Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 17th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with sanjay and khushboo making plan to make ami so that she forgets all what happened and eats food. Then sanjay does as shruti does everytime and orders all fancy food from hotels like pastas, pizza, cakes and pastries and ice creams. Then khushboo goes with an ice cream in the room and starts eating it then she tells ami that see dad has brought so tasty items to eat, ami tells that she does not want to see anything but ami’s mouth is watering and then khushboo smiles and then tells its ok and then goes and stands outside the door to see what ami does. Then ami says to herself that she is angry on prabha and not on food so what’s the problem to eat it. Then khushboo listens and smiles and then goes out. Ami then comes

out and sees at all the food there kept on the table and then khushboo tells her to sit on the table and then ami sits. Dad and sanjay tell her that she can eat whatever she wants. Ami sits and tells that she just came to sit and not eat. Then the door bell rings and sanjay tells that he is opening the door as it must be the pizza man. Then he goes. Dad tells that he will call trisha so that they will become friends. Then dad also goes. Then khushboo tells that lets eat. Ami is watching at the food and then she takes a plate and then puts pasta in it. Then riddhi and prabha come there and tell that ami is so little. They tell that she was just acting and that she wanted sanjay to pull his attention towards her. they then tell that ami you are a very drama girl and that if someone comes and makes her once then she says yes and came to eat. Then ami gets angry and tells them to shut up and then throws the plate angrily and tells that she does not want to eat any food, the plate falls on sanjay’s foots and sanjay gets angry and tells that what is all this nonsense and tells why did she do this, ami tells that she does not want to listen to anyone and that she will not eat and ami goes. In the room khushboo tells ami don’t cry khushboo is also crying and then ami tells that she is missing shruti and that she does not feel comfortable in that house and that she wants to return. Then khushboo tells that prabha always makes them feel fallen down. Then ami says that they both are very hungry and then khushboo tells that she has something to eat. Khushboo takes her school bag and removes 2 melodies and then she gives her one and eats one. Then ami says that in this much their stomachs will not get filled, khushboo says that at least minds will be filled. Then they hug and are cry.

Sanjay is thinking looking outside the window. Dad comes and asks that did he give up so fast. Sanjay says no. then dad tells that when sanjay was small he used to help him walk by catching his hand from his finger. Then sanjay says that he should do the same with ami. Then in room prabha and riddhi are making their double celebration. Prabha tells that she is happy today and that they had so many happy moments today. Then riddhi tells yes and tells that they have insulted ami and now its shruti’s turn.

Then shruti comes from mom’s house. Then dad tells her that tomorrow there is something that is their anniversary and that he wants special but prabha is saying no. then shruti tells prabha that she will do all decorations and preparation and that they don’t need to take any tension. Prabha says ok. Then riddhi comes out, shruti then asks her that did she come for mom and dad’s anniversary? Then prabha tells that it is riddhi’s house and that she can come whenever she wants and that if outsiders can come and live then why not riddhi. Then shruti keeps quiet. In prabha’s room, riddhi asks prabha that why is shruti asking her that why she came as it is her own her house and that she can come whenever she wants. Then riddhi tells prabha to do something or there will be no rule of prabha in the house, prabha says that she will do something to stop shruti.

Precap: riddhi and prabha are talking. Prabha is telling that shruti will not pass in the anniversary preparations as she has do something that prabha will like and that prabha will deny everything.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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