Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 18th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with shruti waking ami and khushboo who have fallen asleep. Then ami and khushboo get up and tell that they are very hungry, shruti asks that didn’t they have food, ami is going to tell when khushboo tells that they had only half food and then they slept. Then shruti tells them to come and that she will make something for them to eat. Sanjay is looking there at them and then he becomes sad. In the kitchen shruti goes and tells that she will make poodlas and that they will eat. Ami then tells that till she makes can they eat wafers or dry something. Then shruti tells that why is she so eager to eat did she not have food and if she eats wafers then she will not be able to eat food. Then khushboo tells that they will wait and stops

ami from telling the truth. then dad and sanjay come and tell that they will also eat as they are also hungry. Shruti asks that did everyone not have food and why are they so hungry, dad tries to change the topic and tells that they cant sleep without eating her handmade food. Then shruti tells that she is also hungry and so she will make and bring it on the dining table, they all go on the dining and all have the poodlas which shruti has made and then shruti tells them that lets eat fats and then sleep as even ami and khushboo have to get up early and she is also having a lot of work. Prabha sees from behind hiding and then tells that today they will have a goo day and night but tomorrow shruti is unlucky and her day will not be good.

Next day morning, shruti gets up early and then goes to the sareewala and then takes prabha’s favorite saree there which has become very old and then she tells that man that today evening she wants that saree to be bordered with zari and that it should look royal. The man tells that he will at least take a day, shruti tells him to put more workers the man tells that he will put more workers but will take more money, shruti says ok and then goes. At home, prabha is telling to herself that today is her anniversary and shruti is preparing so much and doing hardwork but her day will not be good and that she will be suffering the whole day.

Then shruti comes home and then is preparing for the decoration and all the work for the anniversary preparations. Then sanjay sees her so much busy in that work and is looking at her and is smiling. Then shruti also orders the cake. Then while doing work its almost evening and she remembers of bringing the saree and she tells sanjay to supervise the decorations. Then sanjay and khushboo do the preparations. Prabha sees them and tells that she will break all their relations with each other.

Then shruti comes bringing the saree. Then riddhi comes out and sees the list of people invited and sees that yogesh is also there. She shouts shruti and tells that she does not have the right to interfere in those matters. Then dad and sanjay and prabha come and they see all this matter. Then prabha tells shruti that why did she put yogesh’s name as riddhi has left his house forever and will never go there, shruti says she did not know, dada and sanjay tell that shruti is not at fault then prabha tells that from today shruti should not tell anthing to riddhi as she is not her mom and then riddhi and prabha go in and dad also goes away. Shruti is sad and cries and then sanjay tells her that don’t say between mom and riddhi as they will always insult you. Then shruti says that she being older to riddhi will do everything to make riddhi understand, sanjay says ok. Then shruti goes with the saree in prabha’s room to gift it to her. prabha gets happy as it is her most favorite saree and that she is happy and she thanks shruti for it, shruti is happy and she goes and prabha gives a cunning smile.

Precap: there is the party and a lot of guests are there even more than what shruti had decided, shruti is sad, riddhi is looking at shruti and gives a cunning smile and tells to herself in mind that mom has done so good that she called lots of guests whereas shruti has made food for only 10-15 guests as decided. Prabha wears the sareee and has torn it from sides and came out and showed it to everyone that shruti gifted her this and wanted her to wear it and shruti is shocke that the saree is torn by bits from everywhere.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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