Khamoshiyan 23rd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 23rd February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 23rd February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Prateeksha’s SIL wishes her for happiness wherever she goes and hugs her . Vikram and Gauri take blessings from Prateeksha and she blesses them to be together forever . She tells them that a mother’s blessings will be there with them whenever they need it . Vikram offers to drop them but Nikhil refuses . They leave for airport. Raji asks Gauri to bid farwell to her mother with a smiling face and hug her . Gauri takes her bags and starts to leave. She tells Raji and Vikram that her responsibilities are over and her mother is going to start a new life. Gauri says that she is leaving the home and going . All are shocked . Gauri hands over Vikram the divorce papers so that their relation ends there itself . Raji says she is not going to say anything to Gauri as she herself will do what her heart says.

Part 2

Raji says she is not ready to force Gauri when she doesnt wishes to do . Gauri is not able to sign the divorce papers . Prateeksha and Nikhil are on their way to airport in a cab. Nikhil says he is with her in her happiness and sorrows. Prateeksha thinks whether there is anyone with Gauri or not . Gauri hands over the signed divorce papers to Vikram. Raji in self thought as whether only loss is written in Vikram’s fate and wonders how will he live after loosing Gauri . Athu thinks that she is feeling that Gauri’s decision is wrong but Poobai thinks she will own all the property after her MIL’s demise . Vikram asks whether she remembers what she promised him while he helped her to search Nikhil. He says he had said that he will not ask for anything that is wrong and he wants it today. Gauri tells even she is not ready to take any burden on her.

Vikram asks her to forgive for all his actions he did for the sake of revenge . He tells her to forgive him for the every moment he broke her heart. Vikram says he was wrong in thinking that he will get a lot of time to tell her how much he loves her . He wants forgiveness now as he will have to wait for many days like Nikhil to ask for it . Vikram says he wants her to stay inspite of knowing that she will not. He tells he needs to give a try to stop her else her will be regretting for entire life. Gauri pleads him to sign in the papers . Nikhil asks why Prateeksha is worried. She says that she has a feeling that Gauri is not happy and her eyes may deceive at times. Prateeksha insists that she wants to return as it may get delayed in stopping Gauri. Vikram hands Gauri the divorce papers.

Gauri says Sorry to Raji saying that she cannot become her DIL. Raji blesses her to be happy wherever she goes . Gauri gives a hug to her Athu saying that she made a compromise for her mother’s sake. She then goes to hug Poobai but Poobai thinks why cant she go soon . Gauri requests Vikram not to do what he did with her to any other girl.

Part 3

Gauri is in bus stand. She recollects Prateeksha’s words regarding the love Vikram has for her and how she convinced Prateeksha to go . She thinks of what she said to Sid on knowing the truth and her marriage moments with Vikram. Gauri is about to slip when Vikram catches her .

Vikram says she might be thinking as why he came here but sometimes a small meeting might do great wonders . He tells that every stage of love is not so easy and happiness cannot be there every moment . Vikram says that its first love and marriage for him. He tells her that meaning of love is her for him . Vikram says he couldnt see anything as he was blinded by the love for her . He tells that she might have broken their relation by just signing in a paper but what will she do for the name written in his heart . Vikram says waiting for her throughout his life is the punishment he deserves. They part ways. Gauri starts counting in reverse and runs to hug him .

Gauri is angry at him for not stopping her forcefully when he did marriage in the same way . She tells she felt that she realised that she will be missing him in her life. Gauri says she realised that Sid is just her best friend but it was he made her feel what is love . She insists that Vikram must ask for forgiveness from Sid too. Vikram says he is ready to say sorry even thousand times. Gauri hears Prateeksha’s voice and turns back. Prateeksha says a girl who had done so much for her mother will never do anything wrong in her own life .

Gauri tells Prateeksha that she is going with her love to a foreign country and she is here in India with her love.

P – Now loneliness has gone from our lives.

G – Depressed Silence has gone a long way

P – Bond that a mother and daughter share is deeper that the ocean

G – Wherever they live their shadow never leaves each other

P – This silence says us something

G – Though we meet daily or not, our silence will be there together

Raji is angry on God that God took away the happiness from her son’s life. She tells that both love each other very much and a mother’s eyes can never be deceived. Vaishali thinks that its Gauri that has gone for ever. Raji scolds her for thinking that Gauri wont return. She is sure that bell will ring and Gauri will be with Vikram. Bell rings and Vikram is at doors. He gives a small surprise to Raji by giving her shock first and then telling the good news that Gauri has returned. Raji asks whether Gauri wont reurn and hugs her. She tells her to call her ‘aai’ not ‘sasumaa’. Gauri assures that she will not leave such a nice family and her love.

Athu aaji and Shivangi make their entry. Her cousins give Gauri her marriage gift. Athu aaji wishes that Prateeksha could have also been here to share their happiness.

Part 5

Raji teases Vikram that she needs to open a big secret. He gets scared that Gauri might leave him after she tells the secret. Raji makes fun of him and says something to him in silence. Poobai and Gauri’s cousins are decorating the room. Raji is surprised to such a good work from them. Poobai shares something with Shivangi and they laugh. Raji says she is doubtful on them and recollects her SR where bed was broken. The trio thinks that Raji had given a good idea and so they will do something for sure now.

Vikram enters the room and starts saying some romantic lines thinking that Gauri is seated on bed. He catches her hand and says its so tender that he feels like . Vikram asks why is her heart beating so fast and tells her not to be too shy. Actually he had guessed that its Shivangi as soon as he entered the room. She runs away. Vikram thinks what else they would have done and catches Gauri’s cousin brother. He asks him where the door lock is and finds it himself. Vikram wonders what else is there to surprise him.

Vaishali leads Gauri to the room and hands her a glass of milk. Gauri and Vikram drinks the milk from thee glass alternatively. She realises that salt was added instead of sugar. Vikram says he drank it inspite of knowing as Gauri gave it herself. He gives her a gift saying its on behalf of his mother. Its a paper transforming all the properties back to Gauri’s name. Vikram says that nothing can be bigger as she herself belongs to him. Gauri and Vikram get intimate.

Its next day. Gauri tells Raji that this house belongs to all. She is sure that all her family members will return one day. Raji says she believes in Gauri’s words. She wishes that Prateeksha should have been here. Vikram asks her to call his sasumaa. Raji takes Prateeksha’s name and she come sin. Nikhil tells that the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.

Part 6

Prateeksha says that instead of waiting in Mumbai they returned back to be with everyone. Gauri and Athu aaji comes to talk to Raji. Gauri tells her that her mother had only gone through sorrows in her life so far but there was no life in it. She says she wants that happiness that she saw just now to be with her mother forever. Raji asks whether Gauri consulted Vikram. Gauri says yes but the final decision is hers. Raji tells even she wants the same.

Gauri convinces Prateeksha to get married to Nikhil and give a name to their relationship. Vikram is with Nikhil to convince him. Prateeksha says she will definitely fulfill her daughter’s wish. Vikram teases Nikhil saying he is looking good in his wedding dress. Nikhil says he is tensed. Gauri tells Prateeksha that she is readying her being her mother and not daughter. Raji teases Prateeksha saying where she had hid her beauty these many days.

Prateeksha and Nikhil are married. Both wish that they should get a daughterand mother like the other respectively. Prateeksha bids good bye.

That’s it. This is the end of “Khamoshiyan”.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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