Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mansi says mummy papa will always live in their house. We forgot whats right and whats wrong but now our eyes are open. aashi you always helped us but we never saw it. You saved my world aahsi thank you so much. Forgive me if you can. ashi says don’t embarrass me. Mansi says me and ashsih will fight against gupta. we will alol fight together. Vishesh says if you are with us our case will be stronger. We should start preparing for the case.

Gupta calls someone and mamta navas should be destructed in fews hours. He says t9o sunil and rupa it will be destroyed before they can do anything. sunil says yeah just keep working on it. Someone calls sunil and says ashsish is not listening to us he has filed a cas against you and gupta. He tells rupa and gupta about it. Gupta says i wont leave him. Sunil says lets go.

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Gupta goes to aashish and grasps his collar. He says how dare you to file a case against us? mansi says stay away how inhumane are you. s8unil says he has double crossed us. Mansi says yhe did right. what could we do with your money and flat if he had died. aashi saved his life. She opened our eyes. gupta says you should have called me i could arrange the blood in moments. Ashish says i never knew that you have more worth of money than life. I am ashmed that i was with you people. i deceived my parents because of yu and they had to leave their house. sunil says you.. aashish says shut and get lost. Sunil leaves.

Prabha says i am really scared. Vishnu says i couldn’t go to court because you are ill. Aashi and others come home after hearing. Vishnu asks what happened? They all laugh and says we won th case. They hugs each other. Vishnu says how this happened? Vishesh says aashish’s statement made us win this. Ashish calls Vishnu. Ashish says papa i am resally sorry please pardon me. Prabha takes the phone. Ashish says pardon me mummy. I was blind in lust prabha says its okay. We will forget the past. Focus on your health. prabha tells Vishnu he is coming to pick us up. Prabha says he will take us home. Aashi says in heart i wont let you go from my life. I have to do something.

Scene 2
Vishesh is working in his office. Prabh and Vishnu come to him prabha syas we wanted t talk to you about something. Its good to help people but till when will aashi run after you? She is a girl she should get married. We know that you love her.Vishnu says we want you to marry her. Vishesh is dazed. Vishnu says don’t make her wait too much. They leave. Sahil overhears it and is really shocked.

Sahil picks the paper. He shows it to aashi. he says look whats written in news. You want to adopt Vishnu uncle and praba as parents. aashi says i talked to a reporter. He askd will Vishnu and prabha leave my house? i said our love will never end. they have loved me like a daughter. i will adopt them as parents. prabha and Vishnu come there. Aashi says my real parents just gave me brith you gave me the love. i feel like my parents never considered me their daughter. will you make me your daughter? prabha says you are everything for us. Prabha hugs aashi.

Rupa shows the newspaper to sunil. she says look what she is doing? she never considered us parents. sunil says there is no such law, rupa says she wants to show the world that we are bad parents do something sunil says we have to stop her.

Aashi says to her diary i am really happy i am planning to shift in mamta navas. Vishesh comes in and says what were you recording? aashi says nothing. Vishesh says i wanna listen it. Aashi says no vishesh. he says i am your friend. aashi says no there is nothing in it. He says i wanna listen to it. I wont leave without listening to it. He is trying to take laptop from her aashi falls on bed and vishesh on her. Vishesh says i am sorry aashi says its okay. He leaves.

Sahil in on the couch. he cant sleep.he recalls aashi so close to vishesh. He sits down and says whats wrong with me? why is aashi all over my mind. am i being jealous of her love life? SHe is is my best friend i should be happy for her. whats wrong with me. i am scared if she goes away from my life i wont let this happen. i have to seep vishesh away from aahi.

Precap-Rupa says to prrabha because of you our daughter is against us. when will you leave? aashi says never. You both will have to leave,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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