Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh ask aashi to think they are powerful, Vishnu says think about neetu, her life is at stake, vishesh was silent why? he wanted to not hurt nettu’s future, prabha says if vishesh wanted that, he would have done that long ago but he sacrificed for neetu and we should aslo respect it, aashi ask when vishesh did so much for nettu then why she didn’t do anything for him? Vishnu says you are right, sometimes when anything wrong is happening, we feel like killing that person but that time we should stop and think that if we are doing right or wrong, we should follow right path only, aashi says to Vishnu you also fought for your property when your own was not with you so why should not I fight for right? Vishnu says I fought because my own was not with me, sometime we should think from mind too, vishesh did all this for nettu, don’t spoil it, prabha says what you are going to do, vishesh will be hurt by it, leave this stubbornness, Vishnu says we are asking something thinking you as our own, give it to us, prabha says when your own stop you from something for your good, wont you stop? aashi thinks and takes off her bag from neck deciding to not go police station, all smile.
Sunil calls his manager and says police came to my Jabalpur house, arrange security guard for house, manager agrees. sunil ends calls and sees blue print of aashi towers and then sketch of Vishnu’s house, he says finally aashi towers will be built, work will start.

Scene 2
ashish is getting ready for office, he says parents don’t listen to anyone, tukkur says I want to go with grandfather only, ashish shouts on him and says they left you, don’t talk about your grandparents now, tukkur runs from there, mansi says its not tukkur’s fault, the one who are wrong don’t care about us, ashish says don’t talk about them, they think that we will go to them and will plead, its not gonna happen, mansis says ok I am going to office, pick tukkur from school, ashish says I wont be able to pick him, mansi says I have meeting, ashish says I wont pick him up and goes from there angrily, mansi is angry.
sahil is shooting for an ad, his hairs are dyed but color is not coming off from his hairs.
Prabha says to Vishnu that I should call mansi, she doesn’t know that tukkur have to wear white uniform today in school, mansi even don’t know timing of water supply, Vishnu says leave hope, they wont comeback, if they had too, they would have come by now, prabha says I cant leave hope, he is my son, tell me till when we will live here? Vishnu says I have some money in bank, I am trying to find small house, prabha says I trust you, aashi and vishesh listens it, aashi comes to them and says I shopped for you both, look I have brought sarees for aunty and kurtas for uncle, prabha and Vishnu are happy to see it, prabha ask why did you spend money on us? aashi says nothing to worry, she leaves from there.

Scene 3
vishesh says to aashi that you look so good with uncle aunty, you have glow on your face when you are with them, I have never seen you so happy before, aashi says I feel good with them, I feel that they are my own, sahil comes there with bad red hairs, ashi ask what happened to your hairs? sahil says that color product, director said that its temporary color but its not coming off now, aasl laughs on sahi, sahil says what will I do if this color doesn’t come off, sahil says I will sue them, vishesh says according to law 986, you can file case of bad consumer product too, aashi and all watches him. aashi says I have seen before too that you have so much knowledge about law, how did you get it? vishesh says I studied law, I am lawyer but I couldn’t practice, all are impressed, sahil says then you will fight my case, vishesh says why not, I will sue them for 15lakhs, Aashi says wow you are much intelligent then you seems to be, I didn’t think tha you would be lawyer, great, vishesh says I am getting late for office, I am going, jhabru aunty comes there and looks at sahil’ hair color, jhabru says what happened to you sahil? why this colorful flower on your head, sahil is frustrated, jhabru comes to aashi and says please go to market and bring coconut water for me, aashi tries to make excuse but jhabru emotionally blackmails her, aashi takes her bag and says I don’t know what will happen today.

Scene 4
Tukkur is waiting fro his parents to come and pick him up from school, aashi sees him standing and goes to him, tukkur says to aashi that I am waiting for my mother but she didn’t come till now, you took grandparents to your home, please let me take to them, I want to meet them, aashi thinks that maybe it was the reason that I agreed to jhabru aunty’s work, aashi thinks to call mansi and tell her that she is taking tukkur to her house but she forgot her mobile at home only, ashi says to watchmen that tucker Is my relative, I am taking him to my house, when his mother comes, tell her that aashi took him from school, she goes with tucker from there, mansi comes to school and ask watchmen, he tells her that girl aashi took tukkur with her. mansi says aashi?
sahil, Vishnu, prabha and jhabru are sitting in lounge, suddenly tukkur comes there and hugs Vishnu, they get happy seeing him, prabha ask how are you? where is your parents, they see aashi coming, aashi comes in lounge, tukkur says to them that I miss you both a lot, prabha hugs him, tukkur says please comeback, you know I had to pack my school bag and mother forgot to make me wear white uniform, Vishnu ask aashi from did she get tukkur? ashi I saw tukkur waiting for mansi outside school so I brought him here, Vishnu and prabha gets worried.

PRECAP- Aashi and all are enjoying Garba night, they play dandiya, ashi gives sticks to vishesh, he plays dandiya with her, suddenly another girl comes infront of vishesh and plays dandiya with him, vishesh says you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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