Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishnu says to Aashi do you know about our tomato plant? Asshi says yes. Vishnu says it wan’t fruitful until you said. Now there are tomatoes in it. Aashi says i will come to your place to get them. Vishnu says that day we couldn’t give room to vishesh. I am really sorry. Aashi says no i should be grateful that you didn’t give room to him. I gave him one of my room as it got vacant on the same day. Prabha says that’s better. we were so repentant. Aashi says just chill aunty and enjoy the food. Prabha says you’re such a nice girl. Aashi says sahil why haven’t you started we have to go for film. She starts coughing. Prabha gives her water and says are you okay? aashi looks are sahil and says i am fine. Vishnu says you should never talk while eating. Now you won’t talk until you are done with food. Aashi recalls when she once coughed while eating and sunil asked the servant to look after her. Roopa said don’t talk while eating. you never listen. Vishnu asks where is the office of your parents in Jabalpur? aashi says they have no office here. They’re out for tours always. whenever there is free time. Vishnu says how can someone stay away from you aashi. Sahil says in heart till when will you stay quite aashi.

Scene 2
Vishesh come to the temple and recalls when he came there with family. Pandit ji said its Wednesday and i thought you won’t come. Vishesh said how is that possible that we won’t come on Wednesday. he says papa mama i am at temple for first time without you people. I miss you all.

At night, aashi says your parents don’t wanna spend time with you. lets go for movie. Aashi says they must be on they way. He says i hope you will realize they won’t come before the movie ends. Aashi calls them. he says look they didn’t even receive the phone. Aashi says we have to keep believe in hopes. He says you think magically your parents will start taking care for you, if they come before interval i will join business and leave acting. He goes in but then comes back. he says i am not out for your parents i am just here for fresh air. Its good or my skin. he says okay fine we are waiting for your parents i hope they’d come.

Roopa checks the phone and says we had to go to aashi. Sunil says she must have thought that we are busy. He gets a call from gupta and sasy tell them that we need that land for our business.

Prabha says to Vishnu old movies are always good. Vishnu is peeling the vegetables with her. Ashish comes and says we are going out for movie. Mansi says i just applied nail paint i can’t make the bread. Prabha says no worries i will do it. Tukur says won’t grandparents come with us? Ashish says tukur stop asking stupid question. They leave. Vishnu says our children don’t care for us at all. Prabha says even they had asked us we won’t have gone. There is so much difference between them and aashi. Vishnu says she just distributes love and happiness. Prabha says i hope she always stay happy like this. Jhabru aunty sees vishesh and recalls seeing him in newspaper as criminal. aashi comes there with sahil. aashi says mama papa should have told me that they aren’t coming. A dense silence follows. Jhabru aunty says how you came in our house? Aashi stay awy from him. he is criminal i saw his photo. i will call police. Aashi says no don’t call cops. Kanno says how can he be aashi’s pal. bantu says she might not know about him. Vishesh says i shouldn’t have come here on rent. Jhabru says you have rented him a room? Aashi asks him to go in.

Sunil says to roopa we have to tell her that we couldn’t come for movie because of meeting. We will take her for dinner of something. Jhabru says aashi i know more than you. He is a criminal. Aashi says he is a nice guy. Sunil and roopa come in and ask whats going on here? Jhabru says aashi is out of her mind. aashi says papa trust me he is a nice guy. jhabru says she knows nothing. she gives room without knowing anything.

Vishnu says aashi made a story about vishsesh. Prabha says i knew too, she was just pretending so we can remorse. She took him her home. I hope her parents don’t get angry. Vishnu says when we can trust her why can’t her parents.

Sunil says leave it bhabhi ji i truts my daughter aashi.
roopa says aashi can never do anything wrong. aashi says vishesh is such a nice guy he didn’t have a place to live so i brought him here. I am just trying to help him. Sunil says your friend can live here. Aashi says really? he nods. Sahil says in heart they don’t even wanna listen to her. roopa says aashi is responsible she must have thought before bringing her friend here. Ashi says thank you papa. he says anything for you. you told me he is jobless. i will talk someone to get him a job. Aashi says sahil papa said he will get vishesh a job. i am so happy. i am going to tell vishesh. Jhabru says don’t know should i be angry on her or not.

Vishesh is packing her stuff. aashi comes there. he says i knew this was going to happen. I am leaving. aashi says statue. Aashi says that meant you had to stop. he says what is your problem? aashi says guess why am i so awesome. because my parents are awesome. mummy said if aashi has trusted someone he can’t be wrong. Papa said you can stay here as long as you want and he will get you a job too. Are you thinking how will you revert my favor. Do you know about a rely? You pass on the battle to every other person. World is running on favor rely you keep running and keep favoring people.

Kanno and bunto come to sahil. Kanno says how can aashi keep a criminal at home. Sahil says she knew nothing about you two when she kept you here. she heard her heart and today she is hearing her heart.

Scene 3
Aashi says dear diary i am really happy mama papa allowed me to keep vishesh here. Jhabru aunty is angry but i will make her happy. they didn’t come because they were busy but they trusted me. i am very happy today.

precap-Sunil says to roopa you are getting money from this deal too. try to act like a professional. roopa says i am professional and i am here for the same matter. Aashi is over hearing them. Roopa says i don’t have lame time to stay in Jabalpur. Sunil says yeah and here i have to listen to aashi do what she says. Roopa says get done with the work we are here for and leave this place as soon as possible. Aashi is in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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