Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Host announces that the guest is here. Everyone welcomes amit shah. SAhil says one day girls will scream for me like this. Aashi says he looks so handsome. I wanna go with him on a long drive. binti says he is so cute. vishesh says binti stop it. Amit says how are you all. Now I have seen alive people on navratri in Jabalpur. People should learn from you how to celebrate. Its lucky draw time. Amit takes out a chit. Its aashi’s name. she is very happy. She goes on the stage. He says congratulations and you are so cute. Vishesh is envious. aashi says you are handsome. Host says you can take a photo with her. aashi takes a selfie with him. She says can I get a selfie with my friends. When they are with me its more fun. aashi asks all of them to come up. They take the selfie. Aashi dances with amit. Everyone else is also enjoying the dance. aashi asks prabha and Vishnu to come and join them in dandiya. They go there. SAhil falls on the ground. all of tgem say sahil. Mahesh says to his friend we have a party in mansi’s family. We have sold the old house.

Sunil says to his lawyer I want the site to be empty by tomorrow. we have to start our project. He says I have managed everything. sunil says that Vishnu has ruined my days. lawyer says you won in the end. You have got the site.

Aashi says look sahil you have become the center of attraction. Look you have become one. Mansi and ashish see Vishnu and prabha. they stop for a while and then leave. ashish meets his friend. He says lets go to my house. He says there is a party in mansi’s house. We have planned to buy a new flat and sell the old house. Mansi’s family is throwing the party for that. His friend sees Vishnu and says uncle aren’t you going with ashish? Ashish says our paths are different now. Anyway meet you later. Lets go mansi. Prabha starts coughing. She is fainting. Aashi says aunty are you okay? he says uncle we should take her to hospital. Vishnu says her medicines are at home. vishesh says lets take her home.

Scene 2
Everyone is with prabha. they give her hot water.

Aashi and sahil are out. he says I can’t do this. they will kill us. Aahsi says we have to break in and take the medicines. She says we are just going in to steal the medicines. We have a lawyer too. they can’t do anything. They jump in the house. They go inside from the window. aashi says where is kitchen. Aashi says look that side I will look on the opposite one. They have torches in the hand. A crane comes there to destruct the house. They say we have to break this boundary wall there are some people in the house. After that we will destruct the whole house. sunil has bought the house. Ashish has sold it himself. aashi stands in front of the crane. she says to gupta I won’t even let a brick destruct. Step back right now.

Vishesh says please uncle lets take her to hospital. aashi comes in and says uncle give it to aunty. he says where you brought it from? She says I will tell you later. Ashi says I will tell everything when aunty will feel better.

ashish and mansi come home and asks why haven’t you break the wall? Gupta says we couldn’t. whenever we thought about aashi tower aashi stops it.
Aashi asks prabha how are you now? She says better. Vishnu asks how you got it? SHe says actually no one was at your place. He broke in your house and took this medicine. Vishnu says what? Vishesh says this is wrong. aashi says I know this is wrong but I had no other option. Vishesh says you think you can do anything? Truth is that ashish has sold the house to your parents. She says I know uncle my parents are behind all this. But we can save it as long as my parents have it. Vishnu says my own son threw me out of house and you are saying I can trust your parents. I have no trust on my own son. Prabha says we have no strength to even hope. Aashi says there is no ending of hope. Picture is left.

Precap-vishnu and prabha are worried for their house. aashi goes to dehli and meets her parents. she tells them about the miseries of Vishnu and prabha. she says how could you snatch someone’s house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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