Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh calls his mother and says I am at aashi’s house, I am working on case, aashi is worried so I am thinking to stay here for somedays, I wll go to court from here only tomorrow.
in night, Prabha wakes up and sees Vishnu working, she ask what are you doing? he says tomorrow is my first day for teaching accounts, you remember when Ashsish had accounts, I was awake whole night, he says I am feeling like tomorrow is my exam, prabha says your dream is going to be fulfilled, but for that you should sleep, Vishnu says some moments give joy to you, you feel peace enjoying, this moment is like that only, let me live in it for sometime, prabha says ok, I will make tea for you then.
in morning, Vishesh says to Prabha that I am going court, prabha says you are going on work so eat yoghurt as its good omen, she makes him eat, she prays for his success, Vishnu comes and ask prabha to make him eat too, aashi says if you are shy then we will close eyes, prabha smiles, she makes Vishnu eat yoghurt, aashi and sahil insists vishesh to take them to court as they wanna see it, vishesh says I am not going to any adventure island, aashi says we will be your moral support, vishesh says I saw your moral support yesterday, prabha ask vishesh to take them too if they are saying, vishesh says if you are saying then I will take them, jhabru aunty comes and wishes him luck. they come outside and sees one lady throwing garbage infront of house, jhabru aunty scolds her, other lady fights with her, Vishnu says don’t fight, all leaves from there.

Scene 2
in court, vishesh comes there,. he looks at thugs who stares at him, aashi says to sahil that real court is very boring, its not like films, sahil says to vishesh that say some hindi movie dialogues, vishesh ask them to sit quietly. Judge comes, court hearing starts. Aashi wishes vishesh all the best, vishesh says to judge that injustice happened with my client shambu, his relatives lakhan and makhan have captured their land, prosecution lawyer says what is the poof that land is of shambu, vishesh says I accept that shambu doesn’t have papers of property to claim but whole village knows that its shambu’s land, what proof lakhan have that property is his, he ask makhan to come in witness box, he comes, vishesh says what proof you have that land is yours, makhan says its our grandparents property, ask our animals, if animals are moved from one place to another then they don’t stay quiet but they are happy on their land, vishesh says case is of people not animals, my client shambu have dog too who lives on that land, so this means land is his. Vishesh sits. Judge says there is no solid proof and witnesses so we ask both the lawyers to find proofs, this court is adjourned for three days, ashi says one minute, all are shocked, aashi says why next time, we will solve this case today only, vishesh says sorry to judge on aashi’s part, judge says tell you friend manners of court before bringing her here, we will not tolerate it, he goes, vishesh ask aashi are you mad, she says common man can question, I didn’t do anything wrong.

Scene 3
Vishnu comesback home and calls prabha, she says you seem happy, Vishnu says my dream got fulfilled, I am enjoying teaching in college, he says I tried to explain them in joyful manner, I didn’t make the lecture boring, he keeps talking about college.
lakhan says to shambu that back off from this case, aashi comes there and says we are not afraid of your warnings, lakhan ask vishesh to control your friends, if they become handicapped then don’t blame us, lakhan says to his lawyer that we will make papers ready till evening you come and collect it, they leave, ashi says see they tried to make us afraid, they can do anything if they are giving warnings in court, please arrange police protection for shambu, vishesh says this happens in court cases, in property cases this happens, we ave to be safe only, aashi says arrange protection, vishesh says there are hundred of cases like this, police doesn’t provide protection like this, there is procedure for it, aashi says law is for us, why paper work in everything, vishesh says every problem have some solution and we cant blame law everytime, he ask shambu to not be afraid of them, they wont do anything, we just have to collect proofs, shambu agrees and goes from there.
Aashi says why date after date, why court doesn’t give justice fast.

Scene 2
Asshi, sahil and vishesh comesback home and sees jhabru autny still fighting with lady(chaudarain aunty), jhabru says you shouldnt have thrown garbage, sahil says its our problem, we take hours for fighting but don’t take solution out, they then think about case and says solution.
prabha says see their guts, they warned you in court only, vishesh says dotn listen to aashi, she exaggerate things, vishesh says case is complicated as shambu doesn’t have property papers, Vishnu says those who have papers cant even save their properties, all become sad, vishesh says don’t take tension, I am working on your case too, I will find solution, Vishnu says we trust you, sahil says you should have recorded their warning, we would have showed that recording to judge, aashi gets the idea.

Scene 3
Aashi and sahil comes to lakhan’s house, they hide seeing lakhan and makhan, aashi ask for recorder, he gives her pen and says it has recorder, he throws pen near lakhan, sahil says when will they talk about property case, when will we record, aashi says lawyer must be coming, they will then talk about property, lakhan and makhan talk about case, they says other lawyer don’t know with whom he is involving, he doesn’t know how much lands we have snatched, remember we took land from old lady and snatched papers from her, lawyer couldn’t do anything in her case also. they go from there, sahil says now we will show them.

PRECAP- aashi is being surrounded by lakhan and makhan, they say now yur lawyer friend cant even save you, he ask her to give recording.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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