Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They all celebrate. Aashi says we all have done it. Vishesh did the last moment entry like a hero.Tukur goes and hugs Vishnu says out house is safe. Mansi says come with me tukur. She takes him. Aashi gives the stay order to Vishnu. Sunil comes there along with rupa. Everyone is shocked to see him there. Sunil says this third class lawyer with his third class stay order can’t stop the tower. You have underestimated me. I will make aashi tower and mamta navas will destruct right now. he throws the stay order away. Sunil grunts destroy it. ashi says you don’t know me either. You have no idea of my intentions. Till I am here mamta navaas won’t destruct, g try it. Vishesh takes the stay order and says i have to tell you three things. one the father of money is law, second legal matters stuck you in them and last every lawyer can’t be sold. Sunil is about to shout. Gupta says to we have to leave. if media comes we will have a trouble. I will find a way. Sunil says to aashi looks like you like playing chess but you know you made a mistake. You have won it this time but the last turn will be mine and i will beat you. Vishnu says i have no interest in you chess and games. You should be proud of your daughter. She stood by with us when our son didn’t. We have promised to give aashi all what you couldn’t. Aashi is in tears. Vishnu says that’s love and trust. Sunil looks at aashi. Then he leaves. Aashi smiles with her eyes still moist. Vishny and praha thank all of them. aashi says what are you doing? Vishnu says you did what God couldn’t do for us. aashi says i didn’t do anything. You have done better for me. Vishnu says we are lucky to meet someone like you. You are like a daughter to us. aashi says no matter what happens i won’t let anything happen to mamta navas.

Mansi says what will happen now. what if they don’t give us the new house. he says its their property now. We have no concern. mansi we haven’t got the flat neither entire money.

Rupa says to sunil the property is on your name still you can’t do anything. sunil says its a legal matter now but i won’t stay quite.

They all celebrate and enjoy juices. Vishnu says you have done a lot for us and we will fight till the end. Aashi says we are all with you. sahil says we will get you mamta navas back. Vishehs says we are all with you. Vishnu says me and prabha will fight. we want you all to live your life. Don’t think that we are separating you from us aashi. you are our daughter but you can’t go to court. We want to fight on out own. Vishesh says what about me uncle? prabha says this fight is the most important thing. if we lose we will lose our lives. We have trust in your capabilities. will you become our trust? Will you be our lawyer? Vishesh says yes aunty i will fight for you. And i assure that i will get you your hous eback. Vishnu gives him some money and says i will give you more later. Vishesh says i can’t take money. aashi says take it vishesh they will like it Vishesh says okay i will keep it as your prayer.

Ashish goes to mohan and says when will we get the key of our new flat? mansi says we have sold you the house. Mohan says yeah that’s not your headache. Sunil will get it anyway. he will handle that matter. Now see the game he is going to play.

Scene 2
aashi asks knno is the food ready? She says there is no gas. aashi asks bunto did you pay the bill? He says yes i did. She says okay i will order pizza. She dials but her landline isn’t working. Even the internet isn’t working. Aashi says i paid the internet bill. Vishnu asks aashi whats wrong> Aashi tells them everything. aashi says can we o out? Prabha says i will make you a sandwich. She says i wanna go out. Prabha says its not good. Vishnu says let her go if she wants.

They are all out for dinner. Sahil says this what we call fate. The cut of lines took us here. They are all having a good time. Vishesh looks at aashi smiling. He says aashi, he says ice cream. She says yeah its good. He says no its on your lips.aashi says clean it your self. Vishesh swipes it.

Precap- the waiter says aashi your card isn’t working. asahi says i can’t pay right now. Sunil comes there and says you said we never gace youlove.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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