Khamoshiyan 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 21st February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Raji asks Vikram has he drunk ‘daaru’. Vikram says that he just had a drink (in inebriated state) and tells her to ask her London return Bahu. Raji slaps Vikram and asks what made him take the support of a bad thing. She scolds him for making fun of her and not respecting the values she taught him. Vikram asks for Sorry and tells that her drank because of Gauri. She is shocked to hear this and questions him. Vikram says its a secret between them and takes Gauri to her room. Raji asks Prateeksha to forgive her for Vikram’s mistakes.

Gauri blasts Vikram for saying she is responsible for his drinking. Vikram asks her to be quiet. Gauri says its easy for him to put the blame on others and escape. She tells that he is really a weak person and thats why he took the help of alcohol/drinks to forget his pain.Vikram accepts that he drank because Gauri said that there is no relation between them though he loves her. Gauri says he broke some one heart before now his heart is broken. She tells God will definitely make a person fell what bad he has done to others. Gauri says that the bad things return and the pain he gave her is happening with him today.

Part 2

Vikram says he cannot understand what she says. Gauri asks him to sleep now but Vikram wants to talk immediately. She stares at him so he goes to sleep after wishing her Good Night. Vikram falls on the bed without removing the slippers. Gauri removes it. Raji watches this and calls her silently. She tells that Gauri would have felt bad when Vikram came home drinking. Raji says her son was not like this before. Gauri tells her that Vikram told about Raji’s struggle to lead a family to her. She says that she first thought that Raji didnt have any kindness but later on realized that she is not so. Gauri tells that the pain made her kindness turn into anger yet she could realise the goodness in Raji. Raji says she always hated Gauri just for the reason that she is Appa Saheb’s grand daughter. She tells that she later on realised how good Gauri is and felt bad for treating her harshly. Gauri says its not Raji’s mistake but she is not ready to accept it. Raji tells she came here just to take revenge. She says Gauri followed all values/traditions inspite of returning from London. Raji tells that a girl (Gauri) who has good values will definitely become a good wife, good DIL and a good mother too. She blesses Gauri. Raji asks her to promise that she will not leave Vikram at any cost and calls her beti. Gauri in thoughts.

Gauri switches on laptop but there is no charge. She tries using the charger but the light goes off. Gauri wonders what is happening with her and decides to call Sid. She asks him about the email but gets the news of what he sent through the courier.

Part 3

Gauri is shocked to hear Sid’s reply. She thanks him for telling everything as she would have never known that Vikram was deceiving her. Gauri says Vikram is behaving as if nothing happened and tells she didnt imagine that this kind of attitude from Vikram. She tells that Vikram destroyed her entire life and hangs the phone. Gauri thinks how she made Vikram a friend who was actually her love’s enemy. She talks to Vikram who is sleeping and asks why did he destroy her life. Gauri cries and tells that he separated her from her Sid.

Its morning. Vikram wakes up and his head is heavy. He doesnt know what happened at night. Vikram calls Gauri. Raji offers him coffee. She tells what he did yesterday before everyone. Raji says she thought her son as a storm who cannot be broken by anyone. Vikram tells sorry. Raji says he made her values down. She tells Gauri went in search of him and says he didnt do good with her DIL.

Vikram tries to touch Gauri’s shoulder who is showing her back to him. Gauri shouts at him and asks him not to touch her and come in front of her. She is not in a mood to listen what he says and asks him not to take her name. Gauri asks whether he thought that the truth will not come in front of her any time. She tells that she is not ready to forgive him and will hate him till she lives. Gauri breaks all the relations with him. She tells that she doesnt value the rituals and traditions. Gauri informs him that she is going to London. She says he will regret from the mistake he did with her for the life time and will neither be able to live nor die. Nikhil hears this.

Part 4

Gauri narrates Prateeksha the truth. She asks whether Prateeksha will ask her to live with the person who has betrayed her. Prateeksha says its the habit of men to do mistakes and cover up but they will never like a women to do mistakes. 😉 She tells inspite of that women forgive them, gives sacrifce. Gauri says the person needs to get punishment for his mistake. Prateeksha tells that Nikhil and Vikram did mistakes but their love is true. Gauri in thoughts.

Precap for Friday
Gauri says she needs a favour from Vikram. He replies that he can do anything for her. Gauri says she needs an ‘agreement/compromise’..

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