Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 10th September 2013 Written Update

Everyone is tensed because Ami. They turn and find Ami standing there. Shruti runs and hugs her. Nani asks Ami where she was. Ami replies that she was hiding and was waiting for Shruti to say that she matters more than the exams. Shruti now gets angry and locks her in her room. Ami tries to tell her that she did this so she doesn’t get angry, but Shruti doesn’t listen.

Later, everyone is at the dining table. Ami tries to talk to Shruti by asking for roti, but Shruti ignores her and tells Dadi to serve her.

Later, Ami cannot sleep in the night and goes to Shruti’s room to talk, but Shruti has locked her room door. Ami then calls on their landline from her mobile. Shruti picks up. Amit gets emotional hearing her voice and doesn’t say anything. Shruti hangs.

In morning, Ami wakes up and runs out of her to room and asks Dadi about Shruti. Dadi says Shruti has gone to the market. Doorbell rings and Ami gets excited thinking Shruti came. She opens the door, but it turns out to be Nani. Nani has brought pizza with her. Nani and Dadi don’t seem to get along well. Dadi says, there are already so many problems and instead solving them, you brought pizza. By eating all that, children will get sick and that will add more to their problems. Nani asks her, what did you do? Her mother is still upset with her. Dadi asks Ami, why are you still upset? I brought pizzas as soon as store opened. Eat them. Ami doesn’t want to eat and runs to her room.

Ami feels that no one will be of her help in this house and she will need to do something. She calls someone named, Sanjay. Sanjay is talking with a girl for his marriage. The girl keeps going on and on and Sanjay doesn’t seem to like her. His phone rings and he gets an excuse to excuse himself from there. Ami tells him about her problems and asks him to talk with Shruti. Sanjay says it’s common you failed so she would get angry at you and scold you. Ami says this is the problem, she is not scolding me or saying anything. Sanjay asks how he can help her in this. Shruti asks him to come to her house right away and if he doesn’t, then she will do something. Sanjay thinks she is talking about committing suicide and tells her not to go near any window, or stand on a table, or eat anything. He leaves to go there. Ami wonders why he said all that and says, he talks confusing stuff some times.

Shruti returns home from the market and is still upset with Ami. Nani Dadi everyone tell her to forgive Ami now. Shruti says she keeps making mistake and keep taking your support, that is why she is getting spoiled. Shruti goes to her room. Ami recalls her words and thinks she made another mistake by calling Sanjay. She is calling him to tell not to come, but he already arrives there. Ami runs out and tells him to leave. Sanjay says, but you only called me here. Ami says, yes but I already made so many mistakes, failed in exam, wrote letter to Nani, hide myself, and calling you here is my 4th mistake. She is forcing him to leave and Shruti comes there. Sanjay sends Ami inside.

Sanjay is explaining to Shruti in his own style. Shruti says, I am not upset because she failed the exam, I am upset because she kept hiding despite hearing everything and knowing how upset everyone was. Shruti then tells him he won’t understand now as he’s not married, but once he has children, he will understand all this. Sanjay shares with her that he went to see a girl and he was getting bored. He says I was about to call you for help if Shruti hadn’t called. He says he will marry next day once anyone gives him a logical reason for marrying. Shruti says she will give him that reason. His phone rings and he has to leave now as his mother called him. Ami feels happy seeing Shruti talking and laughing with Sanjay. Sanjay leaves.

Shruti comes in and sees Dadi and Nani arguing. Shruti takes her mother aka Nani inside and says, you say all this to Dadi and then I have to take care of all that behind you. Nani asks her, why don’t you send her somewhere else? You are already raising your daughters alone and on top of her. Shruti says, Dadi gives me a support and because she is in the house, I don’t stay worried for my daughters. And where else would I send to Dadi? You know Harsh’s brother and bhabhi don’t get well along with her.

Harsh’s brother and bhabhi come to Ami’s house with their daughter and sweets. Ami congratulates her cousin for topping in her class. Ami’s aunt then asks about Ami’s results and Ami has nothing to say. Shruti comes out. She sees Ami’s sad face and asks her what happened. Ami’s aunt advices Shruti to look after her daughters too so they don’t fail. Ami gets angry and tells her aunt not to say anything bad for Shruti as she is the most hard working person. Her aunt says, she failed, but still her ego is same. Shruti now gets angry and says she won’t hear anything bad against Ami now. Ami emotionally looks at Shruti.

Precap: Ami is hugging Shruti and crying. She says to Shruti, you had to hear all this from aunt because I failed the exam. Now I will never give her any chance to talk to you like this. I promise, I will study very hard. Shruti kisses her.

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