Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 30th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with sanjay going after the evening breakfast at joshipura house. sanjay is going home when shruti comes in talking with her mother about her night shift job that she rejected. Everyone get shocked because sanjay will know about her hospital job when she was fired. Then shruti sees him that he is there and she changes the topic and tells her mother on the phone that she rejected the night shift job of the hospital. Then she keeps the phone. Ami comes and tells that u did good mom that u rejected the night shift. Sanjay asks that what is this. She tells that she rejected a night shift proposal of the hospital. Sanjay asks her that why did she cme early then. She tells that her morning shift was over so she came.

Then sanjay tells her that how ami had learnt a complex formula in 1 glance. Shruti gets happy to listen this and tells that ami has done good and she is very happy. Ami tells that now she will easily pass. Sanjay tells that if a teacher is Einstein then the student has to be newton. Shruti hugs ami and tells that she has made her proud.

Scene 2:

Shruti is in the kitchen and is cooking. She thinks that she is having many problems. She tells in her mind to harsh that she is missing him a lot and she will fight with the insurance company for money and she is alone without him and cant even speak to him. Ami comes and tells her that sanjay teaches her nicely and she will definitely pass and she tells that she is having holiday next day and she will study that day a little as some portion is left. Shruti tells that she will pass and ami hugs shruti and looking at her hand where formulas are written says that she will pass. Then ami goes in her room and picks her cloths on the bed and keeps in her cupboard. She then sees her uniform and remembers that her firnd had told her that she makes double pockets to keep chits and cheat. She then takes her skirt and starts making double pocket. Khushboo enters and sees ami doing something and she goes to her and asks what she is doing. Ami hides the skirt and tells her to do her own work and she sends her away. She then fastly makes another pocket and keeps the skirt in the cupboard. Then she takes the chits which she has made and on which formulas are written. She is taking it to keep in the bag when she listens that khushboo is coming in and hides them under a pillow. Then khushboo comes to sleep and sees that her pillow is on amis bed and she goes and picks it and the chits fly away. Ami gets scared and picks the chits fast. Khushboo sees the chits and asks ami that why the formulas are written on them. Ami tells her to do her own work and takes the chits. Khushboo that is she going to copy in the exam. Ami puts hand on her mouth and tells her not to tell anyone. She goes and closes the door and tells that not to tell anyone and she will do it only first and last time and not again khushboo says that if anyone get to know then? Ami tells that she will see that. Then she tells khushboo that she will tell in front of her to papa and tells pap that she will not copy again form that exam even in maths and khushboo ssays that she will not tell anyone and ami hugs her.

Scene 3:

Next morning ami gets up and goes out. Bell rings and shruti takes the milk. She tells him to take his monthly pay and she takes money from her purse to give him and while taking out money a card falls down which ami see. Shruti comes and ami asks her what is this. Shruti tells her about the interview and the job rejection. She tells her that she is leaving her moms job cuz 2 families cant stay in her moms job money. Ami tells her that children are never a burden on their parents. Shruti tells that when they are small parents help them until they grow old and stand on their legs. As they grow old they should not be dependent on parents and should earn by themselves. Ami tells yes and shruti kisses ami on her head and hugs her.

Scene 4:

Ami goes for tuitions at sanjay. She asks him that is there no studies today? He tells there is as it is a holiday and she will study more as it is last day for her preparation. She asks him why there is nothing written on the board today. He tells that she will write today. She tells that she does not know the formulas then how will she write. He tells her that she will write from the text book and he will learn today. She starts writing and he repeats after she writes. He gets a call of ashish the lawyer. He tells that there is a bad news. Sanjay tells what. He tells it is bad for the case and tells that he had gone at shrutis hospital and she was not there. Sanjay tells she must have done night shift. Ashish tells that she has no shift as she has been suspended from the hospital because of argument with admin. He gets shocked and keeps the phone. He asks ami angrily that why did she not tell him. She tells that she had made a promise. He angrily takes ami and goes to nanis house.

Scene 5:

Sanjay comes at nanis house sees shruti working there. Shruti tells him what is he doing there. He tells what is she doing there she tells that she has taken leave and is helping mom. He tells that she has suspended and why did she not tell him. She is unanswerable. He tells that he got to know from outside and not from her. He tells her that she is his best friend then why she did not tell him. He then shouts her that he is her friend and sharing things and problems with him is what a best firend does. He shouts at her and tells her why she did not tell him. Ami tells that why is he shouting her. He shouts ami and tells her to shut up. Nani tells her to keep quiet. He then asks nani that she used to give lectures on truth and she also did not tell him. He then tells that he is having a vacant job and shruti has to come and start working with him form tomorrow and she has to come. Shruti tells him that this is the reason why she does not tell him. She says that he always takes all her burden on his head and she doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone. He tells her that he is offering her job and that doesn’t mean dependant and tells that if it is this then why is she not telling the hospital job dependant. Shruti tells that please understand and tells him that he is doing a charity for her and she cant take that. He gets shocked and is sad.

Precap: ami is giving maths exam. They get the question papers and as ami look at the maths paper she feels like vomit. Teacher says what happened? Her friend sitting ahead tells her to copy form her paper.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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