Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sahil is waiting for aashi, aashi comes home and says I attended coaching classes and I shopped for navratri, she shows him dresses, she ask where were you today? you didn’t call me, sahil is least interested in her talks and is waiting for vishesh, aashi jokes that are you missing jhabru aunty, vishesh comes home, sahil says hello brother, how are you, he ask vishesh to come in, aashi is confused with sahil’s behavior, sahil makes vishesh sit beside aashi, he gives vishesh tea, aashi thinks what happened to sahil, why is he bahving so cordial with vishesh, sahil says to vishesh that I have made tea, please taste it, vishesh drinks, sahil says it must be not good as your office one, I am sure you get tea daily in your office, you must have drank it for once before leaving the job, aashi is shocked, sahil ask vishesh are you going to tell her or should I? sahil says ok I will tell her, he says to aashi that you gave your room to this guy, sunil uncle gave him job and this guy neglected your favors, he threw your favors after using them like tissue papers, sunil uncle gave him job and he said bitter words to sunil uncle and left the job, aashi is shocked and looks at vishesh.
Vishnu ask prabha to keep this heating pad safely, prabha says I know aashi has send it and its close to your heart but I don’t understand one thing that how aashi got to know that we need it, Vishnu says this is her charm, she gets to know about our needs and fulfills it too without telling me even, she is magician, prabha says the thing is that we have hurt her a lot even then she did this for us, she has got a very big and loving heart for all.

Scene 2
roopa gets aashi’s gift, its a stone on which mummy is written, she says what a weird gift, sunil calls her and ask did you get aashi’s gift? she says yes its weird, sunil says she sent me other piece of stone which has papa written on it, is she trying to say.. roopa says I don’t know how she gets this stupid ideas, if you want then you can go to meet her, I don’t have time or energy for her vain talks, she ends call. otherside prabha safely keeps aashi’s gift.
ashi ask vishesh why you left the job? sahil taunts that he must have not liked the painting, aashi ask did any problem happened there, tell me, vishesh thinks I cant tell you aashi why I left the job, aashi thinks I am understanding vishesh, the reason must be big that you left the job, sahil says leave that, today whom were you meeting lovingly, who is that girl? aashi is shocked to listen this, sahil says he doesn’t have time for job but he has time to flirt with gilrs, vishesh holds sahil’s collar and says enough sahil, sahil angrily looks at vishesh, vishesh leaves from there, sahil says I saw him with a girl and his reaction proved my thing, aashi says enough, why you make mess out of nothing, what if he met a girl, me and you roam around city whole day, the people who don’t know us thinks that we are in a relationship, vishesh’s eyes are saying that there must be some bug reason which he cant tell us, sahil says this means you still think he is not wrong and you aren’t going to do anything against him, aashi says I will do and I will do it now only, aashi goes to vishesh.

Scene 3
vishesh in his room is angry, he says how to tell you aashi that her parents are illegally trying t snatch Vishnu’s uncle property, aashi wont be able to bear this fact, aashi comes and ask vishesh to come with her, she drags vishesh out, sahil ask what is she doing now, aashi ask vishesh to sit on scooty, vishesh ask where are we going, she says we are going near only, sit behind me, vishesh sits, they leaves from house, sahil comes there, kannu says whats this now, sahil says I thought that when aashi will know the truth then she will throw him out but she took him on ride, she is a fool, he goes behind aashi.
Vishnu calls his lawyer and says please understand me, I will give you money in 2 or 3 days, have faith, he ends call, ashish comes and gives Vishnu check, he says why are you putting us down infront of outsider, I am giving you money for last time, don’t expect anything from me now, he leaves, prabha says he is our son afterall, we had issues but he helped us in end.
aashi brings vishesh to street, vishesh finds board of job vacancy and says you brought me here for this? aashi you don’t have other work, why you are always behind me? aashi says I have holidays that’s why, vishesh says aashi you are weird, you don’t know why I left the job and you are trying to get me another job, aashi says I know there must be some very big reason that you left that job and that’s why you are silent, vishesh says you don’t have normal reaction for anything, aashi says I am not normal so how can my reactions be normal, I cant be serious, see yourself, you are normal but its not fun, aashi smiles, vishesh keep looking at her, aashi ask what are you looking and takes him for job interview, sahil, kannu and bantu comes there, he says aashi has gone mad behind him, sahil says now there will be a big battle between me and vishesh.

Scene 4
aashi and vishesh comes out after giving interview, aashi says its ok, we got no from here but we have whole Jabalpur, vishesh says you don’t get disappointed, aashi says I am not made for it, they goes from there to find job.
sahil tells his plan to kannu and bantu, they are infront of police station, kannu and bantu starts acting and says sahil we are your big fan, you are great actor, policeman comes there and says oh you are an actor, you do saree ads, he ask sahil to have tea with him, sahil says yes why not, sahil ask can you help me? policeman says ofcourse, sahil says I want to know about vishesh dubey, policeman says yes I know him, ask what information you want?
aashi and vishesh comes to some other office, vishesh goes in to give interview, aashi is waiting for him, some guys eve tease aashi, vishesh comes out and sees this, he gets angry, guys leave from there seeing vishesh. aashi looks at vishesh and says wow, people get afraid seeing your face only, you should become action hero, aashi says sit on bike, we will go to another office, vishesh says sahil is always miffed with me and now you are doing all this then he will.. ashi says don’t worry about sahil, I have to fill my thankyou bank and I will ask something in return from you, she says we will go to last office now.

Scene 5
Vishnu and prabha are taking money to lawyer, they come out bank after cashin g the cheque, prabha says you should have called lawyer to house only, its not safe to take huge money to him like this, Vishnu says lawyer is always busy so he couldn’t come to our house, we have to go to him for our work, some robbers comes and snatches money from prabha, they run from there while prabha and Vishnu shouts for help, they are shocked to find money gone from their hands and cries.

PRECAP- vishesh comes to aashi and ask her to not give money to Sunil’s pa, aashi ask why? he says you don’t know the truth behind aashi’s towers, if you know the truth then you wont give money to him, aashi ask him to tell clearly, vishesh says your mom and dad are illegally fighting for a piece of land and that land is of none other than Vishnu and prabha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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