.

PRECAP- policeman taunts vishesh that dog’s belt should be put around his neck so that people be aware to stay away from him. aashi comes to some isolated place, she finds vishesh sleeping there, she offers him to stay at her house, vishesh says its been 7 days only that i have come out of jail, people doesn’t give me house for rent, don’t you think that people will gossip in your colony if i stay at your house?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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