Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 4th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with zoya telling shruti that when she came to india that time she got all her answers here. shruti thinks that she will also get her answers here. sanjay is praying to allah to do a chamatkar such that shruti will come back again and they will stay together. Then shruti prays to allah that she has decided to stay away from sanjay as that will be good and prays that may allah guide her on the right way. Then they pray and suddenly sanjay sees shruti in front of him and shruti also sees him. Shruti ignores and goes sanjay stops her. a man comes and tells that he wants help from shruti that to tell his wife not to go leaving the house as he loves her and he does not want to leave her.

sanjay goes to her and tells that he wants

to say something and tells that woman that what she is doing is not right and she is just giving problem to herself amnd that she is not thinking of that man and that does she think that will he live without her and her children and he tells that he thinks that what she is doing is wrong and in future it will be bad. The woman goes and sanjay goes to shruti and shruti tells that she has to go and sanjay tells he cant live without her. shruti tells that they cant even live together. Sanjay tells that he loves her and she also and if they separate then they cant live peacefully. Then he tells that he believes her love and if she goes then he will totally break and he cant live without her. shruti is crying and sanjay tells her that the decision is hers. Shruti tells that she has decided and that she cant run from him and that she loves him and she cant separate from him as she will face all problems with him and that she will do the duty of being mrs.sanjay Mehta and she will try until the family members make her their member of their family.

At sanjay’s house everyone is waiting for him. Dad tells that why is prabha disturbed is is it because shruti is gone or shruti is coming.prabha tells tha she does not care for shruti but for sanjay whether shruti has taken sanjay with him. Then shruti comes at the door and tells that she is not so much bad that she will separate sanjay from her. then dad gets happy and calls everyone and tells that it is good they have come.. dad takes children in and sanjay also goes. Prabha tells that alas she has come home but what has she done and she does not like this game. Shruti then tells that from now she will call prabha mom and not aunty and she tells she has made her sad so she is sorry and tells that she will totally manage her marriage and she will do everything to make them and all her family members. Then shruti takes blessings and tells to give blessings. Sanjay comes and tells prabha to give blessings and he takes prabhas hand and puts it on shruti’s head. Ami sees this.

Sanjay tells shruti thank you in the room and tells that she has come back in his life to return the happiness. Shruti tells that she must say thank you as he made her ealise her mistake and she will try until everyone makes her her own.sanjay then takes her hand and they are looking at each other. A love song is being played and then sanjay removes her ear rings and shruti gets up. Then sanjay comes at her back and tells that whatebver will happen he will support her and alos wait. He then looks at shruti. Ami and khushboo are putting their clothes. read full updates daily only at desitv Trisha tells that do their work fast as she has to sleep and she will change her clothes and come. They tease her.then ami and khushboo see her laptop and see her friends that she has 998 friends and only 2 less for thousand. Then ami sees her photos and say that she looks nice. Then trisha comes and shouts ami and khushboo for touching her private things. Then ami says sorry and then tells her that her pics on the facebook made her see that and that she looks cool and dashing. Then trisha says thanks and sleeps. Ami says goodnight to trisah. Then ami and khushboo come to put the clothes in cupboard. Khushboo tells that why she behaved so nicely ami says she will not understand. Then shruti calls nisha babhi and shruti tells her how she is , nisha says good and then tells that now she is not her bhabhi and then shruti tells to give to dadi. Shruti talks to bhabhi and dadi tells that she is happy that sanjay and she came back and tells that how is she? Shruti says fine and tells that if she has anu=y problem then call her and dadi says yes. They talk on the phone. Then there nisha tells pravin that dadi is talking for so much time as her moms phone is going to come. Then nisha tells that she knew all this from starting and snjay shruti have come together and married and because of that they have to suffer. Dadi listens.

Shruti is writing list for breakfast and then falls asleep and sanjay comes and sees the list. Next morning shruti is doing the aarti for god and singing. Then she finishes singing and then dad sings and then they both sing and do aarti. They are singing and doing aarti. Prabha is showing attitude.then after the aarti shruti gives the aarti to everyone and when it comes to prabha then prabha denies to take the aarti and shruti gets disappointed.

Precap:shruti come to make breakfast and prabha tells no as they have a menu for everyday and prabha tells that it is poha today. Shruti tells that she will make it. Prabha tells no because she has already made even before she came and she kept the poha on the dining table.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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