Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi is in vishesh’s arms, they share an eyelock while all are tensed in house, bantu disturbs them, vishesh puts aashi down in ground, aashi says thanks, aashi ask how was your first day on job? you must be liking it as father gave you that job, vishesh is about to say something when sahil interrupts and says we should prepare as aashi’s parents must be coming, ashi says yes and gets busy, vishesh thinks that aashi did a lot for me, when she will know about truth then she will be broken, I cant do anything for her, aashi ask sahil will parents like our surprise, sahil says yes, sahil ask why your mood was off when you came in house, aashi recalls Vishnu’s rude behavior, they listen the car sound and thinks that aashi’s parents have arrived, they switch off the lights, when parents come in house, they burst party popper and gives them surprise, they are shocked to find someone else instead of aashi’s parents, aashi says suresh uncle and nina didi( sunil workers) you here? suresh says sorry you must have planned surprise for someone, I came to tell you that your parents are gone out of city, aashi says no this cant be possible, I have planned party for them, they must be coming only, nina says I have booked their flight only and we came to take their things from your house, aashi is heart broken and in tears, vishesh looks at her, sahil points to bantu and kannu, they leave from there, aashi gets call and sees its her papa’s call, she takes it, sunil says we cant come, sorry I have urgent work, we are going, suresh is coming to take luggage, we are going delhi, have fun, he ends calls, bantu brings Sunil’s luggage and gives to suresh, suresh and nina leaves, sahil says aashi.. ashi says you won the challenge, you were right, my parents dont love me, I was wrong, I was stupid, everyone could understand this but not me, you won the challenge, aashi takes out her gift, its sculpture on which mummy papa is written, she breaks it, she throws things around and shouts that you won sahil, she runs to her room crying while all are tensed.

Scene 2
Vishnu recalls how rudre was sunil with him and how he asked them to empty the house, prabha comes and gives one packet to Vishnu, she says its aashi’s, she forgot it here, its for her parents, Vishnu says I cant believe that they are her parents, I had to be rude with aashi just because of them, why always it happens to us, aashi was very excited about parents day and was inviting us too, to include us in her happiness and what we did, we insulted her, prbaha says you are right but what happened was right, think what if aashi came to know that her parents want to illegally snatch our property from us then she must have got more hurt, she would feel more pain, she would have gone against her parents, tell me could we destroy her happy life? we have problems but aashi loves her parents a lot, so we did right. Vishnu agrees.
aashi recalls how vihunu rudely asked her to leaves from his house, how his parents left her alone, she says sahil was right, I cant see anything, she is recording video diary, she says sahil told me that parents wont come in party but I didn’t believe him, Vishnu and prabha was so rude to me, sahil proved that he knows my parents more than me, do I look at world wrongly by applying pink glasses, is it true that what we see isn’t same like we think, she runs from her room, she leaves from house, sahil goes behind her.

Scene 3
aashi comes to street crying, sahil comes behind her and finds her sitting on bench, he comes to her and tries to say something, aashi stops him, sahil sits beside her. aashi shows him shopkeeper giving ice-cream to beggars without taking money, sahil says its regular, ashi says exactly this happens daily and you know by seeing all this, I see world with good eyes, I smile and says hello to world, I try to welcome happiness by seeing these kind of things, sahil says so this is your life’s game plan that people will hurt you and you will keep seeing world with good eyes, aashi says sometime people try to avoid problem and accidently hit others emotions but that doesn’t mean that they will do accident every single time, today parents couldn’t come so what, I wont lose hope, sahil looks at her sadly.
vishunu comes to prabha and ask her to keep this gift of aashi safely, if we meet her sometime then we will give her, prabha says how will we face aashi, we have hurt her a lot, we can win case against aashi’s parents but we will lose the love of aashi, we couldn’t get love from our son but I dont wanna lose aashi’s love, cant we give this property piece to her parents to get aashi’s love, vihnu says I am not fighting for a piece of property, I am fighting for truth and I know when aashi will know the truth then she will be proud of us.

Scene 4
aashi says to sahil that lets eat ice-cream, she goes to ice-cream vendor, sahil says aashi you think that you will show hope magnet and happiness metal will get stick to it, we have perfect balance of goodness and badness, today you were hurt by your parents and now vishesh is ready to hurt you but till I am there, I wont let you get heart broken, I promise I will do anything and will bring out vishesh’s truth.
in morning, aashi is riding bike, sahil calls aashi, aashi stops her scooty, aashi says I am coming to your house only, sahil says no, I am on shooting, he ask where are you going? aashi says I thought to study today, I am going to coaching classes, should I come to you, sahil says no, you go there and meet in evening. he ends calls, aashi finds that she is standing outside of vishnu’a house, she says I will try once more to meet them.

PRECAP-Vishesh is calling some girl towards himself, sahil and kannu are spying, sahil says he is eve-teasing a girl, I told aashi that his character is not good, girl sees vishesh and runs to him, she hugs vishesh tightly, sahil and kannu are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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