Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sohan says its such a bad thing to steal on the pooja day. I gave you money whenever you wanted. Sohan’s wife says call police. Sohan says i can’t believe her has done all this. She syas who else has done this? You have to confess mohan. Mohan sys i haven’t stolen anything. She says who else has? You should be scared of God. he says why should i be when i didn’t do anything. She says call police. Mohan says stop playing these games. I know i am a problem to you. You hate me because i will have half of dad’s money. Moahn tells vishesh everything. Sohan says oh GOd fogive me i can’t do the pooja. how could i? Mohan sys stop this drama why would i steal when i have everything. Your family is equally accused of this. Mohan says i have seen our real face. His wife says we shouldn’t talk to this animal. mohan says mind your language. Aashi says vishesh i have to talk to you. They all go out. Aashi says i don’t feel mohan is right. He is talking so rudly to his brother. Jhabro says he i just outspoken but he can’t do all this. Vishesh says let me study this only then i will decide something. Jahbro says won’t you help mohan?

Sunil says to ashish keep your parents away from my house. Ashish says you sister has ruined my relations with my parents. sunil syas i don’t care whats between you and them, You have to separate ashi and your parents. ashish says we can’t do anything. sunil syas you can do it. i have a -plan.

Vishesh says why are you fighting like this. We can sit and sort it out. Vishesh says mohan ji tell me everything. Sohan says let me tell you everything. He says i bought a ring for my sister. Mohan came in the room and said give me money, i said no. He said i have the same right on money. Next morning when i came to room there was nothing in the locker. After that its in front of you. Vishesh says who has the keys of locker? Soahn says i and mohan had it. mohan says they are lying. His wife must know about the combination of this locker. sohan says i swear on GOd never told about the locker combination. Aashi says mohan is the culprit. Aashi says why you think someone from your house has stolen it. There might be some outsider. He says no one came in the house we saw in the cctv camera. Vishesh says can we rummage this house? Sohan says we have trust in you. You can search. Mohan says i don’t fear anyone.

Ashis is worried. He says mansi we are getting the results of our deeds. mansi says they left with their choice. He says we can’t satisfy ourself by saying that. We betrayed our parents.

Jhabro says to aashi and sahil mohan can’t steal it. Aashi and sahil rummage in mohan’s room. Sahil finds a file. He says look at these papers. He has taken loan of lacs. Aashi finds a pistol and says look at this. Mohan is not the right guy. Vishesh says tell me where can we find the jewelry. Mohan says all i know is that i haven’t stolen it. Mohan says i don’t have a character certificate. When you know tomorrow that i was innocent will you be able to forgive yourself.

The idol is about to fall. ashi runs to it but sohan stops her and says i saved it. I was scared to see it fall on the floor.

Ballu says to his men you couldn’t even kill them, the man says you wanted it to look like an accident. tHey will get good news of their death. ballu says you have last chance to do this task.

Door bell rings. prabha opens it. they are the ladies from the factory. they say we have brought these Diwali presents for aashi. Vishnu says but you sent some gifts yesterday. she says we didn’t send you anything yesterday. prabha says a man came from your side and gave us these firecrackers. She says no we didn’t send it. SHe gives them the gift.

Cops arrive. The woman says inspector he has stolen the good. Mohan says i have not stolen anything. Inspector says i have to arrest you. we have complaint against you. vishesh says stop. He says i am the lawyer of mr. Mohan here are his bail papers you can’t arrest him. Now everything wil happen in court. The cops leave. aashi says why you got him bailed? He says you shoed me the way. Your grandpa’s friend’s son gave me this bail.

PREcap-vishesh says we should go for pooja but after the search.; All of you can leave after search. Sohan says i am okay with it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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