Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aashi says to vishesh if you people don’t come how will the party start. He says okay I will come. Sahil turns back jhabru aunty is ready for the party. Kanno says wow aunty you look beautiful. Sahil says wow you look so good in red saaei. She says really ? Its purple he says you look like a brinjal. Jhabru says I am still angry but I still came. Sahil says stop playing this fight fight. Jhabru says I am the only one who cares for you. aashi says trust me too. jhabru says okay but I wasn’t wrong as well. Jhabru says when are your parents coming aashi? Aashi says they must be coming. Aashi says I am coming in a moment. Jhabru asks what is this party for? aashi says this is for the parents day. Jhabru asks who is coming? Aashi sys just you people and Vishnu uncle and prabha aunty. Jhabru asks who are they? aashi says they are very sweet uncle aunty.

Scene 2
There Vishnu is fighting with Sunil’s men. One of them says to vishesh sir they are not moving we will break the walls if you allow. Prabha and Vishnu are shocked to see him.

Aashi and everyone is playing dumb sheraz. Aashi says let me bring the gifts. SAhil says your parents are not going to come. ashi says they will.

Vishesh tells her boss that he didn’t let them break the wall. He says I thought that wasn’t right. the boss says sunil asked to break this was the same one who got you this job. Vishesh says I can’t aid him in this illegal stuff. Boss says you are fired. Vishesh says I have already written my resignation. I think you have forgotten that law is made to protect people. I am sorry I can’t help you in this.

Aashi calls sunil and says papa please come home we are getting late. He says we wil delay by half an hours. Aashi says I will take uncle and aunty with me.

Vishesh is leaving the firm, prabha and Vishnu are coming in. Vishnu says you helped us vishesh. Vishehs says law did wrong to me I won’t let it do the same with you. I can’t stand against you. Vishnu says we won’t give up. Vishnu says we will talk to the owner of property. Vishesh says do you know who the owners are? Prabha gets a calls from aashi. Prabha says what should I do? Vishnu says she will understand. Prabha says we will handle everything vishesh don’t tell her anything. Vishnu asks will they agree if we talk to them/ We don’t want to fight. Vishesh says they don’t want to fight either, you better talk to them. Vishnu says okay we will talk to them. Sunil and roopa are coming in. Sunil asks gupta what are you doing? we have start aashi towers as soon as possible. Prabha recalls when aashi showed their photo to her. sunil says we are trying hard and we were relying on you Gupta says please come in bhatnarkar ji.
Vishnu and prabha are shocked. Gupta says the owner of that property are about to come. if they come here and get to know that you both are here you will lose the case. it will be better for you to leave the town as soon as possible. Roopa says how can we leave today.

Scene 3
aashi stops by the house Vishnu and prabha. she sees all the broken pots and stuff outside their house. she goes in and rings the bell. tukur asks who are you? aashi says I wanna meet your grandparent. he asks why? Asshi sasy I wanna meet them. He says they have gone out. Aashi says I think they have left for the party. she is about to leave when she sees prabha and Vishnu coming. Aashi says are you coming for party? Vishnu says we won’t be able to come please go. Aashi Is shocked at the rudeness. Vishnu says don’t ever come here again. Aashi says whats wrong with you? Vishu takes prabha in and locks the door. Aashi is shocked and in tears. Sahil calls her and says we are al waiting for you. come home. if your mummy papa come you will miss the entry.

There in the party everything is ready. Aashi comes in thinking what she is quite upset. Aahi sees a cockcraoch and they start running. Aashi falls and vishesh holds her in his arms.

Precap-sahil asks aahi why are you sad? Aashi says no I a m okay. someone comes in. They welcome them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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