Kesari Nandan 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari gets applauded

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Kesari Nandan 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari saying I have asked something for the first time and you have slapped me, why. Madhavi apologizes to her. Hanumant calls Madhavi. Kesari runs away. Madhavi says stop, this girl is always angry, she has gone on her dad. They go out and see Jagat’s training. They all praise Jagat. Kesari says I need to talk to you. Hanumant asks the matter. Kesari says I want school instead this doll. They get shocked. Kesari says I want to study, take this doll back. Choti Maasa asks what did she say. Madhavi says she is saying anything. Kesari says I want to study like Jagat and other guys. Choti Maasa says I can see much courage in her, amazing. Kesari says sorry, I m not stubborn, you said I m house Laxmi, you do puja of Saraswati and Parvati also, they all are girls, Saraswati is Goddess of knowledge. Zoravar says you will be ashamed to go there and study with boys. Kesari says no, boys will be ashamed, as I m sharper than them.

Zoravar says I will slap you for arguing. Hanumant stops him and asks him not to raise hand on girl. He says girls play with doll and learn to look after their house, just go and prepare lunch with Madhavi. Madhavi takes Kesari. Choti Maasa says there is no school for girls in village, but its there in cities. He says maybe, but what’s the use. She says what can I say, its true that she said the right thing, Saraswati is in all of us. Kesari goes to room and talks to her friend monkey. She says I want to study and everyone got upset, I think Zoravar is my enemy, how shall I become great now, who will help me. Hanumant sees the news of heavy rains in village. He prays for everyone. Kesari angrily goes out of the house. She sees the stormy wind and prays. She goes with her monkey. Jagat looks for her everywhere. Kesari says my dad is ill, I m oing to meet him. Kaka asks her to sit, he will drop her. She goes with the people.

Jagat looks for Kesari and says she isn’t at home. Madhavi says she maybe at terrace, she wants to go to school, go and explain her. Kesari gets trapped in rains. Madhavi asks Jagat to get Kesari. He says she isn’t on terrace. She asks what. Kesari runs in rains and goes to take shelter under a tree. Jagat goes out to look for her. He says how can you go like this, we are in same team. Kesari gets sinking in water. Monkey shouts. Jagat hears him and goes to see. He finds Kesari and rushes to save her. She sinks inside. He gets shocked. She comes out and holds the umbrella. He pulls her out. He asks where were you going. She says I was going to other village to take admission in school, I want to study. The men ask them to run, the dam is going to break. They run and enter some school. She smile seeing the class and tries to write. He scolds her for risking life. He says girls get married and take care of their husband. She says I m Kesari, dad didn’t understand me, you also didn’t understand me, I want to become something, I have to learn. She tries to write the word Identity.

Jagat teaches her. She says I want my own identity. He says you have always made your identity, you are my amazing sister. She says I want a right to study. He says dad doesn’t know anything, we shall reach home soon. Hanumant sees the news. Hanumant calls out Jagat. He asks where is he. Madhavi says he has gone to find Kesari. He asks where is Kesari. She says she has gone out. He asks why, where are they, you know about the flood. He worries seeing the news. A boy gets stuck. Lady cries for him. Jagat and kesari see this. Kesari says we should help them, come. She says we will save your child. Jagat says I will go, wait. He goes to save the boy. The people ask him to come back, the flow is very strong. Jagat comes back. Kesari ties a rope to her stomach. She asks Jagat to hold the rope. She goes to save the little boy. She gets the boy out. The lady hugs her son and blesses Kesari. Jagat falls down. Kesari and Jagat get sinking.

Hanumant comes there and holds Jagat’s hand. He gets both his children out of the river. People come running and praise Kesari. The lady says Kesari has saved my son, you are so blessed to have a child like her, I can just bless both of them. People say its your good deed that Lord gave you such a child, she didn’t care for her risk and jumped in the river, what’s her name. Jagat says she is my sister Kesari. She says he is my brother Jagat. People chant Kesari’s name. Kesari thinks dad will forgive us now. People chant Jagat’s name also. Jagat thinks we got saved. They come home. Madhavi and everyone get glad to see them. Madhavi takes care of them. People praise Jagat and Kesari. Hanumant looks on.

Kesari cuts her hair. Madhavi gets shocked seeing her boy avatar. Hanumant comes there and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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