Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 13th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with prabha thinking that shruti is very cunning and she is very lucky but she will not give up and will do something. Then she gets a call from riddhi and prabha says that say what happened then riddhi tells that why is she so angry prabha tells her that tell what happened. Riddhi tells that yogesh does not talk with her properly and always tells her bad things. Prabha tells that she always says the same thing and not something else and then does not even ask her her problem, riddhi then asks that did shruti do something, prabha tells that she is now angry and keep the phone and she keeps the phone. Then another call comes and prabha takes it, it is sarlas bhens call, sarla tell her that till today she was not so much insulted

as she was in her house, prabha says sorry and then sarla tells that she will take more money for being insulted. Prabha tells that she had already gfive, sarla tells that she wants more money and then tells that if she does not get then she will tell everyone about that. Then prabha says ok and keep the phone, then she tells that how much she has to work hard for throwing shruti out of the house.

In ami’s room, ami and khushboo are studyinh. Ami tells khushboo that she is bored of studying and listening to the names of the subjects and then she tells that it would be so cool if the subjects would be named orange, kacchi kairi, kala khatta. Then khushboo tells her to keep quiet, ami switches the tv on and the dance india dance is being promoted that madhuri dixit is going to come. Ami tells that she will surely watch khushboo tells her that first study or else she will not watch tv.

On the chess table sanjay and dad are playing chess. Ami, khushboo and shruti come there. Then dad tells that sanjay is lucky for having such a good wife like shruti, then he tells that he is also lucky to have shruti as her daughter. Then a call comes and sanjay picks it up it is nani’s call and she tells that she wants to talk to shruti. Then shruti gets to know that nani is not feeling well and that she has to come there at nani’s house. Then shruti tells dad and sanjay about that and tells that she will go to meet her. then ami tells that she will also come, shruti tells no as she does not know what will happen there, then she tells that she is leaving ami and khushboo on sanjay’s responsibility and then she goes. Then mom goes to sanjay and asks did shruti come as she has gone to nai’s home. Sanjay tells that she is staying there today.

In the meanwhile riddhi comes home crying with bag and tells that she will not stay with yogesh anymore and that he never understands her. then sanjay tells that he will talk with him, riddhi tells how many times to talk with him, then dad tells that one should not get so sad for such small disputes. Then prabha tells them to shut up and tells that they are not cared for their family member but are card for outsiders. Then prabha takes riddhi inside her room and then talks with her. riddhi asks her that what did shruti do. Then prabha tells her everything and then tells that to make sanjay and shruti’s bod break she has to use ami as she is the weak point between shruti and sanjay.

In the afternoon trisha and her friends come. They all are talking and showing their electronics to each other. At the chess table ami and khushboo are sitting and ami is looking at them. Then khushboo tells that don’t look at them ami tells its ok. Then riddhi and prabha come and then they meet all friends then riddhi tells trisha to meet her friends to ami and then she tells ami also to meet her friends. Ami says no as they are trisha’s friends. Riddhi tells that she must not be knowing friends but must be at least be knowing riddhi and then she call her and prabha also tells her to come, khushboo tells her no but ami goes. Then trisha introduces ami with her friends. Then she tells ami that that day she had liked her dressing so she will make her ready like that and do her make up as same. Then ami says yes and trisha takes her, then khushboo says no to ami but ami still goes. Then trisha does her make up and brings her out. Then everyone start laughing at her and then riddhi and prabha also laugh at her. then khushboo is crying and ami asks that why are they laughing at her. then trisha shows her the mirror, ami is looking very ugly and all lipstick has been put on her lips and she is totally red with make up. Then ami gets angry and sad and starts crying and khushboo goes and hugs her and trisha goes and hugs trisha and starts laughing. Then ami and khushboo go angrily in the kitchen and ami gets so angry that she picks the red chilli powder to put in the soup, then khushboo stops her and tells that she had promised shruti and that she should not do this, then ami keeps the chilli powder back and khushboo takes her. then outside the kitchen riddhi listens and then she goes in the kitchen and says to her self that now ami you cant live with peace and she is going to put her in a bad trap because she always trouvles her om and then she puts a lot of castor oil in the soup.

Precap: trisha calls ami, and ami comes out and then trisha accuses her of putting castor oil in the soup because of which her all friends have attained with stomach pain. Ami is shocked.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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