Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 1st November 2013 Written Update

Ami and Khushbu stalk Jasuben’s house and overhear house buyer (Jagdish) saying that he wants to check the house he is buying to see if it is auspicious. Jasuben assures him it has always brought good luck to whoever lived there. Ami makes a plan to scare Jagdish by saying the house is haunted.

Ami deflates the tyres. They find the builder’s card on the floor an pick it up. In the meantime Ami forgets her walkie-talkie near the window she was eavesdropping from, which Jasuben finds.

Prabha says that though news did not mention Yogesh’s name ,people must have realised. Mr Mehra advises Prabha not to call their daughter home at this time as Yogesh would need her. He says they should support as Yogesh has not been proved guilty. Prabha says she wants her daughter to come back home.

Suyash’s wife advises him not to rush into anything and let police do their inquiries and if Yogesh is guilty, then do the needful. She says not to bring Riddhi home at this stage as they also have to get their daughter married soon and this an affect her life as well. Instead, they should make Riddhi understand her duties as a wife.

Khushbu switches off her walkie-talkie so that Jasuben can’t trace them.

At home, Shruti is very worried and so forgetting things. The girls pretend not to know the reason and Ami calls up nani and tells her to come and help

Riddhi on the phone to Sanjay as he enters the house. Prabha asks her where she is and Riddhi says Yogesh has not come home since last night. She starts crying. Prabha tells her to come home.Sanjay tells Prabha not to call her home as Yogesh will worry when he returns. Sanjay tells Riddhi to trust in Yogi and call him if she needs anything. Prabha doesn’t like what Sanjay did and tells him that he trusts too easily and selfish people make use of ones like him by pretending to love them. Sanjay asks Shani to go to Yogi’s friend’s place. He then tells off Prabha for pulling Shruti into every matter

Nani reaches and goes to talk to Shruti. Ami calls Jagdish and tells him that the house Jasuben is selling him has a bad spirit and whoever comes to buy,is chased away. She asks if anything bad happened today and says that the deflated tyre would have been the work of the spirit.. Khushbu and dadi listen to all this happily.

Shruti confides in Nani that he does not understand Sanjay as on one hand he says he loves her and on the other hand he scolds her like his servant.. Nani pretends to be angry at his behaviour and is about to call him but Shruti stops her and admits that she had been at fault and caused a loss for the company. Nani asks so who is at fault? The one who refuted his love? Nani says Shruti has fallen in love. Shruti says Sanjay will find a better girl than she who is a widow with 2 daughters. Nani makes her understand that Sanjay loves her a lot and God has given her a second chance to love someone and get another chance at life. She tells her to grab the chance

Sanjay asks Ashish for advice regarding Yogi’s matter. Prabha is more worried that people will taunt Riddhi that her husband is a cheat. tehy hear on TV that Yogi has been arrested

Jasuben come and scolds Ami for interfering. Shruti comes and scoldsJasuben who in turn taunts her for sending her daughters to mess up her work and tells how Ami punctured Jagdish’s car and threatened him on phone. Shruti asked how Jagdish knew and Jasuben said Jagdish is very smart and then she says she has a bigger proof and shows Ami’s walkie-talkie. Jasuben gives Shruti just one month to move, otherwise she would kick them out.

Precap: Shruti arguing with Sanjay and says she knows she has taken a big risk and she can even be jailed.She says she can’t see him worried.

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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