Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 19th September 2013 Written Update

Ami sees a letter from insurance company. She opens it and is shocked to learn what insurance company said about her father that he committed suicide and therefore this policy is invalid. She throws the envelope on her bed and goes out to tell this to Shruti, but when she sees Shruti happy with everyone and telling Baa that everything will be fine when they get money, Ami hides the letter. Ami then goes out to get kulfi ice cream for everyone.

She’s going on bicycle and seems very angry and upset. She stops at kulfi stall but doesn’t order anything. The kulfi guy then says he will give their favorite ones. She gives him money. Her friends see her and tease her. Ami pushes them and leaves from there without even taking kulfis. She comes to a park and sits on a bench and cries. She then remembers her memories with her father and him saying that life is beautiful. She then says to herself that her father cannot commit suicide.

Shruti receives a call from Sanjay who informs her about the rejection notice letter from the insurance company and says that they will need it. Shruti says she never got it. He tells her maybe someone else took it as they couriered yesterday. Shruti asks the servant and he tells her Ami took it. Shruti finds the envelope from Ami’s room. She then goes to search for Ami.

In her way, she calls Sanjay and tells him that Ami found out everything. Sanjay tells her to ask at kulfi stall when she came there. Shruti asks at the stall and the guy tells her that Ami went to park side. Shruti gives her voice and Ami comes out running. Ami learns that Shruti already knew about it, but she didn’t tell her. Ami says her father can never commit suicide, he used to love his wife and his family. Shruti too agrees and both hug. They both decide not to tell anyone at home about this and they return home with kulfis.

Everyone eats kulfis and gives credits to Ami for brining Jassuben on right path and making Jassuben fix their ceiling. One family member says if Harsh was here then he would be proud of Ami today. Shruti agrees.

Precap: Ami asks Shruti why insurance company would lie about her father. Shruti says they will fight and prove insurance company wrong.

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