Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Tuku says to Vishnu in front of mansi, I can play a lot game here. My friend who lives in the flat can’t even play. Vishnu says there are many benefits if staying with the land.

Vishesh says to Aashi you know whats your problem you can’t handle your own life. Its scattered like your room. You are scared to see your own life so you keep yourself busy with others’. you feel like you have a solution for everything, truth is you don’t have a solution for you own problems. Aashi is in tears. Vishesh stops. She leaves.

Scene 2
Ashish says to masni papa signed the papers and you sent them to builders? She says you got those signs? He says no I couldn’t ask him. she syas they were signed already and I gave them to builder. Ashish

says I think he signed them with insurance papers. Mansi says I know you feel bad and I feel bad too. Everything happens for good.

Gabro says to everyone its not aashi’s mistake. She should leave him. Vishesh went to jail so that girl lives happily in his house. Sahil says you are right we should help the ones who need it. Vishesh shouldn’t have talked like that. Gabro says he was right. Aashi is setting her room and says what he knows abot me. He said my life is broken and scattered. Vishesh comes in and says if I had to give that crown to someone I would have given it to you in third place. Aashi says who are first and second? he says to mummy and my sister. You are really nice aashi. we can’t solve every problem. Sometime we just have to ignore.

Scene 3
Nettu’s husband comes in room. He says I can’t ignore this problem. Nettu says I never met vishesh. He says I told you we will never talk about him. still you think about him? Everyone respects us in Jabalpur. What if someone knows that you have an extra marital affair. She says I have no relationship with him. She sys I will never make you embarrassed. He says your life will ruin. vishesh says to aashi promise me neetu won’t have any problem due to you? ashi gets a call from Vishnu. he says its ashish’s birthday. we were planning to give him a surprise party. we don’t know anything can you give me some ideas? She says I have a ot of ideas. DO as I say. she tells them and they start writing.

Vishesh says to sahil don’t worry she is fine now. But she is still on her point. Sahil says you are doing my job thank you. Vishesh leaves.

Vishny and prabha are packing ashish’s gift. mansi gives ashish a present. she sys why are you upset? He says no I ma fine. Mansi says mummy papa won’t be angry with you for long. We will celebrate navratri in new life.

Next morning, vishesh’s sister meets him and tells him that she is committed now. Its her roka in temple. will he come? He says no I won’t come binti. I don’t want anything bad happen to you. aashi says why won’t you go? She says aashi he tell me a lot about you. Thank you for taking care of him. aashi says I always will. He is every rude but I will handle. Aashis says vishesh will reach temple I promise. Binti says okay I have to leave now. Vishesh says how could you promise her? Aashi says I am very tired don’t annoy me. You can attend it while hiding from everyone. aashi gets a call. Its prabha. she tells her that everything is done.

Prabha and Vishnu pretend like they don’t know its ashish’s birthday.

The roka starts, aasi reaches there with vishesh. Aashi waves him. THe boy and his family come there. Vishesh sees the guy and gives a satisfactory smile to binti. Vishesh’s family welcome them. The guy’s dad says I am sorry we can’t do this wedding. Everyone is shocked.

Precap-visehs says don’t give punishment to my sister. I beg you don’t do this. You made fun of my sister. The man slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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