Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Aashi says we will reach zoo by 10:55 then we will go for lunch and hen to ice cream parlour. Kanno says e are going for coaching. Aashi says to Vishesh schedule is ready I will tell mom dad when they come. Vishesh says even royals don’t have a tight schedule like that. Aashi says you know so much about royals. aashi says I can plan a long drive after as well. Sunil and roopa comes downstairs. Sunil says call and remind him. Aashi says good morning to them but they ignore. Roopa says don it yourself. You are impossible. Aashi says these elders are like kids they worry for little things. I am going to tell this to papa. Get done with your breakfast vishesh.

Aashi goes to the room, where sunil and roopa are arguing. Roopa says its been a whole year and the deal is still not done. sunil says I have delayed my important stuff for this as well. Roopa says meetings are delayed all the time. sunil says its legal matter I can’t do anything. Sunil says you are behaving like you are favoring me. Try to act like a professional. Roopa says I am acting like a professional. I am not here for fun. I have a lot of things to do. And over that aashi’s demands lets go here and there. Roopa says she has grown up after so much difficulty. And I had to favor her about the rentals because I couldn’t argue with jhabru. Roopa says I have to leave as soon as possible. Sunil says I have to leave as well. just let this deal be done. Aashi is in taers. Aashi says mummy papa just came for their work not to meet me. she drops the schedule in anger.

Scene 2
Prabha,mansi,vishnu and vishesh come out to the noise of breaking pots. There are broken pots in the whole stairs everyone wonders what has happened? Vishnu says they are doing this to scare us. Ashish says I told you that they will harm us. they will break our heads with these pots. I asked you to sell this house. Prabha says this is increasing what will we do now? Vishnu says everything is destroyed except for the one plant aashi planted. This is like a ray of hope in the dark.

Aashi is eating her spaghetti way to fast. she starts coughing. sahil is staring at her. Aashi says recalls their parents’ conversation. Sahil says you are eating chowmen that means you are upset. I don’t know what happened but I know who is responsible. Vishesh comes and says aashi I am going for interview. Aashi wishes him luck. He says hi to sahil after long silence SAhil says hi. Aashi says why are you rude to him. shail says my emotions aren’t for selfish people like your parents and vishesh. aashi says my parents aren’t selfish. I will prove that. sahil says it doesn’t require proofs to show that they don’t care about you. but about vishesh I will show that he doesn’t deserve your trust.

The interviewer says to vishesh your qualifications are impressive. don’t you have any certificates or degrees? he says I have left them home and for some reason I can’t bring them. Interviewer says you have been sent my important client you can join from tomorrow. there is a property deal going on. You can look up to it and start working. You can talk to accountant about salary. If you want advance you can ask for that too. He says you should thanks Mr.sunil because of him you are here. Vishesh says in heart I have to thank aashi. because of her my new life has started.

Sunil comes to aashi and asks did you have breakfast? Roopa says we are going out for something do you need anything? aashi says your time. tomorrow at 7pm. Roopa says we will be there anything for my daughter. they leave. Sahil says when will you understand they don’t have time for you they are not going to come. Vishnu calls aashi. Aashi asks how are you/ he says I am fine. aashi says you sound upset. He says no I am fine. He says the tomato plant has some fruit in it. I called to inform you. We are going to temple you should come too. Aashi says thank you so much for remembering me uncle. Vishnu tells prabha aashi just heard my voice and realized I am upset and on the other side is my son. aashi says uncle aunty know about my like and my mummy papa don’t.

Scene 3
Sahil is shooting. he says I will show you the proofs. I should check on website. He reads the news. he says this is not going to make any difference. I have to find the details of the girl vishesh was outrageous too. he calls his mausa ji and asks him to find about the girl.

Aashi goes to the temple. she says my parents are busy but they love me. I will prove tomorrow that they love me. prabha and Vishnu come there. Vishnu says her sight gives me peace. Aashi asks where are my baby tomatoes? He gives her some. Aashi says you know dada ji used to bring it for me. I used ot eat them with fruit salt. Prabha gives her fruit salt. she says this super surprise. thank you so much aunty. Vishnu says lets go to pray first. prabha says lets go for pray. Aashi says I have planned something for my parents tomorrow please come. she tells them her address. parbha says you love your parents. Aashi says how can someone not love their parents. prabha says we will come for sure.

Scene 4
Aashi comes home and sees vishesh smiling. she says you are smiling really? You have got the job. he nods. aashi says wow vishesh and hugs him. she says we will part hard and I am so glad for you. Aashi says what are you thinking now/ he asys thank aashi. she says now you are going to say a long list of thanks. I am allergic to thanks. She asks him to sit. she says when you feel like I am favoring you put a coin in this pot and I will break it when I need. he puts in a coin for trusting me, one for bringing me home, one for getting me a joc and last for bringing my smile back. he says thank you so much aashi. aashi says lets eat something sweet. But wait I don’t have anything sweet lets enjoy tomatoes. She says taste they are very tasy. he takes one. aashi asks how is it? he leaves. aashi asks him to stop. sahil comes home. Vishesh leaves. Sahil says, I told you I will come with proofs. look at this my mausa ji’s brother got me his reality. He plays the call recoding. The man says yes this news was covered well. That girl was his girl friend. she is from rich family. her dad asked her to marry someone else. he did wrong with that girl to ruin her life. aashi is shocked.

Precap-vishesh says to his boss the file you have given me, according to it the land belongs to defendant’s neighbors. Boss says don’t tell me what to do. Go and get the work done. Vishesh says in heart the work is wrong but I have to do this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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