Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 5th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with shruti giving the aarti to prabha when prabha denies to take it. Then shruti says why then prabha tells that she will do her aarti separately. Dad tells shruti that let her do her aarti separately but they all are satisfied and dad tells her that she did it good and that she does nto need to give it to prabha as she does not bother her. ami and khushboo smile. Then all go. Dad come and tell that he will only take prabha’s aarti and also her Prasad and then he also goes. Shani then comes and tells that today it was a different atmosphere because shruti did the pooja and they felt good, shruti says thanks. Then shruti tells shani that she wants methi and bajra’s flour. Shani tells that in this house they don’t mostly have

methi and bajra flour got finished the day before. Shruti says that she wanted to make methi theplas. Then a man comes on the door and gives an order and goes without telling that who had ordered. Shani then takes the bag and comes in and gives it to shruti and tells her that she is saarswati as what she says becomes true. Then shani tells that what she needs is everything there in the bag and she can make what she wanted shruti asks who ordered this then sanjay is looking at shruti and then shruti tells that you ordered it…..shani comes and expresses saying ohhhhhhhhh and goes laughing. Sanjay then tells that he ordered only for her.

then she goes in the kitchen to make theplas and then prabha comes and tells that shruti does not need to make anything as everyday there is a fix menu and so that will only be followed and then today is poha so that is to be eaten, then shruti tells that she will make poha and then prabha tells that she already made it when shruti was doing aarti. shruti gets sad. then everyone are at the table doing breakfast and then ami tells that shruti was going to make theplas and what about that then dad tells that why didnt she make prabha tells that this house has a menu and if shruti wants to make anything new then she has to discuss with her and then only she can make. then dad tells shruti that she can discuss with prabha and then make something new because they all have got bored of having this old menu. then prabha gets up and goes and brings the house keys and tells shruti to take it and tells that she wanted this only so she will give her keys and then dad tells that he was just joking. parul is sad as she is the big daughter in law and she is worth it. then shruti tells prabha that she justs wants her blessings and not the keys and as parul is jealous she suddenly becomes happy and then also catches shruti’s hand which is in prabhas hand giving the keys, parul tells prabha that forgive shruti and that she will not do it again as everyone do mistakes and then parul takes the keys quietly.

then prabha tells shruti that if they want her to do the household work then they will have to follow what she says. shruti says yes and dad also. then mom pulls the keys from paruls hand and goes parul is sad. ami and khushboo are getting ready for school. khushboo gets ready. then ami is getting ready when she sees trisha’s photos on the wall and then thinks that she should leave her hair open and so she thinks how to leave it. then shruti comes and tells ami that she has not got ready still and then takes ami in her room and puts her two plats and then suddenly shruti’s sarees back hook gets open so she tells ami to close it when ami goes. then sanjay listens that and goes to close the hook. then he closes and shruti gets to know that it is sanjay and then she tells him that she will not come to office today, sanjay says why and says that is it for this that he closed her hook, shruti says no. then shruti tells him that she has also made an application and she gives to sanjay and tell she wqants some dayd leave as she has to do house work.

then sanjay tells her that she has to come in the office and give , shruti says why and tells him to take now and sanjay then tells only in office and he goes down to the car and then tells khushboo to go and sit and asks her where is ami, khushboo is going tosay when ami comes in two plats on her hair and khushboo hugs her. then sanjay tells ami to call shruti then ami tells that its ok and shruti is getting late to come and they are getting late for school and they go in sanjay’s car, then shruti comes down and sees sanjay go and say that they cant wait for 2 minutes.

precap: Ami’s character has been changed.
ami and khushboo come and sleep on the sofa in the house. prabha sees them and shouts ami as she has come after school and just slept on the sofa and even has thrown her shoes. ami is showing attitude.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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