Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The boss of the factory laughs and says take these fire crackers and enjoy Diwali. Vishesh says thanks whoever you are. People like you make mistakes. You talk more than required. He says I do more than required. Vishesh says no its time for us to do. Thank you, you told us that cops are with you. Now we can get you in as well for bribing the cops. He says inspector do you know who MR. Khana is? Your officers are equally responsible. Boss asks what will you do? Vishesh counts their sins. He tells his punishments according to the constitution. Vishesh says let me tell you that I am a lawyer and I can’t let you continue these sins. Aashi says he is very famous lawyer he hasn’t lost a case since he started. Boss says don’t fly. No policeman can get ballu behind bars. Aashi says thanks you told us all that and I have recorded. We have now proofs against you and dsp khana. Aashi says still if you don’t arrest him inspector just imagine what will happen to you. Inspector says come with ballu. His companion says we fund you station. How dare you to arrest ballu. The cops come forward and arrest them all. Ballu says you have to pay for this, to aashi and vishesh. Aashi sys wow vishesh you said so good. aashi says to the ladies leave these firecrackers. No one will force you to work. From now work at a place where you get what you deserve. We have talked to an NGO for you all. Go and talk to them they will get you a job. Aal the ladies thank them one by one.

Scene 2
Prabah shows the gift she has made for sahil. Prabha says she has gone with vishesh for a case. Aashi and vishesh come in. sahil says I know nothing would have done without me. aashi says we have done it all. aashi says we saved some miserable women. some thugs were frocig poor women to work. sahil says how that happened? Aashi says forget that. Vishnu says very good daughter. She says, say well done to vishesh. he was uttering dialogue one after another. Vishesh says she was good as well. I wonder why Is she scared of cockroaches. Sahil says I am so proud of you. you should have brought me. Ashi says you had a shoot. Vishnu says take care of you self ashi. she says whenever I am with vishesh I feel like I can do anything. I am not feared of anything. Vishnu and prabha give her the gift. Ashi takes it. a man comes in with a large gift. He says sunil sir and rupa ma’am sent this gifts for you. There are many expensive things inside the gift. Vishnu conceals his gift thinking it might be very little and cheap in front of those gifts. there is a letter that says, ashi hope you are fine. This all is for you. You what your parents want.aashi says I don’t; want all this. Take it back. Vishnu says they have sent it with love. THey will be really hurt if you return it. they are your parents they have right on you. Aashi says no aunty I tried to hold them but they never wanted me. There is no space for me in their life. She says take all these gifts back. She says to Vishnu you were gifting me something. She opens it. Its a white and blue dress, She says thank you so much its very beautiful. Prabha says I founf this dress material I like sewing so I made this for you. Ashi says you don’t know what this present means to me. She says I will wear it in the pooja tomorrow.

Late at night everyone is preparing for Diwali. sahil says ou house will look the best in whole neighborhood. Aashi gets stuck I some lightings. vishesh comes and take her out.

Ballu in jail says to his men you know what you have to do. They messed with ballu. they will know what I am. aashi turns on the light and the whole house is illuminated. Ballu says she will have a blast this Diwali.

Scene 2
Next morning, Prabha nd Vishnu wake all the kids up. Aashi says you know how to scold. Prabha says I can even beat if its required. Aashi says I will wake up after two minutes. prabha says Vishnu please bring water. SAhil and aashi say no. Vishnu says to sahil you should go to your house first. you should get your parents’s blessings. they must be missing you. Then you can come here. Aashi says they are right I can’t meet my parents but you can. He says okay I am going I will come in afternoon. He takes blessings of Vishnu and prabh and says you are like my parents as well. Ashi touches Vishnu’s feet. he says daughters don’t touch the feet. ashi says why? He says because they don’t betray like sons. He hugs her.

Gupta calls sunil and tells him that aashi has rejected all the gifts. Sunil says she weren’t like that. they have changed her. gupta says they are with the stay order on that land. so something. all the investors will leave. Sunil says my daughter shouldn’t face any problems. He says I just wanted to say we should do something or the investors will send their thugs to ou place.

Precap-a man comes with firecrackers to aashi’s home saying the ladies from the factory have sent them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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